CelebVideos: Zoe Saldana on Jimmy Kimmel Live + John Cho on Bonnie Hunt Show

A couple of Star Trek 2009 stars have been on talk shows this week. Zoe Saldana was on Jimmy Kimmel Live (and appearing on yet another cover!), while John Cho appeared on the Bonnie Hunt Show. You can watch the videos below (mostly talked about current projects, so no Trek sequel talk).



Zoe talks family and ‘Losers’ + talks in Self Magazine shoot

Zoe on Jimmy (2 parts)

Zoe is also gracing the cover of the May issue of Self Magazine, (more Self Zoe images at JustJared).

And here is the behind the scenes video of the cover shoot.

Finally, Zoe appears in the comedy Death at a Funeral, opening on Friday. Here is a trailer.

And here are a couple of shots of Zoe at the Death at a Funeral Hollywood premiere on Monday.


Cho on Bonnie Hunt + joins Twitter

Star Trek’s new Sulu was also on TV this week promoting FlashForward, but also talking about the next Harold and Kumar movie.

Also earlier this week the ABC Publicity Twitter announced that John Cho had joined the Twitter verse at twitter.com/johnthecho, but he still seems to be getting the hang of it.


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Big Zoe fan here, First!?

I saw “Death at a Funeral” already.

When it was directed by Frank Oz, performed by a bunch of British people, and originally released three years ago!


Not a single original idea left in Hollywood at all. Now they’re just re-casting and re-shooting entire screenplays!

John Cho is a great guy and so is Zoe Saldana I’m bit sad that they don’t know much on the progress on Trek XII besides Orci and Kurtzman

Death at a Funeral looks good.


Zoe Saldana is awsome!

“Star Trek’s new Sulu was also on TV this week promoting FlashForward, but also talking about the next Harold and Kumar movie.”

Which ironically IS the next Star Trek movie.


Judging by how little your statement makes sense, I’ll assume that you have almost run out of “criticisms” regarding “Star Trek”.

Is there a REASON they’re redoing Death at a Funeral? All they’re doing is refilming it with african-americans. I mean seriously. Can’t you people at Hollywood find anything better to do then refilm old movies???

I’ll eat my hat on the day that she does an insightful interview.

Personally, I like Def at a Funner’al in the original Klingon.

Sorry, this is off topic in regard to ST, but Zoe Saldana needs to play Sheva Alomar in a film adaption of Resident Evil 5….


NO! Michelle Van Der Water, the actress who Sheva was physically based off of is the only person who rightfully deserves to be Sheva Alomar.