Zachary Quinto Wants Leonard Nimoy In Star Trek Sequel

Much has been reported about the special mentoring relationship between the the Spocks of the 2009 Star Trek movie, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. So far it looks like Leonard Nimoy is serious about handing things off to Quinto for the sequel, and going (back) into retirement. But a new comment from Quinto suggests the young actor may not be ready to let go.


Zach wants more Leonard

The New York Daily News caught up with Zachary Quinto at a film premiere in New York last week, and they got the actor to talk some Trek:

The newest "Spock" told us that it took a personal plea from J.J. Abrams to get Nimoy out of retirement the first time – and Quinto admits that he thinks it would take a lot more for a repeat.

"I think I might have to ask him this time," the actor joked…

But the "Heroes" bad boy promises that he’ll be on board when the next film happens.

"Every time J.J. calls I pick up in a heartbeat," he laughed. "I assure you that. And when it’s to tell me to come to work I’ll be there."


Zachary Quinto attending the premiere of “Breaking Upwards” at the IFC Center on April 1, 2010 in New York City.

Zachary Quinto attending the premiere of “Breaking Upwards” at the IFC Center on April 1, 2010 in New York City (WireImage)

What do you think?

Is one Spock enough for the Star Trek sequel?



Two Spocks for sequel too?

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Sorry but no more original Spock. There’s only so many times you can say goodbye and then it just gets worn out.

I think Prime Spock would be a good addition to a sequel. Maybe he starts the temporal investigations unit? I’m still wishing Shatner was included or any original series cast member for that matter.

Does he really want two Spocks roaming around?

The Preserver obelisk! I want to see Kirk discover the first Preserver Obelisk. The one thing for sure we DON’T need in any movies for the near future is time travel. So that would include saying NO to a movie starring the Guardian of Forever. We don’t need sillyness, and we don’t need spoofs, as I’m sure J.J. and the screenwriters will steer clear from (not to say we don’t need Scotty’s humor). I, for one, am also down with Uhura getting her kick-ass on, perhaps spurred by an always fabulous, “Oh, no he didn’t!”

Nimoy should have had the sense to stay out of the first Fake Trek.

I always pictured this scene with Khan and Spock Prime. Khan tortures him trying to find out what went wrong the first time around and Spock saying “I died the first time because of you, it is only fitting that my second death would be at your hands”

We already know that both spock’s are in that new time line so it would be kind of dumb to just ignore or forget about spock prime.


where the hell have you been?? This is the first post I’ve seen from you in ages!!

So, what did you think of the movie? :>)

(as if I have to ask)

I think a small cameo where Spock Prime sends himself a message just saying “Hi”. Something small, just letting us know that the new Vulcan colony he’s at is doing well.

re: 8 HB
It met all of my expectations.

No, they need to move on. I love Nimoy but like Will_H stated, too many times would be too many. They need to have a sense of moving on. It’s not a cameo trip down memory lane.

Also, the title of this article is misleading. Quinto was joking. When I read the title, I was like, “Seriously? You want him back?”, but when I read the article, it’s apparent he was joking and wasn’t making a serious plea for Nimoy to come back. You need to change it to “Zachary Quinto gests about having Nimoy in Star Trek Sequel”. He wasn’t serious.

@1: I agree. Nimoy passed the torch superbly, but Quinto’s performance can stand on its own. Perhaps just a passing mention or something about the New Vulcan colony at the most.

But it is nice to know they worked so well together.

Small cameos by Leonard Nimoy and/or William Shatner can’t hurt, but anything more would detract from the new cast. The new cast have to take the lead.

But it is going to be hard not seeing Leonard Nimoy as Spock anymore.
I think Zachary Quinto is the perfect new Spock, but no one can replace the original.

Have a Spock on Spock mind-meld where Spock Prime puts his katra into Spock.

If there is a good story to tie up loose ends from the destruction of Vulcan, why not include him? Otherwise, it will just end up being something that never gets resolved or ends up being some piece of dialogue referencing events that happen off screen.

I’d like to know what happens to Spock Prime.

Just saw parts of ST: TMP on a “HD Theater” channel. Although I’m waiting it out a potential Blu-ray Directors Cut of the film, it just wetted my appetite! Boy, the old film never looked better! I sure wish someone with influence at Paramount would express the desire for a Blu-ray release of “The Directors Cut” of that film. It would be so cool if they were able to give it the royal treatment, ala “Blade Runner”.


