UPDATED: Saldana Expects Star Trek Sequel To Start Shooting Early 2011 + Wants More Uhura/Spock

Recently Simon Pegg made news across the web with his estimate that the Star Trek sequel (scheduled for release June 29, 2012) would start shooting later this year. TrekMovie noted that this estimate was optimistic and sources were saying 2011 was more likely. Now in a brief interview from Wondercon, Zoe Saldana provides her estimate and talks about returning to the role of Uhura. [UPDATE: More from Saldana – talking Spock/Uhura]


Saldana gives a production update

MTV asked Zoe Saldana which sequel she thinks will go into production first (Avatar or Star Trek), she said Star Trek, noting:

I think ‘Star Trek. Because that one’s already going into pre-production soon…From what I hear, unless J.J., who’s always full of surprises, is fooling us and just carrying us along. But I do think we are going into pre-production this Fall, to start shooting early next year. And I have a feeling that Avatar is going to happen right after. I am so happy that I am going to play Uhura again and that I am going to playing Neyteri is wonderful, because I have not been able to part with them.

Saldana’s estimate seems more likely compared to Simon Pegg’s estimate the film would start shooting later this year.

UPDATE: Saldana wants more Uhura/Spock in sequel

io9 has also put up a brief video interview with Saldana talking Trek, where she said:

I can only hope that in this next film there’s more depth to the Spock-Uhura relationship. And maybe I’ll get to kick some ass!

Look for more updates on the Star Trek sequel coming soon here at TrekMovie. 

Zoe talks Losers

Here is more WonderCon video of Zoe talking about her new film The Losers, where she reveals she dressed as Ripley (from ALien) or Sarah Connor (Terminator). [via HitFix]

And here is some video from the Losers panel.



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Finally saw Avatar. The 3-D image was amazing. The characters and story felt 1 dimensional.

I don’t really get all the hype over when the next Trek will start shooting. We know when it’ll hit theaters, who cares when they shoot as long as it comes out on time?

I saw Avatar only a few weeks ago and really found nothing worth all the hype we’ve been hearing. Yes the 3D is nice. Yes the alien landscape and fauna are beautiful and well rendered… But so what? 3D is 3D and CGI is CGI, no matter how well made. There has to be more than visuals to a movie.

“I don’t really get all the hype over when the next Trek will start shooting. We know when it’ll hit theaters, who cares when they shoot as long as it comes out on time?”

-Well, there’s nothing that shows quality better than an unpolished rush job to meet a release date…

Why do we even pay attention to what she says, she has no slightest clue.

ncc: and you do?

Do you think an actor so stupid to go out into the field without doing the following…

I think it is safe to say that the actors make contact with Paramount with a conversation with something like this…

“I’m going to a guest at a convention… what info can you give me to pass along to the fans?”

It’d be pretty dumb for them not to do so.

I can do without a sequel to Avatar, thanks. I can see it now, following the same plotline as FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue or Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World.

@2: So we can know when to expect tasty details to be leaked to us as production progresses!

Please ask for more than just a fight scene Zoe. I beg you.

@7 That would be the expected idea… we took humans to Pandora, so now we take Na’Vi to Earth. “Stranger in a Strange Land” and the cartoons you mention.

I’d rather see another world in the Avatar universe, with a non-related story. He’s done blue people, now he can move on to green? Instead of taller blue-skinned Na’Vi, perhaps literal LGM (little green men) and their world… just steal the Lilliput story and pass it off as SciFi.

@10 Yeah, the sequel may reportedly going look at another moon in Pandora’s system. The question is whether Cameron can actually concoct a well-written, original story to go with it. If he decides to go green as you suggest, he’ll probably rip off of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Trek’s Orions and things like that. :-P

I’m not sure I want him to steal a story and pass it off as sci-fi. That’s kinda what he did with the first movie, taking the entire plot of Dances with Wolves and combining it with characters and elements from similarly-themed movies. That in itself wouldn’t have been a problem — if only he had made some attempt to change things up a bit. Instead, the movie follows the same story and flow with nary a surprise to be seen. If he does decide to borrow a story again for the sequel, here’s hoping he puts his own spin on it rather than merely relying on 3D and CGI in a vain attempt to mask his own laziness.

By the time the third sequel comes out, all the main actors will be older than what the characters were in the original series.

