Great iLinks: Data & Q Play w/ iPad + Burton Tweets iPad + Paramount Pulls Trek App + more

Everyone seems to be talking about Apple’s new iPad this week, and it is the theme for a Great Links column. We have a photo of Data and Q holding one that is getting lots of interweb buzz. Plus LeVar Burton is tweeting about the iPad, and Rod Roddenberry says he wishes Apple called it the iPadd. Paramount has even got involved, pulling a much talked about Trek-themed iPad application. Get all the iPadTrek-ness below.



Spiner and deLancie check out an iPad

The game company NgMoco posted the following picture on their blog on Monday, and since then it has gone viral, appearing on gadget, sci-fi and gaming sites.

This seems familiar

An employee of Ngmoco brought an iPad over the Lightspeed booth at WonderCon over the weekend, and got John deLancie and Brent Spiner to check out their game We Rule.

Burton tweet-endorses iPad – Roddenberry thinks Apple should have named it iPadd

Although it isn’t clear if either Spiner or deLancie actually own an iPad, Star Trek The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton definitely picked one up, and seems to like it. One April 4th Burton tweeted "Been playin’ with the iPad for 3 hours straight… This thing is the shizznit!!!" And yesterday he still seemed to be loving it, tweeting "Two days in and this iPad continues to impress me!"

And yesterday Rod Roddenberry appeared on G4’s Attack of the Show to promote comic books and his new Trek Nation documentary, but he also showed off his new iPad, saying he wishes that Apple named it "iPadd". Watch it below

Paramount pulls Captains Log iPad app

In other Star Trek iPad news, the Captain’s Log iPad application (that made big news last week) has been removed from Apple’s iTunes store. Developer Pushy Pixels made the  announcement on their blog, saying:

The app “Captain’s Log” has been pulled due to alleged infringement according to Paramount Pictures.  While we believe we took proper measures to assure our work was original in design and layout, we are removing the app from sale.  We do not agree with Paramount, but we want to maintain a respectful relationship with Apple and keep things simple.  We’ll have more updates when available.

Here is a demo showing what you can’t have.

Picard unveils the iPad

Finally, one more Star Trek iPad item for you. Here is a Picard/Steve Jobs mashup video created by YouTuber mtrenik.




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Q and Data…look old…we are all getting I guess


That app that basically turns the iPad into a Padd is amazing! Paramount was just peeved they weren’t making any money off of it. I say look to see that app come back with an official Paramount seal of approval soon.

screw paramount… seriously. it’s like we’re trying to steal a little kids favorite toy … MINE! IT’S MINE!… c’mon guys, give us SOMETHING. i don’t even have an iPADD but that application looked awesome and wouldn’t mind having it for my iPhone…

god damn Paramount. They better bring it back. Canada should get the iPadd at the end of April… which is soon !

Considering how scratched up the screen of my cell phone looks, I’m terrified of getting an iPad! :P

You know that little APP would singlehandedly have ensured I WOULD have purchased an iPADD when it is released downunder. I was planning on buying the next generation but couldn’t have waited with a app like this available.

Thanks Apple and Parramum for saving me some money I suppose,

Strange. I downloaded the Captain’s Log before it was pulled, but it looks nothing like what is ib the demo video.

Apple needs to get Paramount to approve or even sponsor this app as it would be a huge hit with Trekkies..

I’m so tired of all of these companies getting pissy every second over some little thing they link to copyright infringement. Are they trying to alienate fans of their franchises and products?

I literally just threw a fit of rage with the iPad app. I was going to buy one today, but unless that app becomes available I will not be buying it (probably….maybe…possibly). That would be awesome and knowing that app is being held back will delay my purchase of an iPad. It always has to be the fans who get screwed when money comes into it. Paramount should have more important things to worry about.

#9–you proceed from a false assumption; these companies dont care about the fans, all they care about is profit; these companies are the ferengi of the real world.

I’ll say it again: Paramount, call Mike Okuda and get a really GOOD one of these things in the works! Make it interactive in all the same ways an actual LCARS interface from the show would’ve been! Make anyone who uses it feel like they’re holding a half-inch-thick slice of the 24th century!

As many qualms as I have about the iPad (some of which may be resolved in today’s OS 4.0 keynote), this would be pretty much guaranteed to tip me over the edge.

Well, Levar Burton Tweeted that he spent 3 hours straight in his iPad!

