Star Trek and April Fools 2010 [UPDATED]

Today is April 1st, and you know what that means. Last night I announced (on the Twitter) that TrekMovie would not be doing any April Fools pranks this year. However, many other sites are having some fun today, including a number of Trek related pranks. Find out who is having final frontier fun below. [UPDATED with more Trek Foolery]



Think Geek – Tribbles N’ Bits

The geeky merchandise site has a number of ‘new’ products to offer today, including the delicious sounding ‘Tribbles ‘n’ Bits cereal, which have "shrunk" down tribbles into "bite-sized bits of sugar-coated joy", each box "works as a Klingon detector".


Cryptic – Star Trek Online II – Revenge of the Empire

Even though the Atari/Cryptic MMORPG Star Trek Online is only a few weeks old, they have already announced it will be replaced by the end of the year with the new "Star Trek Online II: Revenge of the Empire" which will turn the game around to focus on the Klingons and their hunt for tribbles. There is even a trailer, check it out at


Google – Measuring in Warp

If you do a search on Google today and look closely at your SERP (Search Engine Results Page), you will see that instead of measuring the time it took to search, today Google has come up with many other measurements, including Warp (see below), they are also measuring in Back to the Future ‘gigawatts’, parsecs, epochs and more.

Google is going fast today

Others – Fake Sequel & Trek News

Of course there are also examples of fake news stories about Star Trek. Some of these stories are more obvious jokes, but they are all fake. Here are some examples:

And it appears that even though TrekMovie didn’t run any fake news stories this year, that didn’t stop TrekBBS user Mach5 of making it look like we broke big news:

Sorry Enterprise fans…not going to happen

UPDATE: More Trek jokes

Beam Star Trek right into your brain with the iPatch



Seen any more Trek related April Foolery? If so send in a tip to tips[at]



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The most bittersweet part of any April Fool’s Day prank is when you come across the “news” stories you wish were real…

Yeah. Enterprise mini-series… Tribble cerial? I wish. usually has some pretty good ones every year :)

Heck , I’d like that crispy Fleet Captain Pike action figure in the tribbles and bits box .

I have some great news!!! Star Trek Enterprise will return to Network Tv and will focus on the Romulan Wars which takes place about 12 years after the series ended and 2 years after Trips Supposed Death. It will have most of the Crew back but Actress Blaylock is still not commited as of yet. It will be produced by J.J Abrams and 2 of the Co Writters is Bob Orci and Manny Cotto. Others may get involved. Rumers that Rick Berman may come on Board have been proven to be false. Production is slated to begin in late July with a 24 Episode scheduale for 2010 and 2011. C.B.S is going to air the Show to compete with A.B.C since they are doing well with shows like Lost and Flash Forward and V. In an Interview with Bob Orci he said.( I am looking forward to getting with a Trek Series and we have some great things lined up). He also said Enterprise will not interfere with his work with the next Star Trek Movie and is still in the process of writing for Star Trek Something Something. J.J Abrams when Asked about why he is stepping in on Enterprise he stated. (After Lost I was thinking about what Show I could sink my teeth into and after talking with a great many people I think Enterprise would be a great show and having it set around the time of the Romulan wars would be a great way to get things started and being able to see the start of the Federation) Also he said he is thinking about having a Kirk also be apart of the new Series but nothing has been planned out as yet. Manny Cotto who many know was the lead writter in the 3rd and 4th season of Enterprise which was also the best season stated. ( I am excited to be doing Trek again and writing with Bob will be a lot of fun and im looking forward to working with J.J as well as he is a very talented Man) Will have more as the Story Developes.

If you believe that post. I have some real Tribbles to sell you. But don’t feed them very much.!!!!!

ENT mini-series and Starfleet Academy TV series would have been cool. Enterprise deserved a chance to show us the Human/Romulan War and a miniseries would have been perfect for that.

I’ve always thought a Starfleet Academy series would be great. You cast young, obviously, and that would help bring in a younger audience and a new generation to Trek.

Enterprise mini-series, not even funny to joke around about that!

Man, I would love that.


Oh, Big Bang Theory…

Wait. New Star Trek content not actually happening? We don’t need April Fools for that to happen (The four NuUniverse Books?).

too bad the april fools joke about the ENT mini series on the Romulan War is not true…

If only….