#2: “I don’t really get all the hype over when the next Trek will start shooting. We know when it’ll hit theaters, who cares when they shoot as long as it comes out on time?”

We want spy photos, mainly :)

Its always better to take the time needed to make a high quality movie than it is to rush out a half-assed version just to avoid fanboys shitting in their pants.

According to the Catholic church, mankind is going to find proof of intelligent alien life within the next 10 years.

Geez why does everyone hate Cameron-I loved Avatar and zoes acting was the best thing in it with a much more emotional and real role as neytiri–she was great the story was original enuff for me and meant something–and the technical side was incredible–i also loved trek09 and want sequels to both movies-

I highly dislike the idea of more Uhura/Spock.

I’m all for more Spock and more Uhura. But not as a couple.
I don’t want to see Spock heading back to their quarters after a hard day saving the Universe to have a nice quiet supper with ‘her indoors’,
I didn’t even much care for it when Paris and Torres did it, and I had made no particular emotional investment in those characters. Spock, and Uhura, however, I most certainly have.
I don’t mind them being happy- just not with each other. It just feels wrong to me. Just sayin…..

^^ that being said Uhura can kick as much ass as she feels worthwhile!

#16: “I loved Avatar and zoes acting was the best thing in it with a much more emotional and real role as neytiri”

I agree. Not everyone here is anti-Cameron; mainly (it seems) those who feel the need to have a “team” (or those that found Avatar too derivative, or didn’t like it’s anti-corporate message, or who liked it but found it too heavy-handed, or who mistook it for an anti-military message, etc).

“–i also loved trek09 and want sequels to both movies-”

Speaking of folks who loved Trek09 … the Hugo nominees were announced and Trek was (of course) nominated in its category, but the site seems quieter on the matter than for the other awards :/

I’m quite against Spock/Uhura. @_@ When has Spock ever openly been in a relationship with a woman so freely? In the movie, his mother had just died and his planet destroyed, making it quite normal, or shall I say “human” to want some compassion… It’s true it’s an alternate universe now, but I just don’t think it’s… logical! I feel it will take away some of his defined personality of being so Vulcan. But that’s just me.

Oh please – no more romance between Spock and Uhuru. Saldana’s “request” only goes to show that she has no idea of what Star Trek is all about, and if the writers do include it, then they have no idea either. This is Star Trek, not a bloody soap opera.

I suspect Saldana is much better recognized for “Trek” than she is for “Avatar”, where she was all but unrecognizable.

20… I liked Avatar, I just think its box office is wildly out of proportion to how good a movie it was. It was just okay, an average between spectacular effects and awful writing (I had to check the credits to see if George Lucas had written it) that results in just an ‘okay’ movie.

And I think the Hugo will go to District 9, which was better written than either Trek 9 or Avatar.

#22 – They aren’t making Star Trek “all about” the relationship. Nothing wrong with including it, and makes it no more a Soap Opera than Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with the whole Kirk/Carol/David thing.

@16 Jim Nightshade — Everyone hates Cameron? The majority are praising his work on Avatar, at least the technical and directorial side of it. The writing, not so much. I think everyone realizes by now (or so it seems) that the script was pretty weak, even if they don’t admit it. And I don’t hate Cameron, I just wish he had written a better script to go along with the amazing visual elements. ‘Avatar’ was just an average sci-fi flick brought to life with cutting-edge technology. Kudos to Cameron for making something *look* incredible, now I’m hoping he’ll go back to making something that *is* incredible. ‘Avatar’ wasn’t it.

@23 Thorny – Completely agree with you about Avatar and about ‘District 9’ likely winning the Hugo. ‘Avatar’ had a poor story *and* script, whereas ‘Star Trek’ had a weak story combined with a decent script. But ‘District 9’ had the best of both. There’s a small possibility that ‘Moon’ could upset; ‘Up’ not so much since that wasn’t a sci-fi film and the organization is called the World Science Fiction Society. So, I think it’s really between ‘D9’ and ‘Moon,’ but my money’s on ‘D9.’ That’s not to say that ‘Avatar’ does not have a chance, of course; Hugo may decide to turn into a popularity contest and give it to ‘Avatar.’ It’s box office and popularity would be the only reasons for that, though.