You’re still alive…, my old friend!

the title of this is a little sensational. i mean that in a negative, bad journalism sorta way. From what i can tell, ZQ never expresses that he “wants Nimoy in the sequel” It’s a headline just for the sake of grabbing your attention…which is fine…if its true. In this case it grabs your attention at the expense of honesty.

I know, i know…i’m nitpicking


Spock Prime should have died GLORIOUSLY in Battle……defending himself AND the New Crew of the Starship Enterprise…. THUS, personifying: “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. … Or the one.”

OK OK have mercy on me!!

Kirk: I would not presume to debate you.

There’s no real reason he can’t show up. Spock Prime himself said they could not afford to ignore each other.

There’s no need to worry about the cast ‘being on its own’. Spock Prime is part of this universe. He’s a character in his own right, with his own intimate connections to a few of of the ‘new universe’ characters.

Its not necessary to have, but there’s no reason to bar it, either.

Honestly though, the nerd in me would rather check up on T’Pol or an aging Archer. I don’t think it would be horrible to pick up on some strings from ENTERPRISE or the ORIGINAL SERIES or even proto-TNG in order to flesh out the universe and give it some scale and continuity. Even the original cast movies featured cameos from TOS supporting characters and by the end of film six was nodding to TNG.

I think it needs to have Nimoy making at least a cameo. Something small just to let us know he is well and working; like have him give an update on the Vulcan colony’s progress.


I think there’s been quite enough main characters killed off, thank you very much!

Tasha Yar’s “first” death was weak. James T. Kirk’s death in “Generations” was lousy, Jazia’s worked because it fit the story and she ends up becoming a part of Ezri through the Dax symbiont. And Trip’s death in “These Are The Voyages…” was the worst of the bunch. There was no need for that. Data’s death made sense, but he was resurrected in the body of B4 anyway.

At least there is still time for someone to find a logical way to bring Shatner’s Kirk back from the grave.


Aw, c’mon, Stanky…..throw us a bone. Wasn’t there any aspect of the latest film that you enjoyed?

I thought they did a great job in recapturing the FUN of the original series.

Please poke through that facade of cynicism and maybe mention one little thing that you might have enjoyed regarding this latest outing.

Why does ZQ look like some kind of scared homeless person in these photos?

Someone should hand him a hundred bucks and point him towards a GAP or something.


I enjoyed this movie. And I trust Leonard Nimoy’s judgement more than your’s. You hate this movie. That’s too bad. I don’t think very many people share your opinion.


“Why does ZQ look like some kind of scared homeless person in these photos?”

Because Spock just witnessed the destruction of his home planet. :-)

27: Oh come on, ryanhuyton. You know you must be destroyed for such comments.

Spock is at his second home in Manhattan, and obviously has yet to find a decent haberdasher. (Sarek used to keep his ‘Vulcan Princess’ there)

Spock’s got the “ears got caught in an automatic rice-picker” thing going, and it’s just so 1966. Time for a change, I should think.

Bob Orci,includes spock prime in the next Movies please:)

¡Mas te vale que lo incluyas cabron!, Saludos.

Maybe this film could veer off into the “mirror universe” so that we could have 4 Spocks!!!

If Leonard Nimoy is reprising his role as the prime relaity, post-Nemesis Ambassador Spock in ‘Star Trek XII’, may I suggest a scene where Starfleet created a new timeship that allows Spock to fly it and travel back to the year 2387 in the prime reality. The following link may show you the reason why:

Why does Zach Quinto a.k.a. ‘Spock 2.0’ always look as if he’s been caught right in the act?

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy for the next Star Trek!!!

I think it would be cool if in the next film in a message to his son Sarek mentioned he and “uncle Selek” were having success with their new colony should the next film not be completely focused on the Vulcan exodus.

I think Nimoy has given a link from old to new, and given enough of a send off for the character. He’s off re-building the Vulcan race while Quinto’s Spock can go play and have fun.

The connections made, too much of it could get boring and thats not the best way for Nimoy to leave.

#33 yes I agree. IF they want to bring Leonard back then they really can’t snub Bill. The first film they got away with it. The next time they won’t.

Better they let the new kids take over completely at this point I feel. No cameos from any past Trek actors. Spend that money on a big name to bolster the movie. Just imo.

