Alexander Siddig Joins Cast Of UK Sci-Fi Show ‘Primeval’

Earlier today, UK network ITV announced that the critically-acclaimed sci-fi show Primeval will return in early 2011, and joining the cast will be Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s Alexander Siddig (Dr. Julian Bashir). Siddig can also be seen in the new movie Clash of the Titans. More details below.


Sid goes ‘Primeval’

As reported at, Alexander Siddig is one of three actors joining the cast for the fourth seasons (or series as they say in the UK) of Primeval, a sci-fi adventure series which follows a group of scientists as they track down and capture prehistoric and futuristic creatures that arrive in the present through temporal anomalies. Siddig will play Philip Burton, a charismatic scientist who owns (partly) and operates the Anomaly Research Centre. Primeval will mark Siddig’s first series as a regular cast member since Deep Space Nine ended in 1999.

ITV reports that the premieres of Primeval‘s fourth and fifth series (seasons) will be split between ITV1 and UKTV’s new entertainment pay TV channel, Watch. Series 4, with Siddig in the cast, will premiere on channel ITV1 early in 2011 while Series 5 will premiere on Watch later that year. ITV1 will then broadcast Series 5 at a later time. It is unknown if Siddig will be involved in both series. Primeval also airs on BBC America, but no word yet on when Sid’s first episode will air in the US.

To get an idea what the show is about, here is a trailer for the show from season three


Sid in Titans and Cairo Time

If, however, you cannot wait until 2011 to see Sid in action, you can currently catch him as Hermes in the blockbuster movie Clash of the Titans, which opened in theaters last weekend. Check out Sid in the trailer (unsure if this is true)

And Sid stars across Patricia Clarkson in the indie romance Cairo Time. The film was released in Canada last year and is doing the film festival circuit in search of distribution (it is showing at the San Francisco Film Festival April 28th). More info at the official site. Here is the trailer.

To keep up with all things Sid, visit his official site


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Congrats to him, hope it all goes well for him.

He was excellent in Syriana. (sp?)

Primevil is kinda cool, but it sorely needs a bigger cgi budget. It looks like a serialized version of SyFy’s weekly Monster Snake Theatre. Anyway, I’m sure Alex’s face will liven up the monsters’ misbehavior.

And Technically, BBC-A has aired all 3 series of Primeval. They combined series’ 1 and 2 and ran them as one season and then ran series 3 as season 2.

One of the best (and completely under-rated)
actors throughout the Trek franchise.

I remember him in tke last season’s baseball episode, uttering the phrase: “so when is this clash of titans?” :)

Q – dead on… under-rated hardly describes it… Saddig’s presence on the screen (big or small) has always captivated me (at least after the first couple seasons of DS9).

I am surprised no one has mentioned his quick cameo in “Clash of the Titans.” He played Hermes and was almost unrecognizable able until I heard his voice in the movie.

Dont recall seeing him in Clash, he is credited on IMDB though so I either just missed him or his scene was cut, he supposedly played Hermes.

Oh and congratulations to him, he’s an awesome actor and i liked him in DS9!

He was in Clash for less than a minute. I didn’t know he was going to be in it at all so I was so happy when I saw him. I probably pissed people off though. “IT’S JULIAN!!!!”

He had a great rapport with colm meaney in ds9–and did a great job with his doctors story arc of him basically being a augment aka kahn genetically superior–hell basically hes way too talented for the primeval show heheh

“Critically acclaimed”? Primeval? Shurely shome mishtake.

It is big dumb fun, though. And since they’ve moved production to Ireland, I’ll be happily playing ‘spot the local landmark pretending to be in London’.

I just saw Clash of the Titans last night, its a film that looks good but felt missed out on the story so I did not think ti was great. And completely pointles putting it into 3D.

THere was one shot I thought I saw Alexander Siddig, turned out I was right when I saw his name on the end credits. It was such a small part, which is always a shame since he is a good actor.

This is awesome. Primeval is fantastic (surely no mistake, and no h either) and Alexander Siddig made DS9 twice as good for me. Brilliant news!

I’m so happy he is back working regular in a TV series. I always enjoyed primevil. But I agree he is so under used. I loved him as Dr. Bashir. And he and Ezri Dax finaly got together! He’s had a lot of ill luck with women. As Bashir. So in short he got the girl in DS9 and is back to work in Primevil. Nice guys may finish last. But the best is always last! Good luck Alex! You are so deserving.

