Rod Roddenberry’s ‘Trek Nation’ Documentary Finished – Watch The New Trailer

For years Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod Roddenberry has been working on a documentary titled "Trek Nation". Roddenberry has finally finished the film and today Roddenberry Productions has launched a new promotional website along with a new trailer. Learn more about the film and watch the trailer below.


Trek Nation

Trek Nation is a documentary about a son on a personal journey to understand his father and his legacy as the creator of Star Trek. The film includes interviews conducted with regular Star Trek fans as well as well-known personalities like George Lucas, Stan Lee, Dennis Rodman, and others. In addition there are also a number of interviews with Star Trek professionals such as Ron Moore, Rick Berman, the late Michael Piller, and even JJ Abrams.

Roddenberry at the Save Enterprise rally in 2005 and interviewing George Lucas

For the past few years Roddenberry and director Scott Colthorp have been hard at work distilling all the footage into a film, and that work is now done. Roddenberry Productions is currently looking for distribution. To learn more about Trek Nation, and register for updates, check out the new site:

And here is the new trailer:


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Looking forward to this. Hopefully it will get a wide release, although it woundn’t surprise me if this were limited to a couple of cities. And I hope that it does get released on dvd as well.

I can’t wait to watch the interviews with George Lucas and Stan Lee. Their opinions will probably be most fascinating.

Rod, I applaud your efforts to know more about your great Dad. As a Writer, I have embarked on a quest to know more about my Parents and to reach out to others like me who want to know more. I am Asperger Afflicted, a life long Trek Fan, a Blogger, a Writer, and I have a deep desire to live in a world that Trek showed us. It will never happen in my lifetime, but, I hope 400 years from now, mankind will embrace peace and explore the stars at near light speeds. Of course, warp speed could actually kill ppl, I read, but, maybe that problem will be solved as well. I will be honored to be your friend and I hope any advice you can give me to succeed as a Writer will come my way…

Keep on Trekking! :D

I don’t like George Lucas, but it could be interesting, because he’s probably the antithesis to what Star Trek is all about. At any rate I really wanna see this film. International release plans?

Academy Award for best documentary? That would be interesting…

Maybe Rod could set some online distribution, sell it online. There will be a couple of 1000 sales from this sight alone I would expect.

I’m looking forward to this documentary. I felt really touched by this trailer. Sorta reflected how I feel about Star Trek and how its changed me and my view.

The documentary looks good. Also, hey Nick. ^

Looks cool.

That looks like quality. I’m in.

Great trailer from a great guy. Congrats on this Rod. You have my full support.


This is something I want to see.

Is it expected to get a theatrical release?

Looks really good I will be very interested in seeing this when it comes out. I cant wait to see what Gene was like and the quest of Rod to understand who his father was. I also am interested to hear what people have to say about him and Star Trek in general.

Congrats, Rod.
Trek’s been part of my life since the 60’s, and your journey is something I really look forward to hearing about.
Here’s to a wide release!

That was a really good trailer – I found it quite moving. I’m definitely sold on the idea of buying a ticket to see this one if it can find a distributor. Congratulations to Rod Roddenberry and best of luck with getting this labour of love out into the world.

This looks thoughtful, deep, insightful, and generally awe inspiring. I would love to see this in theatres, but I’ll take it wherever. This is what Trek is about.

This looks to be much better than Trekkies and Trekkies 2, both of which I enjoyed, but it’s good to see a serious take on Gene Roddenberry’s Legacy and Trek fandom.

That trailer truly surprised me in its quality. I really like the direction this documentary seems to be taking. The tone is definitely intriguing. I will definitely check this out given the opportunity.

I hope JJ Abrams watches this and gets a clue about writing Trek movies

this is going to be a huge hit! I can’t wait to watch. Thanks Rod for working to get this to us!

Looks great! Can’t wait to see it! Best of luck to you Rod!

Nicely done, this looks promising and enlightening.

You know I’m actually sad that excellent documentaries like this are finding a hard time getting a distributor while mindless, unoriginal remakes play in more than 4000 theaters. Just hope to see it in my country.

Looks really good! :) I hope you found what you were looking for Rod.. :)

Good one Maggie! Congrtas to Barron Toler & Eric hall for ending up in this preview. I’m afraid this documentary will draw even more attention away from mine, but if you’re still interested it’s at

Looking forward to seeing this!

I hope rod can sell the dvd-i was stunned enuf to watch trekkies in my local theatre when it came out-documentaries alas rarely make the theatres–even michael moore has difficulty–and hey vernon your documentary series is superb for experience fans-your hard work is appreciated mucho! oh i luv yer opening for part 3-cockers song is the best non beatles vocal for a beatles song ever–lets see, trek, beatles,disney n scifi are my fave things in life heh heh-

Fascinating. I can’t wait to see this.

I love the fact that the tone of this looks more like “My Architect” (also a documentary by a son about his father, in this case Louis Kahn) than the “Trekkies” approach of, “Hey, check out the freaks”.

The production values look superb. and the interview bits from everyone involved (including the late Michael Piller _and_ JJ Abrams!) we all incredibly tantalizing.

I would love to see this film. This trailer represents the heart and soul of Star Trek, while the latest popcorn movie version only represented the outer shell of it. That’s why many of us felt it was fairly entertaining but also very forgettable.

Why do you think JJ Abrams was rubbish at making a Star Trek movie?

maybe it did miss something Star Trek but I enjoyed it for what it was

What, no lens flares? …:)

I really want to see this

Thanks Rod; This will be great! In a year with out a ST Movie, and with no TV show this will be the “Shinning Beacon” (along with Web episodes of New Voyages three episods) for old and new fans alike.

3. Rose-colored glasses on a little too tight? lol

Looks great. Bring it.

That looks cool.

Now I’m waiting for Maynard Ferguson’s daughter who teased us with a trailer about her jazz artist Dad to get that documentary out. It also looked cool. We’re still waiting.

I don’t think we’re supposed to understand our parents. Just accept that they’re only human.

First of all, it wasn’t 1966, it was 1964. 1964 was when Star Trek was first created with the Cage, but it wasn’t until 1966 when it was finally released to the public.

And damn it, I don’t care what else we need to do, I’m getting that documentary.

As Scotty said on Generations, “Brought a tear to me eye.” (may not be an exact quote)

George Lucas will say the following AGAIN and the Star Wars fans won’t hear it at all and still cling to their view that it’s better….

George : If it wasn’t for Star Trek, I don’t think I could of done Star Wars….

Verry cool! Good work Rod. I look forward to seeing it.

Very cool. I really want to see this

Good Luck with Trek Nation Rod and all!
We do need to believe in our species.

#18-Always great to have a troll visit. Don’t forget that there are more people that went to that movie and bought it than any of the others you may be clutching to your chest!

Also, I really like the trailer for this. I’d love to see it, but wonder where it might be showing someday here in midwest, USA!

Looks like a really good piece of work that, Rod!
I wonder if he plays STO? I haven’t noticed him on my travels…
I haven’t noticed anyone actually! :)



Stop trolling and go away.

39— true true true. And they will cast stones at the creator for speaking against their beliefs of what the creator has done.

Rod good Work !!! viva Star Trek…:)

39. “could have” — not “could of”.

You just made every English teacher you ever had cringe. ;-)