New ‘LCARS’ iPad Application Released

If you want your new Apple iPad to really feel like a Star Trek PADD, you are going to need a Star Trek style LCARS interface. Earlier this week we reported that the much talked about "Captain’s Log" iPad application was pulled from Apple’s iTunes. Now this weekend a new Star Trek-ish application has been released called the "LCARS Internet Media Reader". Check it out below.



Turn your iPad into a LCARS PADD

First a correction. In the article earlier this week reporting on the removed "Captain’s Log" application, TrekMovie showed a video of an Apple iPad running an application with a Star Trek style LCARS interface. It turns out that video was not for "Captain’s Log" but was a beta version of "CommPADD", now called "LCARS Internet Media Reader", which was released this weekend. The LCARS Internet Media Reader is similar, but not the same as the pulled "Captain’s Log" application. The "Captain’s Log" app focused on social networking, whereas the LCARS Internet Media Reader gives you a Star Trek The Next Generation style interface (with sounds) that allows you to search and read blogs and RSS news feeds, watch VIMEO videos, browse Flickr pictures, and listen to podcasts. It also allows you to read, but not post to Twitter.

Here is a demo video

The application was developed by Krueger Systems, Inc., who have previously made a number of iPhone applications (but nothing Trek related). Frank Krueger tells TrekMovie that they are already working on additional futures for future versions including Facebook and YouTube support.

The LCARS Internet Media Reader sells for $4.99 and is available in iTunes. For more visit the official site at

And here is another preview video showing off the interface for LCARS Internet Reader

Will CBS Paramount pull this one too?

As noted before, Paramount pulled the "Captain’s Log" app, which had a similar LCARS interface. But that may be due more to the name of the application, than the interface. As for "LCARS" in the name, there has been an iLCARS iPhone app for a while (that just simulates a scanner with LCARS interface). Also the folks behind "Captain’s Log" tell TrekMovie they are actively working to find a way to get that app back into the iTunes store.


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