New ‘LCARS’ iPad Application Released

If you want your new Apple iPad to really feel like a Star Trek PADD, you are going to need a Star Trek style LCARS interface. Earlier this week we reported that the much talked about "Captain’s Log" iPad application was pulled from Apple’s iTunes. Now this weekend a new Star Trek-ish application has been released called the "LCARS Internet Media Reader". Check it out below.



Turn your iPad into a LCARS PADD

First a correction. In the article earlier this week reporting on the removed "Captain’s Log" application, TrekMovie showed a video of an Apple iPad running an application with a Star Trek style LCARS interface. It turns out that video was not for "Captain’s Log" but was a beta version of "CommPADD", now called "LCARS Internet Media Reader", which was released this weekend. The LCARS Internet Media Reader is similar, but not the same as the pulled "Captain’s Log" application. The "Captain’s Log" app focused on social networking, whereas the LCARS Internet Media Reader gives you a Star Trek The Next Generation style interface (with sounds) that allows you to search and read blogs and RSS news feeds, watch VIMEO videos, browse Flickr pictures, and listen to podcasts. It also allows you to read, but not post to Twitter.

Here is a demo video

The application was developed by Krueger Systems, Inc., who have previously made a number of iPhone applications (but nothing Trek related). Frank Krueger tells TrekMovie that they are already working on additional futures for future versions including Facebook and YouTube support.

The LCARS Internet Media Reader sells for $4.99 and is available in iTunes. For more visit the official site at

And here is another preview video showing off the interface for LCARS Internet Reader

Will CBS Paramount pull this one too?

As noted before, Paramount pulled the "Captain’s Log" app, which had a similar LCARS interface. But that may be due more to the name of the application, than the interface. As for "LCARS" in the name, there has been an iLCARS iPhone app for a while (that just simulates a scanner with LCARS interface). Also the folks behind "Captain’s Log" tell TrekMovie they are actively working to find a way to get that app back into the iTunes store.


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Will CBS Paramount pull this one too?

Probably, their crazy over there.

I guess for the In crowd this article is fine.

But, am I supposed to waste my time Googling LCARS?

W.T.F. does LCARS stand for anyhow?



LCARS is an acronym for Library Computer Access and Retrieval System.

I’m kicking myself for not picking up the Captain’s Log app before it was pulled.

I’m more cautious with this one since it isn’t free. I’ll probably give it a week or two to see if Paramont will pull it.

Yeah, I’m cheap ;)

Whatev. I’m waiting for the blank gray screen of the TOS PADD app. I will also be pimping out my iPadd with the TOS case.

Looks good. But I miss the different sounds the LCARS was making. Allways the same peep is a bit boring.

Well, now we have to wait for the CBS reactions. I think it depends on the money-factor.

I don’t know, seems like Okuda should be getting a piece of this pie, it’s only fair…

#7: More than that — and I know that with all these iPad articles, I’m starting to sound like a broken record — I think he should design some more interesting and varied LCARS UIs and hook up with a developer to make an iPad LCARS app, one to show everyone how it’s done.

Thanks David K. (#3).

Oh yea, using a trademarked term like LCARS, of course it’s going to get pulled by CBS. Probably get sued too for their cut.

Why isn’t CBS trying to manufacture something like this? There’s clear demand and it’s the exact demographic that tuned in for trek every day for 10 years. They brought the Okuda’s back for TOS remastering but they can’t bring them back for an iPad app?

Well it is clear the Okudas have the talent but does CBS have the brains? Based on how well they took care of the Trek Experience stuff probably not….yah teh company with the copyright SHOULD be the one to make the OFFICIALLY BEST version as well….we will see….

By the way first time I have seen an LCARS interface with Twangy Country Peppy music playing…kinda incongruous.,.Im more used to Majel Barretts Voice hehehe…

That’s it! I’m saving my pennies to buy the I-padd, now.

Did I hear the Super Mario Bros 2 theme song on that video?

Just finished iPad wallpaper for the Home & Lock screens based on the LCARS from TNG:

When you rotate the iPad, the design changes as the image zooms in. Have a look see at the gallery.

