Star Trek The Experience Warehouse Sale This Saturday In Las Vegas

Earlier in the year CBS announced they were going to sell off assets of the closed-down Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. TrekMovie just got details on on a ST:TE warehouse sale set for this Saturday in Las Vegas. Details below on how you can pick up a piece of Star Trek history (including a free gift for TrekMovie readers).


Assets from first ST: The Experience being sold – new experience still being planned

As noted in our first article on this sale, CBS says that they "remain committed to opening a new and exciting Star Trek attraction." Planning on that future is still underway with Neonopolis in Las Vegas. CBS has determined that most of the assets from the first ST: The Experience will not be needed for any future attraction and they will be sold off in a warehouse sale (this weekend) and an auction (this Summer). The sales are being conducted by Propworx, who handled the recent Stargate and Battlestar Galactica sales.

April 10th — Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale

When:     Saturday April 10th, 10 am – 3 pm

Where:    66 Spectrum Blvd. Las Vegas, NV [MAP]

What:     Warehouse sale to focus mostly on some of the larger items from STTE, including:

  • Wall panels (bar, rides, history of tomorrow, etc)
  • Quark’s Bar furniture (tables, chairs, stools)
  • Borg alcoves
  • Pieces from Enterprise D replica bridges, transporter room, hallways
  • Rows of seats from Klingon Encounter ride
  • Starfleet costumes
  • …and more

Almost all the items are items are priced to go, ranging from $50-$500, such as $195 for a table and four chairs from Quark’s Bar. Purchases can be made by cash or check (no credit cards). Items are sold ‘as is’ and must be taken away by 3 pm. Propworx staff will be on hand to help load you car.

Free gifts for TrekMovie readers!

Mention and get a free pair 3-D glasses from the "Borg Invasion 4D" ride and a free original ticket to the Experience (no purchase necessary).


Just some of the items in the Star Trek The Experience Warehouse.

Borg Alcove

Klingon Encounter ride chair

Exit signs

Wall panels

More information on the Warehouse sale will be available at tomorrow (Tuesday).


August 8th — Star Trek The Experience Auction at Las Vegas Convention

This summer CBS will conduct a Star Trek: The Experience auction during the Las Vegas Creation Star Trek Convention in August. This auction will include more costumes, and some of the smaller items from The Experience. A catalog will be made available, and you will be able to bid for items online. Look for an update on the auction in the future.


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Curses…. if only I had the money to buy a Borg alcove….

Want want want want!

I need a Borg alcove, I am really in need of regeneration!

Holy crap! I AM GOING TO BE IN VEGAS ON THE 10th!!!!!!!

Planned it a month ago and didn’t even know this was going to happen.

Wow. I am spinning in my chair right now! PAYDAY is this Friday!

Can it get any better?

Dibs on the chair!

Maybe I should buy a Bat’leth first, might need it ……..

Well, I guess it’s a safe bet that the new Experience will be nothing like the Hilton installation.
I don’t think that a hall of plexiglass, white plastic, and bar-code scanners where the back-stage crew shines lights in your face will really compare…

If I had the money to buy one of those hydraulic shuttles, I’d probably already have place to put it…

I was married on the bridge back in 2006. Very sad. I will miss it.

And so there goes all of our stuff, scattered to the winds. Even my regeneration alcove. Closure.

Anyway, check out this stuff back in its hayday in my documentary series about the Experience:

P.S. – Ironic you can make out Suzie Plakson’s Klingon face in that wall panel photo above… she MC’d our closing day.


Thank you for the long awaited update on this. I have begun posting the annoucemnent on various websites i belong to and in every posting I include your trekmovie .com website tag if people want more info. I also sent a mass email to all the former STTE actors asking if they wanted to be at the auction on Saturday. I know mebers of our club the USS Las Vegas will be there to lend a hand.

Paul Walker
USS Las Vegas

So does this mean that the Experience is gone forever?

Re: 10 ……

NO the Experience is NOT Gone forever. if you re read the story Anythony mentioned that CBS has confirmed that there will be a NEW Star Trek Experience someday…

Hey Vernon-hope u n April n everyone get to get your costumes back–let us know how it goes–im outta work no money to even go to vegas much less bid-would luv one of the quarks chairs at the bar that were really on the ds9 show-oh well good luck to all at the auction-also luved yer series vernon n also was great for sheri n i to meet u and april that one evening a couple weeks before u closed when april intoduced u as the experience historian–also a pic of me is in the experience 360 program under quarks bar and dedicated patrons-im far right by the ice machine borg elevator-was waiting for april to finish working n sheri musta been away playing slots at that moment haha–look forward to more of yer series-jeff n sheri–

Crap. At those prices, I’d be wheeling out a pallet o’ goodies on a forklift, but Vegas on such short notice is a 9.5 on the G.U. (Geographically Unreachable) Scale. I’m sure something will pop up on eBay, though.