Much involving the Gods was cut form Clash of the Titans. Quite unfortunately.

Love Primevil, he’ll make a great addition to the cast.

I should have mentioned that his appearance in Titans was very brief. Sorry, guys. And sorry to anyone who went out to see the movie because this article made you believe he had a decent-sized role.

He was great in “Kingdom of Heaven” as well. He also played the relatively small part of Gideon the angel in “The Nativity Story.”

He’s such a great actor and definitely deserves more starring roles. I really hope the middle eastern stigma isn’t hurting his career…

Wonder if he ever see’s his son he fathered when he was with Nana Visitor?

Great news! I am a massive Primeval fan and I am glad ITV is bringing it back. Dr. Bashir was always my favorite character on Deep Space Nine. My husband and I will probably see Clash of the Titans this weekend. I didn’t know he was in the film. I will be on the look out for Hermes.

I always liked him, and thought he did a great job on DS9 (my favorite of all the spinoffs, btw).

I’m reminded how confused I was when he changed his name. He began the show as Siddig el Fadil, then around season 3 or 4 he was suddenly Alexander Siddig.

I loved series 1 & 2 of Primeval but hated series 3. I didn’t like the direction the show went, or the cast changes. I’ll check it out when it hits these shores, which sounds like a while away.

Saw Clash of the Titans the other night. Forgot about Sid. Saw Sid in credits.

Wailed to whatever deity that was listening demanding why a movie featuring a half-Terminator, a Bond girl, a Bond villain, Dr. Bashir, a Jedi, and friggin Voldemort was so mediocre. ARRGH.

He was superb in a film called Cairo Time, not that anybody from this site would have seen it!

24. Harry Ballz — US Trekkies will be able to see Cairo Time when it opens on August 6th. ftr, the movie is mentioned at the end of the article, with a trailer.

@24: I didn’t see it, but I read that he got rave reviews for it. A belated Bravo is in order, I think!


Charles, thanks for clearing that up.

Good actor, but that pic looks like a mug shot from Smoking Gun’s Hollywood B-list……….sheesh. I hope that’s a studio character shot, and not his DUI booking photo from Vale, CO. LOL.

I thought he kinda resembled Robert Downey Jr.
(maybe a little…?)

I’m reminded of reading David Ansen’s review of “Syriana” in 2005, where Ansen wrote of Siddig, “an actor to watch” — as if the guy hadn’t been acting his heart out every week on DS9 for several seasons. Made me laugh. Poor sequestered movie critics. Go Sid!

Scott B. out.

‘Saw “Clash” today and Alexander – he’s got one line
and on screen for 10 seconds…at the most.
Fantastic movie by the way, I enjoyed it very much
in 3-D. Sam Worthington is now enjoying his 3rd
megahit movie (Terminator 4; Salvation, Avatar, and
now Clash of the Titans).

@ 31

Terminator Salvation was a flop.

I bet Siddig gave a better performance in his ten seconds than Worthington gave for the entire movie.


I wouldn’t call Terminator Salvation a megahit, since it flopped at the box office. It cost $200 million to produce, another $200 million to market and distribute, and it only made $372 million worldwide. And the studio only gets about 60% of that, so Warner Bros. will be lucky if they even go $225 million out of it. At last check, the movie still hadn’t recouped its marketing costs.

As for Clash of the Titans, that cannot yet be deemed a hit — let alone a megahit — since it must reach at least $420 million at the box office to recoup its budget and marketing/distribution costs. As of right now, the movie only has $229 million worldwide. The likelihood of it reach $400 million is not low, but its not too great. Given how poorly the movie has been received, particularly the god-awful 3D version, it’s not very likely to make much more than it has now.

Avatar is the only one of Worthington’s films that is a hit, but, of course, that movie’s success had nothing to do with him.

Sid gave me chills in Syriana. Great chemistry with Colm Meaney in DS9; that was the main reason I tuned in.
He’s up there near Connor Trinneer in one of the most under-used talents in the biz.

I can’t believe it’s Sid in Clash of the Titans film how wonderful!! I luv that guy he is an amazing actor. Sid suits any different acting roles in different genres in films. Don’t you all agree? One minute his in a sci – fi film next he stars in a romantic movie after that action film thus; a character role in a theatre. Sid you are one of most special and gifted person I hope everything goes well for you.