This place is so predictable. The phrase Spock/Uhura is uttered and everybody throws a fit! I hope they have a Pon Farr sex scene together in the next movie. The haters will be having seizures in the aisles of the movie theatre!

@26. Harbinger – “I hope they have a Pon Farr sex scene together in the next movie. The haters will be having seizures in the aisles of the movie theatre!”

I hope so, too, but for an entirely different reason. :-P

#23: “And I think the Hugo will go to District 9, which was better written than either Trek 9 or Avatar.”

I agree that it was, and I’d certainly be happy with a District 9 win.

Avatar was fine but to those who ridicule the story or want trek to be deeper next time…well it was deeper than trek. Just sayin’.

23. Thorny – “I suspect Saldana is much better recognized for “Trek” than she is for “Avatar”, where she was all but unrecognizable.”

She should be; I didn’t recognize her in Avatar! (Besides, Uhura is way more recognizable than… Whoever Saldana’s character in Avatar was)

On Topic:
More Spock/Uhura?
The “kick some ass” part was fine, but more S/U?
NO, please! It’s as dull as the Chakotay/Seven thing – no build up, no backstory, they just showed up in one room – alone, kiss, and leave.

I’m fine with Uhura kicking ass (our TOS Uhura certainly did) but please, please enough with the Spock/Uhura romance. That needs to end because it is in detriment to BOTH characters, and I personally want more emphasis on the Kirk and Spock friendship, which was merely hinted at in the first movie.
The potential is EPIC, please don’t let them screw this up.

Interesting. I liked both Avatar & Star Trek reasonably equally. (Actually loved Star Trek).

I would say Zoe was exceptional in both. Very strong performances with her romantic opposites. In fact, as I say, exceptional.

I have no problem with the Uhura/Spock relationship continuing. In my view (& on that others are free to voice their own opinion), I’d like to see Spock continued to be portrayed 3-D so to speak. I like the way Vulcan’s were portrayed in this movie as evidenced by both Spock & Sarek. Also, I’d hate to see what was achieved cast asside like a James Bond squeeze from ‘his’ last movie.

I think the relationship should at least progress, even if that means moving towards friend rather than lover… but don’t just write it off.

Anyway, I guess Uhura centered Spock in the first movie, in the absence of his mother Amanda, a key story device & awesome yet so subtle in its delivery.

As a Bones fan, in a similar way, it would be good for KIrk’s conscience to be given just a little more to be involved with next time. Just asking, as you never know who is looking :)

Good stuff.

#26 probably not a seizure. But most likely a visit to the shop to buy some popcorn or some such distraction. Once I can be certain the needless part is done i will return to my seat.
I was the same with Nemesis. I wandered out at the wedding scene and returned just in time to see the Enterprise ram the Schimitar. I had been assured that I had ‘missed nothing’ so I’m quite happy that my compass where my tolerance for Trek needlessness is concerned is pointing in the right direction. ;-)

31: How is being in a healthy, loving relationship a “detriment”?

Sigh…only on a Star Trek board…

re: Avatar and its sequel

I actually loved Avatar. Yes, the story was quite predictable, but this wasn’t why I went to see it. It was immersing in a new world for a few hours that made me to come back for a second time (even though I’m one of the unlucky ones who get headache from 3D). And I also loved the music, though you have to listen to the soundtrack to get the whole beauty of it, as its a bit difficult to hear it during the movie.

As for the Avatar sequel, I could imagine it to be set on Pandora some 10-15 years after the events in this movie, because the ending makes me wonder what the humans, or more specifically Pandora Corp., will do when the people that left Pandora in this movie will return back to Earth? Surely, they’ll just to get more guns/ships/whatever and go right back to the planet that earns them zillions.

re: Spock/Uhura thing

Please, not more than what we’ve already seen. I’d rather want them to have a ‘we’ll-love each-other-always-but-duty-must-come-first’ type of relationship, where they would like but can’t be together for some reason. A conflict is much more interesting than a perfect relationship. Just saying:)

@33 How ’bout the scene of Picard and Data singing in the shuttle craft? Did you leave during that scene? I wish I had. :)

33. Buzz Cagney – “I was the same with Nemesis. I wandered out at the wedding scene and returned just in time to see the Enterprise ram the Schimitar.”

You wandered out during the second scene of the film and didn’t return until an hour and a half later? And you were told you didn’t miss anything?