Thanks Jeff – doing the series is my pleasure. It’s going to be a sad occasion to see our stuff being sold, and I still don’t know if Paramount will bother getting us our uniforms back but we’ll see. As far as I’m concerned, I have everything I wanted to take away from the Experience, infact I came away with the most precious asset it ever had.


Hey kids – check out my friend Bryan’s virtual tour of the Experience at

…and of course my Experience documentary series at

hey i am in that virtual tour see my comment above haha-well thanx vernon i am dling part 3 as we speak and i have part 1 n 2 on my ps3 hd and will add 3 to it-cant wait to watch it vernon-thanx again bud..

I find news like this depressing. Yes, I want a Borg alcove, but I want it to be somewhere where it generates interest in the series, rather than in my basement.

Star Trek seems to be the only franchise still burying its dead while it’s more successful than ever.

What we really need is a Star Trek museum. Where people can go to see the props, sets, costumes and models. A bit too late for that idea though, since the majority of stuff is in private collections.

it’s a shame that someone (e.g. Paramount | CBS) can’t combine the Star Trek Experience PLUS the Star Trek exhibition (travelling around the country)—Combine it into 1 BIG Museum/Rides/Attraction and have it permanently housed at Paramount in Hollywood or somewhere in San Francisco or somewhere in Vegas….or at Universal Studios or some other major theme park or at the Sci-Fi museum in Seattle..

(and maybe throw in a few extra things-exhibits, etc.)–and have a big/worldwide Star Trek convention held there yearly (not a Creation Convention–which over the last decade have done a poor job of running the Star Trek fandom–time for some new blood)

Thoughts ?

@ # 18 and # 19.
Exactly! With a Star Trek museum or something, at least anyone can some see the history of Trek. Especially those who were never around to see it (i.e., too young to watch the older series/never saw the show in production, or never able to go to conventions, or both, which is my case). Also, it’ll be easier to find.
I believe there’s a Star Wars museum somewhere, but I remember that it was not open to the public. Why can’t ‘Trek have an equivalent?

On topic:
I want one of those Borg alcoves. Okay, maybe 4. :D

Wait a minute, I’m going to be in Vegas this weekend… I planed it a month ago also. I was’nt planning on driving back… time to buy that Transporter and wire it up to the “Flux capacitor” to get the stuff home!

About the selling off of “The Experience” and what to expect in the future.

1. TNG is no longer relevant thanks to the new movie, deal with it.
2. Les Moonves is eating crow thanks to Star Trek’s success.
( He hates Sci-Fi with a passion & Star Trek most of all. )
3. If there is a new Experience on the way you can bet it’ll be TOS centric.
4. CBS has to be careful as throwing money around on this is a huge deal.
5. Folks still don’t understand just how Trek is split up ‘tween CBS / Para.

That last one is the most true, even I don’t know where the split is at.

Vernon, great to have a chance to thank you again for you work in making the Experience what it was, and your great documentary.

My brother was married there in 2002. He loved this picture that was being sold there and regrets not purchasing it. It was a futuristic view of NYC Star Trek theme and it cost about $3000. I have tried to find it online or even a poster of it and find nothing. Does anyone know what I am talking about or where to find it?

#24 — Are you talking about a “Borgified” New York City? I saw that there for purchase a few years back. I was a concept painting for “First Contact” that was not used in the actual production.

Thanks Randy, yes, I believe its the same. It was a gorgeous picture and almost breathtaking to see the twin towers. I have googled it to find nothing. I would love to surprise him for a birthday in finding it but I just cant find it. if anyone knows the name, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

#24 Hi! Always loved the painting myself. It’s called “New Borg City” . If the below link works this is a place that sells various sizes of them:!

If you Google New Borg City you will see other results as well. I don’t know if they will have it this weekend, but I’m going to be there to check things out! :)

#14 Thanks again for your great series! Loved your appearance on The Ugly Couch show! :)

OMG!!! Thanks Evan!! That is awesome. He is going to be shocked that I found it. Its been 4 years since we have seen and it will be a nice surprise for him. Thanks for all your help Evan and Randy. I am sorry to see that it wont be at Hilton next time we visit. Much success on the sale and to all.

