March 2010

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: LOST, Fringe, Caprica, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Chuck, Futurama + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week we have big updates for Lost, Caprica and Doctor Who, including spoilers and previews. There is also another Star Wars animated show coming and a new super hero show for Syfy. Plus we have tons of new preview images and videos including stuff from the Chuck finale. All that plus the latest television ratings keeping track of those shows still on the bubble. Oh, and Fringe: The Musical!

ST09 CelebWatch: Saldana Wins Award + Pine Kissed By Rogen + Cho Talks Star Trek Muppet Replacement + more

And we’re back. It’s time to check in with the new stars of Star Trek. This last week almost all of the new crew were spotted, with Zoe Saldana winning an award, Chris Pine kissing for charity, Zachary Quinto getting more Gershwin buzz, Anton Yelchin performing with his band, John Cho talking Star Trek muppets, and Simon Pegg wrapping production his latest movie. Get all the details below

Book Excerpt – “Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many”

The upcoming book "Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many" is an unusual tie-in to the new massive multiplayer game Star Trek Online, which is formatted as a series of interviews conducted by Jake Sisko telling personal histories of the time that is the background setting for the game. And now you can read chapter 1 below, which includes Jakes interview with Annika Hansen (aka 7of9).

Kevin Pollak and Maurice LaMarche Hold a “Shat Off” To Celebrate 2nd Talk Like William Shatner Day

March 22nd is William Shatner’s 79th Birthday, which means it is the 2nd annual "Talk Like William Shatner Day." This new holiday was declared last year by Shatner impressionist (and veteran voice actor) Maurice LaMarche. This year he has teamed up with comedian and fellow Shatner impressionist Kevin Pollak to celebrate with a "Shat Off" of dueling impersonations. Watch their video below.

Star Trek Online Debuts With Strong Sales – Could Help Future Of Star Trek Games

The market research company NPD has released its list of top selling PC games for February and the new massive multiplayer game Star Trek Online is in the top five, twice. Both the regular version of the game and the Collectors Edition made it on the shortlist. Could strong sales for STO help finally reawaken the world of Star Trek games?

LeVar Burton Writing Dark Horse Comic + Pic of Burton and Nichelle Nichols At MegaCon

Star Trek The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton continues to grow in his new found online stardom. The latest is the announcement of a new web comic for Dark Horse, that is yet another project spawned from his popular Twitter account. Details below, plus a photo of Burton from MegaCon with Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols.  

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: LOST, V, FlashForward, Stargate Universe, Caprica + more

This week in our genre TV wrap-up we have another big Lost update with spoilers, explanations previews. We also have a big upates on ABC’s other genre shows FlashForward and V, both returning soon from hiatus. In addition, there is news and previews from Fringe, Caprica, Smallville, Supernatural, Stargate Universe, Doctor Who and more of your favorite shows.

Leonard Nimoy on Star Trek, Sequel, Fringe & Quitting Conventions

As reported yesterday, Leonard Nimoy will be attending the Emerald City Comic Con this weekend in Seattle, WA. There is another good interview with the actor promoting the event, where he discusses his past and future with Star Trek, Fringe and how he isn’t going to be attending conventions after 2010. Excerpts below.

Star Trek Provides One Of The ‘HollyWords’ of 2009

Each year the Glo Global Language Monitor releases their list of the most influence "HollyWords", or words from Hollywood that most influenced the English Language in the past year. Topping this list this year was "Pandora" from Avatar, but there is also a contribution from Star Trek on the list this year, with "Her" coming in at #8, see below for details and explanation.

Leonard Nimoy Talks Quinto Handoff, Oscar Snubs & More + Appearing This Weekend In Seattle

This weekend Leonard Nimoy will be appearing at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. The original Spock has done a couple of interviews with the local Seattle media to promote the event, where he talked about handing off his role to Zachary Quinto, why he still goes to cons, and if he thinks Star Trek was ‘robbed’ at the Oscars. Excerpts below.

Happy Birthday, Anton Yelchin

Time for another Trek birthday. Star Trek’s new Pavel Chekov, Anton Viktorovich Yelchin was born in Saint Petersburg Russia on March 11, 1989. That makes him 21 years-old today, so we would like to wish young Anton a happy birthday and have a drink on us (now that you are old enough to drink). See below to check in on the latest, including where you can see Yelchin rock out .  

“Night of the Living Trekkies” Novel Imagines Trek Fans As Zombies

Trekkies don’t tend to be a scary bunch, but what if they were less interested nitpicking your brain with Trek triva and actually wanted to eat your brain? That is the premise of a just announced satire novel "Night of the Living Trekkies" from Quirk Books (publishers of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"). More info on this new Trek mashup novel below.  

Sci-Fi Movies Wednesday: Superman, Batman, Tron Legacy, Captain America, Iron Man 2 + more

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies column, Christopher Nolan offers his first public comments on both Superman and Batman 3, there are new trailers for Tron Legacy and Iron Man 2, an update on Marvel’s search for Captain America (plus casting details for Smurfs and Conan), an updated synopsis for Thor and Marc Webb talking Spider-Man.  Plus more, including Alien, Green Lantern and Sucker Punch all going 3D and the latest box office numbers, casting bites, images and videos.