I love it…keep it coming, I’d love to load the iPad with LCARS and more. (Really diggin’ the Super Mario music in the video)

As pointed out CBS cared nothing about the ST expieriencem and in 1965 Gene tried to sell the Star Trek pilot to CBS siting that they already had a space SciFi show. NBC was 2nd choice. Now they own the Star Trek Franchise how did thet happen? Now they are shooting @ sueing! Poor I padds!

Cute as a gimmick but I wouldn’t use it on a regular basis on my iPad. I’ll wait until its .99 and then I’ll reconsider.

I have to wonder, had ST:TNG come out now, would we see data and others using touch gestures like swiping and pinch to zoom instead of just mashing glass buttons?

Hahaha. My brother and I were talking about how awesome it would be to see this available on the iPad a few days ago. Can you imagine my excitement to see this article?! Now if only I could afford an iPad..

haha Losira-yeh that superior tv show cbs had was lost in space—sigh–carrot aliens anyone?not to mention dr pedophile smith hehe

I wish I could justify buying an ipadd. The student store at my college has them and they’re pretty fun and do a lot, but when you already have a macbook and iphone its just hard, if not impossible to justify shelling out $500 for one of those. I wish they’d make an LCARS app for iphone, though, that would be sick. And I agree that it would be great to see what Okuda could come up with, especially considering that he came up with LCARS back in the 80’s. If Star Trek ever makes it back onto TV I hope the Okuda’s are kept on board.

Super Mario Bros. 2 theme song in the video…nice!

(I noticed a couple other people commented on that as well, I found an MP3 of it here:

Generally speaking, the world finds Trek tech inviting and comforting. I’ve always believed in the power of Trek to inspire us toward the future.

In a way, the LCARS interface is simply an expression of the fact that many of us believe that the future can arrive sooner than we might think.

We know, deep down, that the iPad is simply an instantiation of the PADD.

Apple is Trek to the core. Why else would it feature ST2009 so prominently in its advertisements — going so far as to feature Spock (2009) in its in-store advertisements for the iPad?

THis looks awesome

Always been a fan of the LCARS design.

It really does feel like the 24th Century

Just our luck, Paramount will be fine with this, but Nintendo will have it pulled because of the promo music!

If Paramount/CBS was smart, they’d release an app that had the LCARS/PADD interface for browsing, but also with some added value: a starship simulator, perhaps, or a screensaver with Enterprise schematics.
Would be cool if data/content from ‘Memory Alpha’ could show up in an LCARS interface, too.

#19 I could not agree with you more!

I need an ipad.

I was recently on itunes and i downloaded this “satr trek pahser” aplication [for free] for an iphone……now all I need is an iphone.

Suddenly, I want an iPad.

Too cool! :D

That right there actually makes me want one of those things.

And to show my non-Trek nerdiness, the song playing on the YouTube video is an acoustic guitar version of the theme from Super Mario Bros. 2. Very cool.

LCARS is so dull now. It’s the 21st century ffs!

I want big TOS buttons, lights and sound with Nomad telling me ‘non sequitur’ when I need to start again whatever i was pressing.

Looks OK. The music is so wrong, though.

Hey, Anthony. What say you buy me an iPadd so that I can review all these apps? Eh? Eh? :-P

@26 agreed! Paramount would be smart to release their own app (and, to allow these 3rd party apps)

I want one, I love the LCARS design.

Looks like PushyPixels, the guys that made Captain’s Log just released a new app. In my opinion, it looks WAY better now. Its in true 3D when you tilt the iPad. Makes this stuff look old.

They have pics and a video on their site –

Writing your twitter in the LCARS interface is one thing, but how about something that is more… star trek oriented? Like this ipad app;

It’s more like a prop than anything else, but who wants to tweet when you can pretend to perform a forward navigational scan?

lol that’s totally a jazzed up version of the music from the movie Chocolat :D I recognized it right away :)

That. Looks. Awesome. I want one now just for that app!!!!

There are three of these apps now.

The above, Captain’s Blog


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It seems it’s been posted for quite a while..
Is the app still available?
I being an android programmer have thought of making a functional application with an LCARS feel to it..
It seems the Tricorder application for Android was recently pulled. I wonder if this is next.