Anton Yelchin To Star In ‘Fright Night’ Remake

Anton Yelchin, Star Trek’s new Chekov, is having a big week. Yesterday it was announced he was providing voice work for the new 3D Smurfs movie. And today it has been announced the actor is in talks to star in a remake of the 80s vampire movie Fright Night.


Yelchin in Vampire movie

Two hot trends these days seem to be anything vampire and anything 80s. Now DreamWorks is bringing those trends together by moving forward on a remake of the 1985 vampire movie Fright Night. And according to the Hollywood Reporter, Anton Yelchin is in talks to star in the film. Yelchin will play a teen who is convinced that his neighbor is a vampire, taking on the role played by William Ragsdale in the original film. The new film will be helmed by Craig Gillespie (Mr. Woodcock, United States of Tara) and is being written by Marti Noxon (who wrote 23 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and currently writes for Mad Men). No word yet on when the film will go into production.

Here is a trailer for the original Fright Night:


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Alpha Dog, Terminator: Salvation, Star Trek, and now these two movies. This kid is really making a name for himself. I think the success of Star Trek will make these actors bigger.

“Brewster, you are SO COOL!”

I *love* the Fright Night movies. Yelchin’s a good fit for the Brewster role. Loved Roddy McDowell as Peter Vincent. It’d be fun if they got Chris Sarandon (who played the Vampire in the original) to take on the Vincent role. I guess they’ll go for more of a ‘name’ though.

Hmm, who would be the equivalent of Roddy McDowell these days?

NOT a film that needs to be remade, in my opinion… the original is an excellent film! But, that being said… he’ll make a great Charlie!

But there is no equivalant to McDowell, as #3 asks… Not that I can think of, with such simple elegance and charm, and old Hollywood class, and that’s what the role needs. And Sarandon is still my favorite cinema vampire after Lugosi!

YELCHIN: There are so many wampires all around! So many wampires!

SIR BEN KINGSLEY: We must pierce them all with our wooden stakes. (removes trousers) Now then, come to daddy!

YELCHIN: Uhhhhhh…, Sir? This is wery distressing!

SIR BEN KINGSLEY: Come on, kid. This is how I got the role in “Sexy Beast.”

RODDY McDOWELL: Oh, God! In the painting he just dropped his pants! (looks away) No! Now in the painting he’s moving towards the vampires! (looks away) Oh, no! The painting has changed again and he’s… he’s… yuck… I’m going to watch my Direct TV.

SIR BEN KINGSLEY: Oh, be quiet. In Matheson’s book “I Am Legend” you just need to penetrate them somewhere to kill them!

YELCHIN: I’m going to my Wolwo and driving away!


Vampires. Are. Stupid.

good for Yelchin [fame, sucess, money, blah, blah, and blah]….but save vampires for twighlight and teenage emo girls going through hormonal puberty.

’nuff said

5- BND scores the Night Gallery reference! Yeah!

3- No one compares to Roddy McDowell enjoying that role as much as he did. Michael Caine may be the obvious ‘type’ to take on Peter Vincent. Of course, Christopher Lee is still around and he makes a vamptastic addition to any film. Maybe Patrick or Ian. Dunno. I just hope it’s fun along with being gory and scary.

Boy, movie trailers sure have changed.

I’m sure I saw Fright Night back when it came out, but I didn’t remember Roddy McDowell!

Then again… any thoughts on W.S. for P.V.?

He seems like a closer visual match for ‘Evil’ Ed Thompson…

Friday the 13th, Holloween and now Fright Night? Why is everyone trying to steal my childhood?

BTW, I think Malcolm McDowell could probably pull off Roddy’s role.

Aye, CmdrR… ta’ revisit McDow’ell’s paintin’ just go ta’ You tube…

Wery scarey!


I think he is a great choice for the role.

I really do love the original though… been saying that a lot lately…

@11 – You are correct about Malcolm and Roddy… Splendid idea!

The only vampire I want to see in the “Star Trek” sequel is the Salt Vampire. But they have to design something better than what we saw in the special features.

As for the remake of “Fright Night”, not really interested. I never saw the original and the clip looked cheesy.

Its another example of Hollywood going to the same well over and over.
Oh well.

Is anyone else sick of remakes besides me? Remember when movie makers were bold and tried to be original and cutting edge?

When did everyone get tired of trying????????

I am officially old because as a society, we are horribly bereft of effort when it comes to doing something new and innovating at the movies. (….and I don’t mean Avatar…..aka live action Ferngully!)

Anthony, please shoot me………..goodbye unoriginal, talentless, hacks….


I am tired of all these remakes as well. Hollywood is annoying me with the reimaginings at the moment.

I loved Nightmare on Elm Street a lot, but I am in two minds about going to see the remake because I am so against it. I might see it but it won’t be anywhere near as good as the original.

Too many remakes and of course the new kids will prefer it over the beteer original.

Good for Anton. He’s a very talented young man.


But salt vampires are not stupid?

I think #11’s onto something; I could see McDoweel as Vincent. Patrick Stewart would also be a good fit I think.

That said, I’d still like to see Sarandon in the role. Not that it’ll ever happen.