Ron Moore Interested In Creating New Star Trek TV Series

Before co-creating the revamped Battlestar Galactica (and the spin-off, Caprica), Ron Moore began his writing and producing career working on Star Trek (TNG & DS9). And in a new interview, Moore said that if given a chance, he would love to Trek again. 


Ron Moore on another Trek (and another BSG spin-off)

Den of Geek has an excellent extended interview with Ron Moore, mostly about Battlestar and Caprica, but they did get around to talking about Star Trek. First they asked how Trek influenced his work on BSG:

Does your work on the Star Trek series influence the way you approached Battlestar?

Yeah, working at Star Trek all those years really was the place that I learned the craft of television writing, in story, in plot, structure, and character. It taught me how to write and produce TV. When I came to Battlestar, I also decided I wanted to break all the rules that Star Trek had about how it did stories. From the beginning, we decided that if Star Trek did something, Battlestar was not going to do it and we would try to, in every way we could, make a different show than what Star Trek did.

And later asking if Moore would like to take a stab at his own Trek show:

If someone offered you a Star Trek series of your own, would you take it?

I’d seriously consider it. I think ,at the moment, the franchise is in good hands. JJ Abrams has a really good take on it, I thought the last movie was very good. I’m confident that he’s going to chart a direction for Star Trek for the foreseeable future.

Also, recently it was reported that Syfy was talking to Moore about another possible Battlestar spin-off. Moore briefly talked about this possibility:

If you were to make another spin-off, where do you think you would go with that?

It’s really hard to say. I think there are other periods in the Galactica universe that might be worth exploring, including events that happened. It really depends on how far we take Caprica.

Check out the full interview from much more from Ron.


POLL: Would you like to see a Ron Moore Star Trek series?

So far CBS has not expressed any interest in developing a new Star Trek TV series. However, if the Star Trek movies continue to be successful, it might not be too long before CBS wants to get in on the action. Moore joins other Trek vets who have said they would be interested in developing their own show, including Manny Coto, Roberto Orci and Bryan Fuller. So what do you think? Do you want Moore Trek?



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So long as he doesn’t make it a knock off of BSG I’m all for it. I think a fresh take on the Trek is due on the small screen.

Just don’t forget the optimism Ron, I know that isn’t your specialty.

Bring ST back to TV!

Given how well Moore developed BSG after all those years in ST, it would be interesting if he could develop ST based on what he learned from BSG.


My life is incomplete without a Star Trek TV series.


please give us new star trek tv shows! 3 years for just another movie is too long. If we have a new tv series it makes it easier to pass the time between movies. Of course then the summer break is difficult as well.

Its about time!

We need the TV fix to keep us going. Which ever version is may be, a TOS expansion of the 5 year voyage or Romulan war for ENT or Cpt Sulu and the Excelsior, give us something. I am not sure how a new version of the current film would be as it will be on TV as it will be running the same time as the theater version. What ever they do will boost the need for a STTE to be made in Vegas that much quicker.

I’m going with maybe here. I fear Ron will bring in a lot of Galactica elements just like JJ did with Trek09.

Not a fan of Ron Moore Trek, any more than i am of Bragga, so i vote no.

If anyone should be doing the tv series it should be JJ, since the old trek universe no longer exists.

Man, RDM as a Trek showrunner? I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Bring Manny Coto back and do season 5 of enterprise, it would be better than the JJverse and truer to Roddenberry.

skyjedi, you missunderstand how JJ explained it, his star trek is in an alternate time so old trek not only still exists but exists unchanged.
he specifically said by making it an alternate timeline he was leaving it open to do more episodes in the original trek universe timeline.
but please PLEASE JJ do not do an old trek timeline evil universt trek and new trek three way crossover, I think my head would explode ;)

Bless Ron Moore and keep him far from “Star Trek.” This is the guy who wrote “Generations.”

I like him but maybe new blood is needed now — somebody who has not worked on Trek already.

I vote someone else. But he is better than nothing!

