The Collective: Make Custom Star Trek Sticker Sheets With Sticker You

The Collective is back with a report and review of a new Star Trek licensee, Sticker You, who offer affordable web-customizable sheets of Star Trek stickers. Find out how you can roll your own stickers below.



REVIEW: Sticker Yourself Trek with Sticker You

Sticker You custom Trek sticker sheets
Price: $6.99/8.5" x 10.5" sheet

With apologies to Madonna, this is no longer a "material world." Rather it is a customizable one. Everything from credit cards to insurance are customizable thanks to computers, and now Sticker You brings that customizing to Star Trek stickers, which themselves are customizable, and then are meant to be used to customize other things such as automobiles or computers.

Sticker You ( offers high-quality, removable, vinyl stickers using a number of their own designs as well as licensees with of major brands, such as Peanuts. Now, Star Trek joins the list of available products. Fans get to design their own 8.5" x 10.5" sheet of Star Trek stickers for $6.99, mixing and matching from more than 80 different Star Trek TOS design elements. The online ‘Sticker Maker’ allows fans to not only select the number of stickers and design styles on a sheet, but also allows for resizing as needed dependent on intended use. You can even mix Star Trek stickers with Sticker You’s other designs (including other licensed designs).

Online StickerMaker

Sticker You then prints and die cuts the sheets and ships then in about a week. The stickers are quality vinyl, which means they adhere to a variety of surfaces from automobiles, paper, clothing, or walls and are water and sun resistant. With these stickers, it is possible Trekify an amazing variety of items. As a bonus, the stickers are removable and reusable on most surfaces according to Sticker You.

Custom sheet of Star Trek stickers made with Sticker You

The Star Trek stickers now offered on the site include iconic sayings, technology, characters, and ships from the 1960s Star Trek era. Some of the character stickers are rendered in a design that makes them appear to be painted which is a cool effect. And if you don’t want to make a custom sheet, you can buy just the pre-made one.

Ready-made Star Trek sticker sheet from Sticker You

The Sticker You Star Trek sticker sheets are an affordable and personal gift, and also have many uses. The stickers look good in scrapbook, but also on everything from vehicles to computers. They are nice for lockers and to decorate offices. A disappointment for myself and other fans this year was that there were no Star Trek school supplies available (yet for some bizarre reason, there were plenty of GI Joe feature films school supplies, eh?). With Sticker You’s Star Trek sheets, though, creative fans could make their own school supplies by decorating book bags, folders, lunchboxes, and magnets. You could even make your own bumper stickers for your car (or whatever personal shuttle you use). Any product that encourages creativity and has a practice use is good in this economy and in the Star Trek tradition. Like Scotty, you could be a designing miracle worker!

Backpack with Sticker You Star Trek stickers – now you can make your own Trekified school supplies

Hopefully, Sticker You Inc will add other versions of Star Trek, from all 11 feature films and the variety of television programs in the future because these are fun and practical item.

Get started making your own Star Trek sticker sheets at at


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awesome. I love stickers.

While I doubt I could out these up in my work cubical, I might just try to sneak some in by some subtle way.

These would be perfect for those who scrapbook.

Stickers Rock. And Star Trek Stickers are even cooler.

I love how you can customize them. So cool.

Me want Lee Cole TMP graphics.
(Sorry Okudas, liked those better.)

Looks great.

I still have a copy of the Lee Cole sticker book. It IS awesome! I like stickers that look like graphics used on the ship rather than photo stickers.

Now if I could just find a decent Kirk (Shatner) stand-up. Something from one of the movies.

How cool is this? Soething for me as well as my grandkids. Stickers are timeless. And so is star trek

Too bad its all just TOS. If they had TNG and other Trek stuff I might actually get some.

I hardly knew her!