‘Star Trek Live’ Stage Show To Premiere at Kennedy Space Center + Star Trek: The Exhibition Headed To Sacramento & Louisville

If you like to experience your Star Trek in a live environment, there is some good news. First up, it has been announced that the first "Star Trek Live" stage shows will be held at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Plus, Star Trek The Exhibition have is headed to museums in Louisville, KY and Sacramento, CA. More details below

‘Star Trek Live’ stage show to premiere at Kennedy Space Center

Last year CBS announced they had partnered up with Mad Science®, a creator of ‘science experiences’, to put together an education and entertaining Star Trek themed live stage show called "Star Trek Live: Starfleet Academy". And now it has been announced the premiere of the show will be in June at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. USA Today has the following description

…a new stage show that melds special effects, space technology and audience interaction. The half-hour production from CBS Consumer Products and Mad Science Productions is based on the TV series-turned-film phenom and is due to open June 11. The audience will play cadets at Starfleet Academy learning to live and work in space. Then — oops! — come problems involving a threat from a Romulan. The audience, with the assistance of a Vulcan, must work together to avert the threat. Clips from the 2009 Star Trek movie will add to the experience.

Five performances are scheduled daily at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and are included in admission ($38, adults; $28, children 3-11, plus tax. Younger children enter free). For more check out the original press release, and the marketing brochure (via madscience.org):

Star Trek Live marketing brochure (click to enlarge)

Star Trek: The Exhibition headed to Sacramento and Louisville

‘Star Trek: The Exhibition’, the traveling exhibit of Star Trek props, costumes, memorabilia and replicas, has been moving from museum to museum in the US for the last couple of years. And they are on the move again. TrekMovie has confirmed the next two stops.


The engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition currently housed at the Tech Museum in San Jose (closing this Sunday, April 11th), is moving to the Aerospace Museum of California in Sacramento, CA. This engagement has a replica of the original series bridge as the center-piece. The exhibit will open May 28th and run until January 5th, 2011. Ticket price has been set at $16 (with discounts for seniors, students, children, military and museum members), with an additional charge if you want to ride the Star Trek shuttle simulator. The Star Trek ticket also covers admission to the museum, which has over 40 aircraft on display, plus more aeronautic and space exhibits.  For more info visit aerospacemuseumofcalifornia.org.


And in January 2011 Star Trek: The Exhibition will open at the Louisville Science Center in Louisville, KY. The show will run from January 2011 until May 2011. This engagement (which was most recently being shown in Hollywood, CA) will include the replica of the Enterprise-D bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Additional details and pricing is currently being worked out, so look for a future update for more. 

More info on the exhibit at startrekexhibition.com. Here is a video of the engagement currently at The Tech.


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first- only live 1hr 30 minutes from Kennedy Space Center

It’s been a while, so I have to ask: is this exhibition EVER coming to the east cost to, say, New York?

Cool, was hoping the Exibition would come somewhere close enough I could make the drive. Still a bit of a distance but looks like just shortly over a two hour drive…not too bad! :)

Mikey1091, the Exhibition was in Philadelphia from May through September of last year, at the Franklin Institute. That was the one with the Enterprise-D bridge replica. I wanted the TOS bridge, but the other was a lot of fun, too.

they keep sending the exhibition to all these cities, but you’d think it would come to a main city…and for goodness sake, it’s been in san jose, it doesn’t need to go to sacramento or anywhere else on the west coast. Come on…Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Indianapolis – somewhere in this area is where it should be going.

Also this Star Trek live show kind of sounds like Borg Invasion 4D from the ol’ Experience.

When is this coming to the Midwest??? Minneapolis – St. Paul, Chicago, etc.??? C’mon!

They need to take the exhibition abroad, and bring it over to Europe and other areas of the world. Star Trek is a world “phenomenon”, and should not be limited to being experienced only by US citizens.

I agree there seems to be too many exhibition sites in calif–but oregon n wash state need it too-seattle has a lil museum called the scifi museum–it needs to play here plus more east coast sites–oh well–at least i have me happy vegas trek experience memories heheh

What about the UK?

There are trekkies in the UK you know?

Fill out this form if you want it to come to your city!!


Hmm… “Experience Star Trek as you never have before – live and in person”… So Star Trek the Experience didn’t exist for eleven years?

Only in an alternate reality, Vernon.

I didn’t expect it for a decade or more but am now shock and awed that it’s coming to Kentucky! Thought I’d have to got to Cincinnati first to see it. Can’t wait!

ooh! ooh! ooh! I wanna go!!! xD

When are these star trek people either at the exhibition experience or this new science thing going to get WE DONT WANT TO PAY ALMOST 40 BUCKS! In this economy for static exhibits, it is ridiculous, this science thing will fail, because how could one afford a mom, dad, and two kids at those prices?

@9: Nemesis4909


All we get is that muppet whos’ flat he has redecorated as the USS Voyager!!!

haha Vernon maybe we all imagined the vegas trek experience? Or maybe we were in a jj inspired alternate universe-yeh thats the ticket–
I agree its a bit pricey for single parent families n the uk should have a seperate touring show all its own–not fair-

Sweet! I Can’t Wait.