I think he means he didint miss anything good

No No NO!!!! NO more Spock/Uhura, please! The romance was so shallow and one sided. I’d even go as far as to compare it with Edward/Bella from Twilight. PLEASE, JJ Abrams. If you continue with this I’ll lose all faith in you.

absolutely NO to more romance between Spock and Uhura… it was forced and out of place to begin with. I don’t care what timeline/reality/etc it is, no way would Spock (any Spock!) have ever done such a blatant show of emotion. Cute way to introduce her name, but it is a glaring sore spot in the film. Outside of that, just let it fade away.

Let’s center on the Kirk/Spock/McCoy dynamic rather than a “hey, aren’t our stars sexy, let’s show them off for the sake of it” storyline… because that was all I really got out of that relationship.

As for Uhura… just give her SLEEVES with rank! It’s a uniform, not a go-go dress (well, that can be argued, I know…). And I’d like to see more of the African background sneak in, and perhaps the vanity that Uhura could be known for. Otherwise, I think Saldana was superb, and looks a good deal like Nichols!

I agree, no Spock/Uhura–Completely out of character for both.

More Kirk/Spock/McCoy–That’s Star Trek

I’m on the side of those who say NO to Spock/Uhura. The focus should be on the trinity of friends: Kirk, Spock, McCoy. The other four crew members are secondary.

Out of character? Hello…Spock’s had love affairs before. Don’t deny it, folks.

“No” to more Uhura. Big “NO”to more Uhura/Spock. I am with those who want more Big Three time; Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

Here are some notes for the writers:

1. KIRK is the ladies’ man, not Spock.

2. Spock is the book-smartest guy in any room.

3. McCoy has “seen it all”, and is the most worldy of the crew.

4. Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov are (unfortunately) window dressing, and we only have two hours of film time. Secondary characters. If this we series TV, we would have more time to devote to them. We don’t.

4. Scotty is a notch above those three, and is NOT only simple comic relief. He is smart and tough, but witty.

5. The Enterprise is a character. She strains and struggles sometimes, because she is pushed by Kirk, protected and cared for by Scotty.

6. Kirk is stern. Do not confuse latter day Shatner comedic leanings with the Kirk character. He was not a cut-up in TOS. He made light hearted banter with his senior officer staff, but he is a stern, decisive leader.

There you go.

Sorry, Gene L., but this is Star Trek 2009, not Star Trek 1966. Not everything is the same, nor should it be.

45 With all due respect, that doesn’t mean it is better, Harbinger. I’m not splitting any atoms with my (pretty obvious) humble hints. But remember, those 1966 basics got us here. Which one of my points do you think is off base?

Agree with Gene L. There is a reason Star Trek has lasted 40++ years. Mess with the basics that defined Star Trek and you risk losing the franchise.

In TOS, the dynamic between Kirk, Spock and McCoy was huge an ethically and morally respresent 3 competing themes – this is Star Trek, not some obscure Spock/Uhuru “Hollywood treatment” moment. Sure there is a lot of sex in Star Trek, always has been BUT it’s been done within context and not just some random afterthought.

I’m anxious to see what they come up with. Preferably some closer in tone to the Original Series — I want something with the characters a bit further along, more settled in their usual roles. More of a Kirk-Spock-McCoy dynamic, with some opportunity for Scotty to shine. Something like “The Apple,” c.f. I’m all for new iterations of the Original Series, as long as the things that made the Original Series successful are still featured. One of those things is the 3 + 1 dynamic. Though Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov should by no means be neglected. But we need a bit more from the triumvirate plus Scotty to preserve that Original Series feel. Am I alone in this?

Jeez Louise… Why does everyone hate on the S/U thing so bad? It was only in the movie for a few friggin’ moments. I hope we get to see more of the entire cast, outside of Kirk, Spock, and Bones. They’re fabulous, yes, but there are some fans out there who aren’t so hung up on the triumvirate that they balk at the idea of paying more attention to the other characters. I trust JJ and the writers.

Geez roberto n alex really got their work cut out for them on this trek09 sequel–i cant believe how divided fans are over relatively small story elements like spock/uhura–cmon guys celebrate the differences–i wouldnt want new movies to so strictly follow past stories–since its already been established why not embellish it a bit? thats what good stories are all about–i thought their relationship was written n acted well why not have more?