Their should have been more advanced warning. This is the first i am hearing about it. And why can we not buy online… i dont have time to fly to vagus

Is this an auction or is this a warehouse sale?

There’s still stuff left to auction?
I thought Chad Boutte’s ran-sacking of the place was pretty thorough.

DARN IT!!! I’ve never been so mad at myself for being broke at the moment!!!

crap! crap! crap!

Damn, wish I could be there to buy a few pieces. :(

Still miss the place. Vegas just wasn’t the same on our last trip.

Is the Borg Alcove upside down?

Oh damn. I wish they wait until middle of this July when I will be in Las Vegas. :(


I just want Quarks back. :(

I heard the new Experience is going to be heavy on the original series.

That is fantastic.

At least I made Vernon laugh. And yes, the alcove is upside down.

I’m just so happy that my family and I were able to, um, experience the Experience the one time we ever went to Vegas.

Got a picture of me in Picard’s chiar and everything, very skinny, very young, and very thrilled. My dad got in an argument with a Klingon in the gift shop, we sat at the bar at Quark’s (which was orgasmic, as DS9 is far and away my favorite series), and we questioned a Ferengi on the Rules of Acquisition. Impressively, he knew every random one we mentioned. They had a well trained and selected cast.

Thanks to all involved for making it a fullfilling journey. Makes me wish there could be an entire Star Trek theme park.

I remember the Borg NYC painting as well. It was awesome….Whatever Paramount/CBX do with the NEW ST the Experience I hope they realize that what made the old Experience was the dedicated employees and actors and crew members who worked there like Vernon, Quarksbartender, April et al—Sadly they are one of a kind unique and now scattered to the winds–I will always and 4ever remember how wonderful they all were….and hope the new crew they get will be even half as dedicated and talented as they were…..and also hope any of the old crew available and wanting to be hired does get hired….if it ever comes to pass….I salute you all marvelous crew—and I have watched the last day video in my TNG Bluray collection many times, seeing the love you all shared, with tears in my eyes each time I watch…and I hope for a rebirth of the experience rising Phoenix like out of the ashes….
If the new one is more jj and tos centril I will miss Quarks and all the TNG touches the Experience had….and still think there is plenty of relevence to that era….mho

Vernon, we should get together with Gerry & Francine, buy some more fixtures for Quarks 1.5 to really dress it up since Gerry has the grand piece of all time. I hope you do get you Borg costume back, same goes for April, Mark, Tom, etc. I still cannot thank you all for making STTE what is was at the Hilton and it is my fondest wish that you can help contribute in creating the next gen of STTE at Neonopolis. The Mild Meld will be on me!

Thanks Jim Nightshade, and I agree with everything you said about the eventual new Experience.
And yes Lt. Bailey, Gerry’s on it, but no Borg gets their costumes back because they were all destroyed after the closing. CBS deemed them health hazzardous, and believe me they were after 5 years!
As for the rest, I have no idea what the new STTE will be themed like, but whatever it is it will be a new home for us to all gather in – that’s the important thing. We, the crew & the fans, made that place what it was – it won’t matter what the new one looks like. And there are many of us including myself who intend to go back to work there if they’ll have us.

I think it will do the fans justice if they 1) Recreate the Klingon Encounter Ride

2) During the simulator ride, they shoot a photo torpedo directly at the Hilton and blow it up.

@18 That was the Hilton STE. Lots of props from TV and film, and a completely immersive experience. My annual pilgrimage during Spring Break was MLB Spring Training in Phoenix, then a short drive to Vegas for some Trek fun. Now I can’t watch a baseball game without missing STE. Quark’s Bar was a riot.

Thanks for the loving videos, Mr Wilmer. Loved the experience. Only been there twice. But the actors really made it what it is. Hope the new experience will be up soon, and you guys will be back in the future.

Ok lt bailey where is quarks 1.5? I almost went to vegas last week but got sick at last minute–iz there a place u meet? spacequest casino?

Spacequest is the usual meeting place these days for everyone involved with STTE, but Quark’s 1.5 is unfortunately for most, an undisclosed private residence where only a priveledged few can go and bask under an actual Quark’s lighted sign… ahhh…..

Although I enjoyed visiting STTE, having it located in Las Vegas never felt quite right to me. In my opinion, I feel that the new Star Trek attraction should reside at one of the theme parks in California or Florida.

Also, the fact that their selling off the older props most likely indicates that they’re moving forward with an updated, fresher design for the new location.

There ought to be one in Atlantic City for us east Coast folk.

CBS/Paramount is leaving a lot of money on the table having only one location.