I realize it was in philidelphia, but thats almost a four hour drive for me. I’m driving for four hours for a day of fun, and possibly an overnight stay at a hotel. I’ll do that for the yearly NJ Trek convention cuz its a 2 hour drive, but not for something where I gotta sit behind the wheel of a car for four hours. Two hours I can understand but four is too much. Come to NYC so I at least can take the damn train in or something instead of staying in mostly California. You’re pissing a lot of fans off by doing that, except for the ones on the west coast!

=cough= Minneapolis was supposed to be the second stop last year! =cough=

Frankly, I saw the Trek Experience in San Jose, CA and it was a huge disappointment. The TOS bridge model (the only one there) was extremely poorly built (inaccurate) and missing key features like Spock’s scanner. The “original” props were few and far between and supplemented with replicas. All in all, you could spend 30-45 mins in the exhibit and that was it. Not worth more than a hours drive.Ma

BND visits Starry Trek LIVE!…

CHORUS: ONE! singularity sensation
Every little warp he makes
ONE! thrilling Borg assimilation
Every impulse move he makes
One snarl from Worf and everything that he does
You know you’ll be bat’lethed today for fun!
Sigh… Oh, give the Borg Queen your attention
And you will forget to futilely resist
For that girl is not second best
Toooooooo noooooooooo-ONE!

BND: Awwwwwwwwwk! Thar’ be no high kickin’ in Starry Trek!

ODO: The Phaaaaaaaaantom of the Space Station
Resides in a liquidy bind…

BND: Oh, me great link failed me nows! I gotta’ go throttle AP fur’ havin’ me see this here Starry Trek muocous-al.

TREKMOVIE.COM: BND has no idea where he ever is. He merely attended a “Star Trek meets Broadway” show in Albequerque.

BND: I wants me money back!

YELLOW JELLO BRAIN: No! You gambled 40 quatloos fair and square this would be a good show.

(BND peeks behind stage door)

SISKO: Oooooooooo-do-homo, where the men fall upon their dairie-air!

ODO: Benjamin, I am not… well… into men… I like the Major!

SISKO: But I grew this goatie just for you!

BND: Awwwwwwwwk! This should close aftar’ openin’ night.

SISKO: I’d like an opening night. Hey, sailor, how you doin’?

BND: How can yous flee from a man called “Hawk?”


T2 said, “Cincinnati, Indianapolis – somewhere in this area is where it should be going.”

That’s right — and Louisville is just two hours away from either city. Our science center is making a big push to bring in more visitors — the Titanic exhibit was quite successful for them and Trek, along with Sesame Street and Narnia, are the follow-up attractions.

If Louisville is only two hours away, it could be worth the trek…pun intended.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KY gets Star Trek

I’ve been to the Aerospace Museum in Sacramento. I’m surprised they would have room for this indoors. They will probably have to clear out half of their main floor. They do have some good vintage aircraft they actually let you climb aboard outside.

This reminds me of the “Star Trek Adventure” they used to have at Universal Studios in Hollywood. They’d take audience members, dress them up as Starfleet officers, Klingons, or other aliens, then have them run through some scenes on actual sets they’d built (bridge, engineering, transporter room, alien planet). Then they’d insert that footage into a short film that features clips from Trek II and Trek III to create a “new” story. It was fun to watch them go through the process, though the final product was hugely dependent on the performances and attitudes of the audience members picked to play.

(They had a similar feature at Universal Studios in Florida for a time, but it was pretty much just you in a costume in front of a green screen, and then spliced into film footage. Not nearly as cool as the one in Hollywood.)

If it’s still there when we head to Florida later this year, I’ll have to convince the Mrs. to go and check it out.
This sounds like it could be fun, too.

# 5 said: “they keep sending the exhibition to all these cities, but you’d think it would come to a main city…and for goodness sake, it’s been in San Jose, it doesn’t need to go to Sacramento or anywhere else on the west coast. Come on…Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Indianapolis – somewhere in this area is where it should be going”

A main city??? While I realize Chicago is a main city, please don’t try to convince me that Indy, Cincy or Milwaukee is more of a “main city” then San Jose or Sacramento. LOL

Re: #27 – I did the ST Experience at Universal Studios Florida way back in 1991 or 2. It was a blast — easily the most fun thing we did in the park. It is long gone now however. I’m not sure it was ever much of a money-maker for them (you had to pay an extra $35 or $45 to do it, but you received a VHS tape of your performance). It was loads of fun getting to be the captain of the Enterprise and interact with the original cast … and a Klingon bad guy who must have gone to the WWE School of Broad Acting.

As for the Exhibition, I won’t be satisfied until they book it in my back yard! I don’t want to have to drive to see anything! ;-)

Scott B. out.

@22: What are you, nuts? TOS miniskirts were MADE for high kickin’!

#28… I’ve never heard of the San Jose 500, and Sacramento isn’t hosting the 2012 Superbowl… Yes, Indianapolis is a major convention city. Adjust your perceptions.

31. Well, at least you didn’t try to defend Cincy and Milwaukee. OK, I will give Indy its due.

How bout them Saints!

Only new movie.

Why not also include stuff from the TV shows and the past ten movies.

God is everything we love being forgotten because of this one movie.

Woot the TOS bridge version is coming to Sactown!