Check Out Previews For No Budget Star Trek 2009 Spoof

A group of film makers in the UK are making a parody of the 2009 Star Trek movie, but they are doing it with no budget. Using friends for cast, found items for props, and redressing their flats for sets, they shot and are now editing their own ‘sweded’ Star Trek spoof. Check out the preview trailer and behind the scenes videos below



‘Sweded’ Star Trek

To ‘swede’ a movie is to make an amateur version of a film or scenes from a film with little or no budget. The term comes from the 2008 Jack Black/Mos Def comedy Be Kind Rewind, where two guys restock a video store with their own versions of films. And in the last couple of years ‘sweding’ movies has become a popular new Internet pastime, with many films being sweded, like Die Hard, Terminator 2, Star Wars and many more. There is even a website dedicated to it ( The Push It Films guys from the UK got their Sweded The Dark Knight shortlisted for a 2009 Empire Award. For their next project, they chose the 2009 Star Trek movie. Here is the trailer:

Behind the Scenes

Push It Films has also produced three behind the scenes videos  

Blog 1 – Pre-production and first shots

Blog 2 – Building the Enterprise

Building the bridge – casting

The Push It Films Star Trek spoof is currently being finished and they say it is ‘coming soon’. TrekMovie will do an update when it is released.


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Pretty awesome, nero’s face! haha

Holy cow. Better than the real thing!

“Something CGI can’t create — Awesomeness!”


Watching this makes me nostalgic for model-based vfx. Even the Titan shot (shot with powder and a blow dryer) looked pretty good! CGI particle effects never look right to me…

Awesome! But… where’s Uhura?

Well, that’s time I’ll never get back.

This sounds like fun, and it reminds me of how much Gene Roddenberry and his talented cast and crew were able to do with such a small budget when they created the original series!

Lol. Looks pretty funny.
“Scotty, we need more explosions!” LMAO

From lead to gold. Fantastic stuff.

do it
build it
hour after hour
after hour
after hour

I thought that was brilliant. Good stuff guys.

Dude that new enterprise is SWEET! lol

#5 – I’d like to acquaint you with something. While the video is playing, you’ll see two parallel, vertical lines on the bottom left-hand corner, something like ||. This is called the pause button. Instead of bellyaching about the time you’re never going to get back, why not press this, and browse somewhere else. It’ll save you having to use the 34 muscles in your pair of hands on something so pointless as giving out about something.

I, for one, look forward to seeing this. Sure, it’ll probably be cringeworthy. Though they do seem to have Nero down pat. I can’t imagine it was actually all that cheap putting everything together – you could probably have gone out and bought a model of the Enterprise for the time and money it took to make one from scratch, but it still looks better than the one they used in the final movie. Hopefully it’s funny anyway. Can’t wait to see it.

This is hilarious, and could be educational for kids. And Steven Seller even has a homemade JJ Abrams look going!

Love the take-off on Nero’s Americanized accent.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Their ability to capture the “feel” of the particularly scenes is AMAZING.

Great fun… loved the editing of the blogs!
Wish i had time on my hands to produce something like this – looks like a real good laugh!

This should be fun(ny)!

2. Agreed, not that that was a bar too high to achieve.

Very funny! :D Looking forward to the rest.

#2, #17- *Rolling eyes* You two should get together and show JJ and crew how it should be done- Hey wait! Here is your opportunity! What’s that they say, Put up or……

There’s no need for such vapid nonsense. I never said ST09 was without merit. I did a review of it once and I was a lot more open minded about it than most people.

Worthwhile if only to hear the snippet of the Enigma Variations at the end. And their bridge looks very fine indeed.

C.S. Lewis

#11-I would agree with you, but I think they totally messed up the nacelles!!!! OMG!

why parodies honestly I think this just poking fun of Star Trek 09 I think the real thing is better in my opinion

but I think this will be fun to see how they recreate Star Trek 09

No budget? No problem. Shoot it in a brewery.