“#25: Why does ZQ look like some kind of scared homeless person in these photos?

Someone should hand him a hundred bucks and point him towards a GAP or something.”

The Gap? You obviously don’t understand hipster styles. No self respecting hipster would be caught dead in clothes from the Gap. Or any chain store brand clothing. ZQ is dressed perfectly for this generation of young people who listen only to indie bands nobody has ever heard of.

I mean, he’s at a premier of a film being show at the IFC Center. As in Independent Film Channel. The first cousin of indie music is indie film. His clothing is perfectly appropriate.

Apart from talks about Leonard Nimoy appearing in the sequel (of course it’s a pleasure to have him in any Star Trek movie!), I think the more interesting thing is: what would it be like to have two Spock’s in the same universe? The possibilities that such a conundrum would set off could make an entire series of stories, if one wanted to go in that direction. And I don’t think it would just be a matter of Spock Prime having knowledge of the “fututre,” since, in this predicament, not all of his knowledge would apply to the new “future.” Just the mere event of looking at another version of oneself is a pretty wild story in itself…

By the way, I think it was too early for spock to address kirk as jim. that seemed kinda forced. Spock prime is actually doing the future a favor by not ruining all of their future adventures, Some events will still happen, and some will not.

I also don’t believe that shatner and paramount will ever settle their differences and that shatner will still be too expensive for any part in any future star trek film.

Didn’t Spock Prime Nimoy’s already passed the torch over to Zachary Quinto why would he be joking Zachary?

I think the new cast should do things on their own not rely on past Trek actors to help the new Kirk and Spock need to handle things now don’t you agree

It’s not a deal breaker if Nimoy is not in the sequel.

Having said that, his actually being in the sequel can not, in any way, shape or form, hurt the film. It will be a great movie, these guys have already proved they know what they are doing. Nimoy’s invlolvement would only be icing on an already delicous cake. And the same goes for Shatner.

1 – agreed. Time to get this party started, for real. If this is a NEW franchise, it has to move on its own power.

The new Star Trek doesn’t “need” members of the original cast. The new cast is awesome. The desire to see original members is more nostalgic yearnings than anything else, IMO. Yes, Nimoy was necessary to pull off the first film, but that doesn’t mean his presence (or any of the other members) is necessary to pull off any more films — unless they are, somehow, integral to the story.
The new cast and the new universe are entirely capable of standing on their own. The original cast will live on forever in any case, thanks to dvd and our own memories…

I love TOS, probably better than any incarnation (though TNG is a close second). However, it is time to let it go. A last bow, no really my last, last bow, okay this is my last, last, last bow begins to cheapen the whole thing. Kirk should stay dead. Spock should have passed (past tense) the torch which he did. Now let nuTrek sink or swim on its own merits with something that hopefully is original, creative, thought-provoking, exciting, and worthy of Trek (anything but a villain du jour or big bad alien of the moment–both done too death). No one loves Nimoy better than I, but after awhile it gets absurd (seeing him in other projects until he REALLY retires is cool though). I thought the moment with McCoy on STNG was a good template (‘specially since McCoy as played by Kelley is my all time favorite; though Urban is a worthy successor). I would have loved to see McCoy show up again and again on TNG since he was my favorite character, but the best bet is to pass the torch and move on.

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a teeny tiny cameo, something like a picture, news report or a letter, maybe simply just a mention how it goes for the old Spock and the Vulcans. That would be a nice nod to us the old fans, but not necessarily noticeable or recognizable if you haven’t seen the first movie. I agree that the torch is passed, and the new crew has to go on their own adventures.

I’m not the target audience for the New Trek (strange, as I’m a lifelong TOS fan) but I have to say I don’t have much interest in the sequel unless either or both Shatner and Nimoy are in it. I still think they missed a huge opportunity for Shatner in the first.

I think the new kids are cute and do a good job, but they really don’t interest me much. And I’m not really invested in an AU without a (planet) Vulcan or one in which Spock and Uhura are a couple. I have to say unless there’s a real connection with the Trek I love, I’ll probably give the sequel a pass. I don’t expect this opinion to give anyone working on it sleepless nights. :D

Wow – what the heck is Zachary wearing. Those shoes! His Spock card may get revoked on that outfit alone.


Based on alternate futures from Enterprise, if T’Pol is likely caring for an aging Archer… and wouldn’t have been on Vulcan during its destruction.