I was hoping for something good from this year, something like “James Cawley to replace Chris Pine as Kirk in Star Trek XII” with a couple of photoshopped pics or something about the size of the Enterprise changing again (ILM guy: “We’ve listened to the fans and the Star Trek XII Enterprise will be scaled at…112 meters!”) with some pics of the “new design”. I would have loved reading though the comments!

You’d better have something good next year!

#11. Ben. I hear you. If only my#5 post was true. Would be the sweetest news.

LOL at the captian Pike action figure

I just want the captain Pike action figure! Haha!

“One box is all you’ll ever need!”

Isn’t that Daren Dochterman’s Enterprise on the cereal box?

I found this to be the most heart-breaking of all:
Oh, why couldn’t this be true?!!!

Actually, the plot of that Wil Wheaton sequel sounded kinda interesting. Talk about a plot mash-up. LOL

If Hasbro making Star Trek toys is a trick, i’ll be screaming ” KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” because i saw it at cool toy, so we can only hope that it happens.

let’s get serious people.

I tried some Tribbles ‘n’ Bits for breakfast… and I’m still eating ’em for dinner.

Great stuff! The ENT miniseries would be SOOOO cool. Ah well.

Don’t mean to nitpick, but shouldn’t Tribbles ‘n’ Bits be for dogs?
You know, like of Kibbles ‘n’ Bits?

Tribbles ‘n’ Bits. It’s made for glommers. But, kids like it, too.

Tribbles ‘n’ Bits ‘n’ Bits ‘n’ Bits…..

#22: Or for Klingons?

Tribbles ‘n’ Bits. – I wants.
“With careful eating, one box should last a lifetime.”
“The best tasting breakfast cereal this side of the Neutral Zone. It’s prodigiously delicious!”

Perfect for Klingon torture! Just dump the box’ contents at them.

“With careful eating, one box should last a lifetime.”

Ugh. That cereal always gives me hairballs. ;)


“Ugh. That cereal always gives me hairballs. ;)”

Which reminds me. We haven’t heard from our good friend Harry Ballz so far. :-)

Bob Orci and Manny cotto for “Enterprise ” return Tv Liked the Duo :)

I want tribbles n bits for breakfast…..

Everyday is like April Fool’s Day for Trek collectors … just look at the effort by Playmates. They promise an expanded movie series 2 and then pull it, leaving everyone who invested in the Enterprise bridge line unable to complete the bridge!! How about DST/Art Asylum’s announcements of their Trek line? Don’t get me wrong, the figures are sensational – there’s just not enough of them!! Wave after wave cancelled, culled, delayed or left in limbo. Half completed DS9 crew, no Voyager crew …. and they ask for our loyalty? While it’s a hoax, at the very least Hasbro would have treated a Star Trek line with care and Trek collectors with respect.

I wish the story about Hasbro producing Star Trek action figures were true :(.
I nearly crapped myself when I was reading Memory Alpha and saw JJ Abrams etc had dropped out. It was only when I read the reasons why he’d ‘left’ that I realized it was an April’s Fool Day prank

Last year Think Geek did a Tauntaun sleeping bag, as an April fools joke. The guys at Lucas Film liked it so much they gave Think Geek a license to reall produce it! So maybe some at Paramount will really want a bowl of tribble-n-bits

Too bad the Javier Bardem as Khan item was an April Fool’s Day joke; that be great (if they did a Khan-theme sequel, which I hope they don’t, to be honest; too early in this ‘new’ franchise to start repeating themselves).

But if they did? He’d be a top contender, IMO.

Cool Toy review is not even listing The so called “Plans to produce Hasbro Star Trek toys” page as a joke. it’s listed as a “411” news. I don’t know what to think now. because it’s illogical.

i guess we’re all in a position to demand nothing, and Hasbro is probably in a position to grant nothing, for Trek collectors.

@ mike great news it would be wonderful if true! You got the fire power make it so!

Here’s one more for you, although its subtle:

Take a close look at the astronauts’ hands!

I read the Eaves piece on his site before coming to this one. I was planning on screaming bloody murder on each post on here and renouncing my allegience to new Trek if they were planning to rehash WOK. Then I noticed the date of his post. I was relieved. I would like an Enterprise Romulan war mini series as someone suggested. Wish that one were true. Give the crew a real, proper ending for a change.

Yo, That newest post was somewhat pitchy. Not your finest effort. You know I am 1 of your greatest fans, but now is once you need to to bring each and every time. Time to show America what you got…