Of all the real world Treknology, the iPad is my most favorite.

I got to play with an iPad yesterday; it really can’t do anything I can do now with my laptop but danm, it’s a sexy piece of hardware. Smooth lines, nice ergonomics, and the software is beyond easy to use. Even though I don’t need it, I’ll probably buy one sooner rather than later, if only to have a place to put all those digital copies that came with my BluRays.

The day I own an iPad or any other Apple product other than an iPod is the day I start having a high opinion of William Shatner.

It truly frightens me how Apple is taking over the world, and the fact it seems to have an effect on both Trek actors and fans alike is making me question my sincerity of being a Trekkie.

Down with Apple!

I think Brent Spiner is a great actor I wish I had a Apple Ipad it looks very cool

Okuda designed App for these PADD like devices = WINNER

“alleged” infringement…haha, more like actual infringement. i’m sure Paramount will come out with one of their own that they can make money off of, and they have the right to do so.

#15, single most ridiculous statement I have ever read. Except the one that was more ridiculous. It really makes me question my sincerity of being a Trekkie, LMFAO!

#18, actually no. What does Paramount actually own a copyright on? The concept of a “Captain’s Log” is PD, the concept of a touch screen computing device has been around for decades. Unless the screen design exactly matches one used in a Star Trek episode, there’s no copyright infringement. Despite the somewhat unique design, you can’t copy an idea, so the fact it merely looks like a Star Trek design does not qualify. However, it arguably creates confusion in the marketplace, which is the main reason for copyright protection – to ensure someone can make money off their copyright. So yes allegedly, since it’s impossible to know how a court would rule on a case like this.

What is really unfortunate, and Hasbro recently did this with Scrabble on FaceBook, is that Paramount didn’t just cut a deal with the developers, either a buyout or a small percentage of sales. Instead they threaten a lawsuit. We’ll see how Paramount handles it, but Hasbro handled it badly. Hasbro only owns a copyright of the Scrabble gameboard design, not the underlying concepts which are in the PD. Scrabulous was designed to fill a void and demand that Hasbro ignored. It was an online networking version which design was too close to Hasbro’s copyright. Hasbro sued, had the game pulled, denying fans of the ability to play online, while they hastily designed their own replacement. After months of delay, they released their own game by EA, which was worse than Scrabulous and buggy. As a result, Scrabulous redesigned the gameboard with round spaces instead of square, and changed its name to Lexulous and still has more users than the official Scrabble version. And Hasbro generated tons of ill will in the process.

Good for Apple..for years after Gates STOLE the windows concept from apple founder many years ago….he’s been raping pc buyers for years. I say BRAVO to apple and I hope they bury Windows. Bill Gates need more money like God needs a press agent. Paramount, if they could, would sue anyone on the planet for using words like Kirk, Star, Trek, planet, stars, warp, etc. I think they have their lawers on the top of their payroll over CEO’s, actors, directors, etc. Paramount should rename themselves: Lawsuits R Us!

activating Apple iPadd

APPLE iPADD: Welcome, Mr. Tribbleton, to your new wonder of the world- me! The iPAD!

BND TEXT MESSAGE: Hello thar’ Mr. Jobs. I gots yer’ new iPadd but it gave me a jolt when I tried ta’ use me tongue on tha’ touch screen. Tastes like chicken, it does.

BND TEXT MESSAGE: Howdy Para-mount! I drew me own Captain’s App on me new iPadd! Come and try ta’ sue me pants oof’ cuz’ I ain’t wearin’ any!

BND EMAIL: Dear PlayGorn Magazine,
I am disgustipated by yer’ models! Awwwwwwk! Iffi’ I wanted ta’ see scaly green lasses frolickin’ on a dining table, I’d go visit me aunt and liquor her and her golden girls up! Cancel me subscription.
– Lord Tribbleton IV

BND WEB BROWSER: Connecting… connecting… connecting… Welcome to Totally Nude! As a long term member we now offer FREE downloads of PlayGorn Magazine…

BND TEXT MESSAGE: Thanks fur’ eatin’ me boat, Kraken! Ye’ bloody wankeroo! I’m comin’ fur’ ye’ and gunna’ put Prometheus fire ta’ BBQ ye’ gills! Hopes ye’ taste like chicken.

APPLE iPADD ERROR MESSAGE: Battery low… last message did not go through.