Since Star Trek: Enterprise is the only series canon in both the prime time line and the J.J.-verse, I think a new series focusing on The Romulan War would make the most sense. I would treat it as Enterprise Season Five, but change the look and tone of the show to be character-driven, optimistic, and yes, dark. I say set it shortly after the final episode–say 2061, and delve into the Romulan Wars. I know it’s a popular idea to do so, but I would not bring Trip back. I would however use the amazing refit designs of NX-01 by Doug Drexler:
I say bring in Ron Moore and Manny Coto to do this… keep Fuller far away.

I would love to see Star Trek return to its original venue- television. Moore knows how to tell a good story, and that is the core of what Star Trek is in its best moments- good stories.

Dooooo iiiiiiiit!

#13 Yes, he wrote Generations–which was his first FEATURE FILM. If anything, Rick Berman should have realized the man needed a little more seasoning. Regardless, hearing him and his co-writer Braga talk about their mistakes and regrets on the Generations commentary made me much more forgiving–especially since they were pretty much forced to do a “passing the torch” movie by the studio -AND- had to write “All Good Things”, the two-hour series finale. Moore is a very good writer. His sins on Generations are absolved as his great work far outweighs his mediocre.

It’s counter-intuitive to say it, but aside from all his stellar Trek work, BSG is PROOF that he gets Trek more than virtually any other writer. Only with such a firm grasp of what drives Trek can one craft a show to rebel against it.

I would be delighted if this happens.

Those criticising Moore for Generations should realise that that movie was made with an unfeasable number of restrictions and pre-written events which had to transpire. Go watch “All Good Things” “First Contact” and “Family” for a few examples of why Moore is so damned perfect for the next Trek series.

And yes, as others have said, Trek’s natural home is television.

Two words: ROMULAN WAR

That would be the best thing to happen to Star Trek in 30 years. Moore genuinely loves TOS and SF in general, understands the Trek universe, and has a great feel for his characters and what stories are worth telling with them. I probably wouldn’t be happy with all of his creative decisions, just as I didn’t agree with everything he did on DS9 or Battlestar Galactica, but there’s no doubt in my mind that his take on Trek would be at minimum thoughtful, literate, and more worthy of the label than anything that’s been produced since 1968.

I’d like to see Moore do a series on the “Earth” that the 13th colony settled and see how that all evolved. I think it would be a good series. I want to see the final five in their glory days before everyone was nuked on Earth. ‘Course with the actors aging, might have to get new people to play them.

If they can’t get an entire TREK series going, maybe a few made for TV mini-series with an emphasis on other parts of the Star Trek universe or how about exploring Section 31 – get some good spy stuff going on. ??????

Most of the best Star Trek episodes were done by Moore. And what he did with Battlestar knocked me on my feet. Like Star Trek, Battlestar was a series you didn’t want to let go of when it was over, you grow to love the characters and care about them, the visuals were great, the story was great. Battlestar was dark and edgy, and although Star Trek is about an optimistic future it could be WAY TOO bubblegummy at times. Moore can give Star Trek an edge, make it feel powerful. I am sure two more Star Trek movies will come out before we see even a hint at a TV series….say….oh…. no earlier than 2015. Star Trek needs to gain its reputation and popularity back and the movies are the ones that need to prove that before a TV series will pick up. Moore has tremendous talent, and in 5 more years he will only have gained that much more, same with JJ. If the new Star Trek series was spearheaded by both “Team” Moore and “Team” Abrams, this trekker would have a geekgasm, and it just might end up being the best Star Trek series ever! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!

Again, I keep thinking about Section 31. Everyone likes a good spy story. I could even see if it is in the same time as Picard, Sisko, and Janeway and their crews, they could do some guest appearances. I think it could have all sorts of possibilities. I want to know more about Section 31. I wish I was smart enough to write some Sec 31 stories!

Not sure about Moore, but a new TV series? Definitely! Loved all of them. But let them make a few good movies first. :)

#26 VELDA: Exactly. For years I’ve been talking about a Section 31 series. Would be great.

As Worf would say, “Less talk!! More action!!” And I would say, okay we have the talking done, lets get the work going forward. I would love to see a new series say within 18 months.

will SHAT be involved? then I am for it


Would appreciate any new Star Trek if done well and with less violence and no wars. Those are all excellent writers.

And Star Trek Phase II is Star Trek.

No thank you. Star Trek should be a motion picture EVENT. You’re just going to water it down if you start another series.