How were they able to do a Star Trek 2009 Spoof that’s incredible, but how did they get them to really create the scenes and characters wonder is there Bones, and Kirk and Spock in the spoof

I’ve looked at this a few times today and every time it makes me laugh!

Looks good! I love a good spoof!

The most important step: reduce your countless hours of work and heartbreak to a witty :27. (Less, if you don’t count the title cards.)

Well done, men. Well done.

it does look good Nero is funny


Star trek paradys have been around since star trek. Mad Magazine. Which I read as a kid. Did some out standind trek satire. Check out mystartrekscrapebook. For more trek parady. I can’t wait to see this 0 budjet wonder looking for more laughs! Saw trailer! Never analize or question satires just laugh along and have fun with it!

wow, these guys were incredibly charming and i’d say pretty talented. They managed to strip out all the interesting and unique characteristics from the movie and replicate them, like Nero’s voice, the white and blue look of the film and the scale. will watch the whole thing when it’s out.

they do a great job wonder what they thought of JJ Abrams Star Trek maybe they were inspired and liked the film to make a parody of it what you think?

Losira it is incredible isn’t it

With no budget how were they able to recreate Star Trek 09 that’s amazing videos how they did everything well done guys looking forward to it finished.

I do like the mind meld shot at 00:15 where “Spock” really jabs “Kirk” in the face with his fingers rather than the light touch Spock gave in the movie.

yes that’s awesome do you think this parody is better than the real thing.

Thomas the guy playing Kirk is he famous or are the actors amateurs just wondering

WOW Watching the first Blog Video, hearing Mike Gs Awesome Enterprise theme movie score while the aluminum foil starfleet symbol and paper plate enterprise are there really contrasts the difference that Professionals make…..the Music is only about a billion billion times better than the images hahaah….

JJ Come Back!! All is forgiven! We luv ya! Hehehe

Budget or no budget? I vote BUDGET heheh

Looking at the comments, a lot of people seem to miss the point. And it was a point that was made clearly in the blogs. While previous “swedes” have been tributes, this is a parody. And in it’s own way, that is also a tribute. These guys might be “extracting the urine” to a certain extent, but they’ve put a lot of detail into their piss-take. These people are fans. You can tell. They’re not out to blight the name of Star Trek. Take it as it comes. They’re doing a better job than a lot of Star Trek parodies I’ve seen to date, and I’m yet to see the finished product, so I’m just basing my opinion on the wee blogs that I’ve seen up here.

It’s like they’ve seen the comments on this blog (the “more lens flares” or “make the nacelles just a bit bigger” or “more swooping, cut-away camera moves to make a nice edit”) and just exaggerated it. Anyone who wasn’t a fan wouldn’t spend so much time on the little details that gets in the craw of us, the real fans, who loved the movie, but still poke holes at the little foibles. These folks aren’t out to make money. They’re out to entertain. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be free to view on YouTube. Think of it as the antithesis to Crowley’s Phase II. Not a criticism of either, just to make myself clear.

Anthony, please keep us up to date on this project As a fan of Star Trek, I don’t take offence at this like a lot of fans seem to, and it made me laugh. I’m certain there are others out there who are not going to analyse and pick holes in what is just a labour of love for the sake of letting a few nerds have a laugh.

I like this project. I’m sure they are learning a lot and will go on to make original material. I do object to the statement “no budget” and “we are making this for no money” since the clearly spent some. They even show the 99 pence store in the video. Still, very good work, guys.

I think this is funny and exciting looks good

ROFL, looking forward to this! :D

Would LOVE to see this when it is finished.

haha fantastic can’t wait to see it :O)

I will watch this of course! Looks funny and it has a unique quality to it for a no budget affair.

British people are funny.

Scott B. out.

38. startrekkie

I don’t really know. I’ve never heard of these guys until I saw this article.

This looks so great; I can’t wait to see the finished product!

I simply can’t wait for this film. The look on “Pike”‘s face cracked me up…I just think it’s going to be a riot from beginning to end.