BND: Awwwwwwk! I gets but ten minutes on a full charge? I’ll just put this here cord from it in me mouth and… hmmmmm… maybe since me bom produces methane that’ll fuel it… well… here goes…

APPLE iPADD TEXT MESSAGE: 911… sailor down… send help. And disinfectant for me.

APPLE iPADD: (stealing BND’s wallet- making phone call) Hello, is this 1-800-ESCORTS? Good, I would like you to send over the raunchiest, reddest and biggest knobbed Etch-A-Sketch you have working for you.


@#15 It truly frightens me how Apple is taking over the world,

here’s something to really make your panties implode: CHINA
that should sufficiently scare you if you have a lick of sense.

I think i will get an ipad if the star trek app is brought back

@20 Michael – Take a break from drinking the Kool Aide dude.

Technology is evolutionary and good ideas have a way of getting duplicated. Your boy Steve did not invent the windows concept. Like Gates he stood on the shoulders of others…

#20, sounds like you’re describing Harlan Ellison, who would sue you for typing or using his name in conversation without permission if he could.

Typical Paramount, won’t licence products the fans want and then goes after those (fans) that make the product the fans want. Someone will write another version of this for “ilegal” downloading.

AP, your link to the ipad Oscar ad isn’t working anymore.

Dear #24. Check your history. Bill Gates was shown an early operating system of windows BEFORE APPLE took off as a company, he had the material in his hand, altered it just enough that the courts prevented Apple founder from sueing over rights infringement. I know the Gates nazi’s like to gloss over that fact, but go back and research the history of the windows operating system BEFORE Bill called it his own.

shame with the Trek App on he iPADD , I really could imagine being in the 24th Century. That would have been so awesome

Kubrick and Clarke envisioned this device years before in their 1968 film and novel 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the Discovery spacecraft sequences of that film, the astronauts are seen carrying and using flat portable device that later displayed a BBC interview. As described in the novel this device, called a Newspad, could display any type of visual or printed material.

This Apple vs Microsoft stuff is almost as enthralling as Xbox vs Ps3 owners…

Apparently, Apple will design the Enterprise for Starfleet. We saw that in the latest movie.

30 – that is very interesting… I still don’t fully get 2001. I’ve read the novel. I’ve read various explanations. But somewhere around the time he becomes an infant (fetus?) in space, my eyes glaze over and the meow mix song starts going through my head.

Oh, and yeah, Shatner looks better than either DeLancie or Spiner, and he’s what? 50 years older?

And what is the iPad for again?

#30 – Ah, but could you fly a starship with it? :) Well, of course the Newspad was wonderfully prescient, and a lot of us who design SF hardware have held the 2001 gear in high esteem. Just like the big flat screens and wrist communicators in Flash Gordon or Things to Come 30 or so years before that. “Welcome to the World of the Future!”

Just for the record, didn’t Xerox have a windows based GUI that predated both Apple’s and MS’s offerings by several years?

BTW, I was reading that in classic Apple fashion, the iPad doesn’t support Flash; that’s a big omission that could compromise the online experience as so many sites (some estimate as high as 98%) use Flash; Hulu being a major example.

Note to TPTB – make sure a true LCARS app comes out. Apple would benefit from the trekkie connection and Paramount would benefit from the added Trek advertisement.

#35, yes Xerox developed the GUI. Apple allowed Xerox to buy a large amount of Apple stock in exchange for letting Jobs and his team see the prototypes in their research facility in 1979, over the objections of Xerox’ development team. Xerox had no interest in developing their ideas and were happy to let Jobs borrow them in exchange for the extremely valuable Apple stock. Xerox brought their system to market in 1981 but quickly discontinued it following poor sales. Apple, on the other hand, developed all of their software and hardware from the ground up, based mostly on what they saw. Xerox did not give them anything. They first showed Bill Gates a demo of the Macintosh in 1981, and delivered a functional prototype a year later to develop software for it. The first Apple GUI was released in 1983, and a year after that Gates announced WIndows, but did not actually deliver it until two years after the Macintosh had been released.

So it’s pretty clear what happened. Apple gained legitimate access to the GUI system and developed it as a commercial product where Xerox was not interested. Microsoft took the idea from Apple without any compensation and implemented many of the features in Windows that made it unique to the Macintosh, which were also completely different from Xerox. Apple paid for Xerox’ idea and improved it for market, and Microsoft copied Apple’s GUI for the PC.

