FedCon XIX Preview: DS9 Stars + Phase II Screenings + Trek Costume Record Attempt + more

From April 30th to May 2nd Europe’s biggest Star Trek and Sci-Fi convention will take place in Bonn, Germany. Around 5,000 fans will meet over 20 guests, including Trek stars Michael Dorn, Terry Farrell, and Nicole de Boer. There will also be another attempt to break the Star Trek fans in costume record (on the same day as the attempt at Vulcan Con in FL). Details below.



DS9 stars and Trek activities are highlights of 2010 FedCon

The Star Trek line-up for this year’s FedCon XIX is headed by Star Trek: Deep Space 9’s Terry Farrell, who will make her first-ever appearance at a German convention, and Michael Dorn, who will return to FedCon after his first visit ten years ago. Also present will be Farrell’s DS9 successor as Dax, Nicole de Boer. The three actors will, in addition to their individual panels, hold a joint panel on Sunday. DS9 recurring actor Chase Masterson will also be on hand. James Darren was originally going to appear as well, but it was just announced that he had to cancel. 

With Dorn, Farell, de Boer and Masterson,  of Deep Space Nine will see many of their favorite stars at FedCon XIX

Martha Hackett, Suzie Plakson, Manu Intiraymi and Harry Groener complete the list of Trek guests. Continuing the successful blending of franchises that started in 2008, FedCon again has announced a couple of actors from Battlestar Galactica for this year: Luciana Carro, Aaron Douglas, Kandyse McClure and Tahmoh Penikett will meet their fans in Bonn. Additional guests include Buffy’s James Masters, David Hewlett from Stargate Atlantis and Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood). The complete list of guest stars can be found at FedCon.de.

Hackett, Plakson Groener and Intiraymi headed to Germany for 2010 FedCon

The star panels and autograph sessions will be complemented by a range of other activities throughout the 3-day event. Fans who actively engage in their hobby Star Trek in some form will meet for a special session on Friday. On the same day, Phase II executive producer James Cawley will answer other fans’ questions and show rough cuts of the upcoming Phase II episodes "Enemy: Starfleet" and "The Child". Fans can attend a panel on Klingon opera on Friday, enjoy a costume contest on Saturday and hit the dance floor on both evenings. Teams of fans will, joined by some of the guest stars, compete on the Nintendo Wii for the title of FedLympics champion 2010 on all three days. The full program is available at Fedcon.de.

James Cawley to preview two Phase II episodes at 2010 FedCon

Another Costume Record Breaking Attempt

On Saturday, May 1, Trek fans in Bonn will attempt to break the official Guinness World Record for the “largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters” – only a few hours before a similar attempt takes place in Tampa, Florida. The attempt is organized by FedCon staff but fans do not have to be convention visitors in order to participate. Costumes have to be in line with Trek canon in order to count officially.

The world record attempt will take place next to the Maritim Hotel Bonn, the convention venue, at 1:00 PM local time (7:00 AM EST). Star Trek expert Richard Arnold will act as an arbiter on costume authenticity and a member of the Maritim Hotel’s management will serve as a neutral witness.


Tickets available on site for FedCon

FedCon XIX takes place in Bonn, Germany from Friday, April 30 till Sunday, May 2. Online ticket sale is already closed but fans can still buy tickets on-site at the convention weekend. A full weekend pass costs 99 Euro, entrance on Saturday is 49 Euro, tickets for either Friday or Sunday are available for 40 Euro. More info at FedCon.de

Henning Koonert, TrekMovie’s new German correspondent, is one of the managers for The TrekZone Network, a leading German Star Trek website (and TrekMovie.com partner). Henning will be reporting from FedCon XIX, so look for more updates.


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Terry Farrell was great when I saw her, Brent Spiner was suppose to visit in New Oreans and couldn’t make it and she was brought in to replace him and I was very impressed by her.

I like terry farell too…but I would prefer a robotic 7 of 9 for my house.


I’m so waiting for this Convention to happen.
Terry Farrell has been announced three Times Past, but she couldn’t make it. The bets are high against her appearance. I really hope she will make it. I’m over joy to see Chase again.
See you @ll on Fedcon

I’m there for a third year in a row! Can’t wait! It will be awsome!

Would love to see the Phase II previews!!

I really want to go. There is no where else in the world I would rather be.

ummm ..we have the world record….they need a neutral a GWR judge..DIY judgeing should not be allowed.our record was counted by officials of GWR.and we didnot have a convention to drum up support and it was in public.bet the yanks or the jerries can beat the record on them terms..

george one of the london 99.

I’ve never been to a convention. I always wanted to go but never had to fan.

Why don’t we have more of TNG Series like we have a new tv series called titan thats jonathan fakes is captain contuineing the story after nemesis they put patrick as a quest star with his enterprise E.

And they can use some of the most loved character such as the Doctor from voyager as the ships doctor janeway like she was in nemesis B4, Tom Paris, Tuvok and Q the actor who loved Star trek and would love to return the new cast in Star Trek 2009 most of them do not care for Star trek and chris pine was not even a fan of Star Trek yet some how he is playing Kirk what is up with that!

bring back the 24th Century

James Cawley looks nothing like Kirk.

Terry Farrell and Suzie Plakson together? I’d have to bring a mop for my drool. Now that I’ve shared that, I guess they’re both grateful this isn’t in Atlanta. *sigh*

Farrell, de Boer, and Masterson in the same room!?
I hope they bring whipped cream!!!!!!

# 10. BiggestTOSfanever – April 14, 2010

“James Cawley looks nothing like Kirk.”

I assume you mean that he doesn’t look or sound like Shatner. So what! Neither does Chris Pine.

Sweet, maybe Dorn can debate the kissing merits of DeBoer vs. Farrell.

I wonder what the beginning video done by The Light Works Digital Imagery will be this year?? Last years was great with the ships from the last movie.Hope they top that one…

Cawley doesn’t look like Shatner, and he
knows that. But he plays Kirk and tries to
give us Trek fans a continuation of a five
year mission the network denied us, and
he’s doing one hell of a job on practically
no budget and a volunteer staff. Kudos
to him and his friends and congrats for
being invited to Fedcon!

I wish I could go.
So many lovely ladies from Trek there….

Best. Con. Ever.

No opening animation from me this time, sorry. But we worked on the visual effects on the two new episodes of Phase II that will premiere there – and I am very much looking forward to watching those there for the first time :)

# 19. Excitedly looking forward to watching those, and meeting you Tobias there, too!

Yes, I’m also looking foward to it. :-)

Would be nice to attend a European convention, as I am in the region, but I’m gonna shoot for Vegas or Jersey again this year.

May all attendees not be prevented from flying in by Icelandic Volcanic dust clouds!

Dorn, Cawley, Groener and Intiraymi in same same room?! Somebody bring the Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce!!

Wait. What…?

Nicole de Boer and Harry Groener just cancelled. SGA actor Joe Flanigan will be attending instead.

A full report on James Cawley at the FedCon can be found here (click on Trekcon Report)

It includes videos of both his panels in full.

The full press conference can also be found on that site