I was only mildly interested in BSG, but RDM was really very (very) good on Trek. He’s got his ups and downs, of course, like any writer, but it would be hard to do better than him for the next Trek series.

Plus, he co-wrote “All Good Things…” which was the greatest piece of Star Trek fiction ever written. So I like him. :)

I like Ron Moore. He did great work on TNG and DS9, and if we’re going to bring up Generations, then let’s not forget First Contact, shall we? My only concern would be in the tone of the show. BSG is the anti-Trek and I really didn’t care for it – I found it a chore to watch a show that was so dreary and depressing. I know WHY he did it – he wanted to break all the rules that he felt hamstrung him on Trek, and the post-apocalyptic premise called out for it – but there is a reason Star Trek has endured so long, and that is its fundamentally optimistic vision of the future. I don’t think that means that the characters have to be boring perfect people, but it should at least be encouraging and, for the most part, fun to watch. This while, of course, bringing up meaningful issues – but that doesn’t mean it has to be pompous because this is all “very serious business”. Fortunately, I tend to believe Ron Moore understands this – he is, after all, a huge TOS fan.

I have some ideas, please let me help.

The Romulans look like us now.

Woah there, just look at how all these fans are so desperate for anything with “Star Trek” written on it to come on television…

Kudos to Mr. Moore, however, I like him.

Will !!!! LMAO!
So say we all.

Where “interested in” = “desperately wishes to”

remember that moore also wrote “first contact”.

as long as it is nothing like enterprise. going back before the original 5-year mission and before kirk was one of the dumbest ideas in trek history. i knew before the show even started that it was a bad idea and guess what? it became the first trek series to be cancelled other than TOS.


a post-nemesis series would be ideal. and for god’s sakes, no 7 of 9, t’pol, dr. phlox, lt. reed, ensign kim, icheb type of characters. get something original for once. you’re killing trek with these boring characters.


I would LOVE a Ron Moore Trek series! He’s hands down the best writer of the modern Trek era and anyone who doesn’t think he can do optimistic hasn’t seen the last 10 mins of BSG which in one fell swoop turned a brilliant but bleakly dark series into one of uplifting hope. Genius.

Uhm, NO.

He had a hit with BSG, but things fell apart quickly because he had no idea where to go with it. In the end, “God did it” and it turns out we’re all (yes us) Cylons.

I don’t like the contempt that he’s expressed for Trek’s optimism – sure, the shows could have been better and the characters (especially in the later shows) were a bit Pollyannish, but a defining characteristic of Gene’s vision was that our future involves the possibility that the world can be a better place and that we can be better people. Without that, it ain’t Trek.

Ron More can make Trek after Enterprise and have it during the Romulan wars. That would be kool.

I say use the new timeline, but use another ship, perhaps the alternate USS Defiant, or an all new one. Also, OK all major plot points with the Supreme Court of the new film.

No Moore Trek.

He did great on BSG, and I’m liking Caprica, but it’s time for the Trek veterans to permanently do something else.

New blood please.

I’d take a good Trek series over a movie every 3 years..

Keep Moore and prior Trek show alumni OUT OF IT ENTIRELY.

I don’t think CBS would have any interest whatsoever in another Trek show until AFTER the third Trek film is done and out on Blu-ray and DVD, if then even. But so as to not fall into the same traps, patterns, and humdrum pattern of storytelling in the prior modern Trek shows, new blood needs to be brought in or it will just be another in a line of post-TOS Trek series mistakes.

Of the list of names mentioned above, that would obviously leave Roberto Orci, or (and I realize this contradicts what I just said somewhat) Manny Coto, and that’s only because he only got involved with Trek about midway through the last TV series, “Enterprise,” and only worked as an Executive Producer on the show for its last season. I think he’s the one with the most potential and the best choice compared to the prior MT writers mentioned, and I would only like to see him there in an advisory role anyway, with an occasional script contribution once in a while perhaps, but that’s about it. Otherwise, keep those modern Trek writers out of the prospect of any new Trek show that may be discussed for the future.

I think he would make an excellent choice. He has a fine sense of logic and structure in his story writing….Generations excepted. I think he would be great.

No way not a return to the old!