Star Trek II, III, IV & First Contact Now On Netflix Instant Streaming

Star Trek movies have taken another step into the world of online streaming. In February Star Trek Generations was made available on Hulu . And now four more Star Trek movies have been made available via Netflix streaming.


Streaming Star Trek Movies

The DVD rental service has every single Star Trek movie or TV series DVD or Blu-ray that has been released, but just today they added four Star Trek movies to their instant streaming video service:

  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • Star Trek: First Contact

Movies with ‘Play’ button can be watched via streaming

You have to be a Netflix subscriber to watch. Rate plans with unlimited start at $8.99/month which includes DVD rental (go to for more). Streaming video can be watched on computers or via Netflix ready devices (like Tivo, gaming consoles, and some TV’s and Blu-ray players). And just last week they released a free iPad application.

We are still a ways away from instant access to any Star Trek movie or TV show available on any device anywhere in the world, but it is a step. Hopefully more Trek films (and TV) will be added to Netflix (and other streaming sources) in the future.

(h/t to our friends at Geeks of Doom)



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Thats great ! More mainstream exposure of these classic Trek Films.

Question…. Are these streams in HD ? I’m just curious.

HDNet Has been showing the Star Trek Movies… Last week, Monday was TMP and Wed was Wrath of Khan. Next Monday is Search for Spock and Wed The Voyage Home. Im assuming they will be showing all 6. Not sure if they will go beyond 6.

Fantastic. Even better of they skip #5.

Star Trek 5 Needs to have the Fx remastered like they did in the Motion Picture. Then it will be a good movie.

#4 an FX remastering and about 30-40 minutes cut from it, and it would be ok.

If we can get a Donner Cut of Superman II, we can get a remastered FX version of The Final Frontier. Or maby James Cawley should get the people who do the FX for his show to do it.

Mr. Cawley?

THAT is a good idea Kent. Too bad it will probably never happen, because I’d actually PAY to see it.

Awesome! I have II and IV on DVD, but I never had a reliable place to watch III or FC until now. (Is that a Blu-Ray copy of FC on my harddrive? *runs from the web police*) Thanks for the heads up!

Paramount needs to wake up and smell the saurian brandy. Trek = MONEY. They need to keep high-quality product coming.


love love love The Voyage Home!!! <3

yay for Star Trek!!! who agrees? can I get am amen?! lol

I dunno if anyone noticed, but the movies dont appear in any browsed results or in any suggestion pages, but rather only on a direct search of STAR TREK…

I know someone close to the situation, and they report the possibility of certain stipulations in the use contract Netflix secured with content providers recently. Namely, that Netflix was to take certain actions to limit the number of subscribers exposed to the new content.

If anyone was interested.

You know, I was watching HD season 1 TOS through instant Netflix, and they pulled it out of my queue and suddenly it was disk only…

All four movies are in HD. Added them to my queue and confirmed through Xbox. I have First Contact playing in the background right now. :)

Eh…already own them.

Its funny how they skipped TMP cause, well most of us just don’t care, lol. I actually rented TWOK on Bluray the other day from netflix and not gonna lie, it was a waste. Ended up looking just about the same as the normal DVD did on my HDTV. Cool that they have the trilogy streaming now, though. And #4, I agree. I guess Shatner was willing to front a bunch of the money to remaster it on the special edition DVD but Paramount said no. I think the movie would greatly benefit from what would be now somewhat cheap CG. That and maybe somehow changing the deck numbers in the turbolift scene, lol. I’m still annoyed by the fact that they’re reversed and way too many. Maybe if 5 had decent effects people would actually have less of a problem with the movie cause I actually like it somewhat.

They only skipped TMP ’cause the REAL version of it isn’t on BluRay still.

( I’m talking about the Director’s edition naturally )

Until that version gets on BluRay I don’t see what the big freakin’ deal is w/ BluRay.

Also no rush to get NetFlix or any other service like that ’till they also get the REAL version of TMP.

So I’ll stick w/ my wonderful DVD of the REAL version of TMP.

13: “All four movies are in HD. Added them to my queue and confirmed through Xbox. I have First Contact playing in the background right now. :)”

I stream Netflix on a Halo edition Xbox 360. I also stream it in my kitchen on a Roku player, and I much prefer the Roku. Will never again purchase Xbox. I had to send it back for warranty repair due to overheating hardware, and the “fixed” one is starting to sound like a jet engine again, which it did previously before failing. And I hate the sound of the movie competing with the sound of the Xbox trying to cool itself.

The Roku is a tiny little box that is utterly silent and presents in HD. It doesn’t have the menu variety of Netflix on the Xbox, but it does also access Amazon On Demand for instant streaming of new release movies that are not accessible on Netflix instant streaming.

Bought all of ’em. Don’t need NetFlix.

14 & 18. But the people who don’t NEED to! :)

awesome. though i own all of these but first contact on dvd.

Excellent! I’ll have to watch these on Netflix soon. Netflix is an excellent service..I’d rather pay $10 a month for it and have access to GREAT films, tv shows, docs, etc. then crap on cable for $60 a month.

Honestly, I’d rather the TV shows get streamed. I already have all 11 movies. Even now, all the season box sets for all the shows exceed my budget, and the price range of comparable season box sets for most other shows. My girlfriend and I were Netflixing TOS-R on SD DVD for a while, and we just started doing DS9 so we could watch season 1 for the first time in about 17 years (I mostly happened to catch the later seasons on Spike). It would be so much easier to own them though.

There’s more to watch on Netflix besides Star Trek.

dmduncan: There’s more to watch on Netflix besides Star Trek.

Really? What clued you in? Could it be, perhaps the 20 or so movies /tv shows on the front page after logging in? But yeah, you’re right. And I do use Netflix to watch and/or rent things other than Star Trek.

Figues, when i put my netflix on hold for a month to “watch star trek” on my own dvd’s it comes out on netflix streaming :) I LOVE NETFLIX

This is great news. I don’t have III so I can re-watch the good parts on NF. Now they need to put on V, since that is one I would never watch unless it was essentially free.

Farscape and Firefly are also available as instant downloads on Netflix, I just discovered. X Files (series) is also beginning to show up.

4 stars only on Serenity???

Anyone know why they’re not on instant Netflix anymore?!?

Wondering the same thing!