Paramount…if you have any brains, you’ll license an official Padd app.

Like many others, I woulkd almost buy an iPad for that app alone.

Well nothin new–gates did not invent msdos for the pc either-he was just a business at the right place n time when ibm was starting pcs–he just basically copied cpm,an 8 bit disk operating system for the new 16 bit ibm–n put his companies name ahead of it–ie microsoft dos or disk operating system—

#37 – BS. Gates took the same tour of PARC that Jobs got.

You ignore the fact that Apple is a TRUE monopoly. They control the hardware (built using kids in sweat shops in China) as well as the software. They can offer their own apps and lock out those they don’t want. They offer applications like iTunes that control the interfacing of 2 devices. They are free to bundle programs “i-this and i-that”, things MS can’t do without bringing down the DOJ.

I agree Simon. Good luck buying an Apple computer without all of the extra software that comes with it and makes it twice as expensive as its PC based counterpart.

The worst thing a PC comes bundled with nowadays is that cheap Microsoft Works, which thankfully doesn’t take up too much space and you can easily replace it with the better and free open office suite online.

The only reason why you need an Apple is if you’re into professional video and graphics or you’ve simply drank the kool-aid.

#40, yes he did a year later, but Gates did nothing with what he saw, nor did he compensate Xerox for any ideas he took (which is not so much his problem as Xerox’). Only after Apple showed up with the Mac did Microsoft do anything about it, the IBM PC debuted a year after Gates visited PARC and incorporated nothing from his visit. In the end, Windows looks like a MAC and not a Xerox STAR.

As for monopolies, you know nobody has to buy an Apple product. There are plenty of other options in the market to do what Apple products do. Also, Microsoft’s computer operating system still runs on something like 90% of the world’s computers – for over two-decades now! There are no other options because MS has conveniently forced file compatibility into a tiny framework of their liking. They built a very effective monopoly to the point that it poses a security risk.

And no one has to use any of Apple’s bundled products. Unlike Microsoft, Apple never made a single application integral to the operating system in order to stifle competition. If you want to use an iPod, you use iTunes, simple as that. If not, delete it. And Microsoft chose not to write Zune software for the Mac. If you want a Zune you have to buy a PC. How’s that for monopolizing?

As for the China sweatshop thing, well, nice unsubstantiated inflammatory diversionary tactic – every piece of hardware, including the MS branded stuff is produced in China now.

#41, Thanks for that tired overused cliche. And while Apple users may have been drinking the Kool-Aid, it ain’t nothing compared to the stuff Microsoft has been serving up for years.

#41 & 42 I run a company doing professional video and graphics and have no need for Apple’s small little view of the world in my business. My beastly self-built PC’s truly annihilate any Mac out there at half the cost and with a FAR better interface in Windows (when I’m running over 50+ things at a time I NEED the taskbar and not Mac’s rip-off attempt called Dock. Maybe a Mac would be tolerable to use if you’re doing like 1 or 2 things on a computer all day long and doing them EXACTLY the way King Jobs dictates you should, but otherwise don’t believe the hype – being in this industry I know countless people who use Mac’s and watching them use them makes all those Mac commercials and fanboys truly laughable.

But, this post it not about PC vs. Mac, it’s about the iPad. As someone in business I would LOVE to buy this device to bring it to presentations, but the reality is I can’t live in Steve Jobs tiny little world of single tasking and no Flash, USB or camera, so alas I will be waiting for something like HP’s Slate or M$ Courier or even the Adam, which looks amazing and is what the iPad really should have been.

And P.S. OSX, it’s 2010, please figure out fullscreen — my gawd. Once you master the brilliant interface of Windows there is just really no possible way to use the incredibly limited interface in OSX. Same goes for iPhone and it’s endless stream of icon pages. Give me my Blackberry anyday and let me use it how *I* want to use it.

Thank you.

Apples new iPad is absolutely a new techie breakthrough. The features and applications are simply great. Thanks for posting, keep it up.

Anyone know how I can contact the Light speed booth organizers?
I have a photo from Anihime wondercon 2010 and an autograph from Ilya Salkind the producer of Superman 1,2 and 3 that belongs to one of them.

Excellent post. I found what I was searching for. Do you mind if I post this on my website and provide you with credit? If not, it’s ok.