TOS-R Producer Auctioning Special Blu-Ray Set For Charity

If you haven’t yet picked up the digitally remastered original Star Trek series on Blu-ray, now you can bid on a three seasons set with extra bonuses, all to benefit a charity auction. The set includes a poster signed by the TOS-R producers and William Shatner, plus a visualization model used by the TOS-R team and more. Details below.



Remastered Blu-ray charity auction

Dave Rossi, a producer for the remastered Star Trek wanted TrekMovie to let our readers know about the  Hollywood School House charity auction, which includes a set of all three seasons of the remastered original Star Trek on Blu-ray. The set also contains some cool special bonuses just for the auction:

  • A promotional poster signed by William Shatner and TOS-R Producers Dave Rossi, Mike and Denise Okuda, and Visual Effects Supervisor Niel Wray.
  • An original USS Enterprise model used to help visualize new effects shots
  • A Star Trek t-shirt (XL)
  • A Tribble

CLICK HERE to bid. Auction ends April 21st.

Visualization model used by TOS-R team, part of charity auction


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A Tribble? I’m there!

That model was not built from scratch, but the autographed poster sounds good.

that model looks like one of my Hallmark Christmas ornaments…

I want a Tribble!!!!!!!!!

AS i thought it’s the polar lights snap model

Is it a neutered tribble?

XL t-shirt? Won’t exactly fit me,but everything else sounds good.

Yeah, that list should go from

A Tribble


A Tribble
A Tribble
A Tribble
A Tribble

The model is definitely not the polar lights kit. The superstructure under the bridge is the wrong shape. Judging from that feature, it’s more likely an older AMT kit – not the large 18″ version, but the tiny NCC-1701 from the 3 Enterprise set ( which included the Enterprise-D, the Enterprise-A and the TOS ship. The decals ( and the yellowing around them ) look about right, plus the fact that there is no molded on grid pattern on the saucer. This would make that model about 31/2 to 4 inches long.

Conversely, there is a possibility that it’s the 7 inch ship from the three ship snap kit ( Enterprise Klingon and Romulan ) but that one had the incorrect decal lettering font, and grid lines on the saucer. Alternately, it could be the slightly retooled version of the 7 incher included in the electronic ‘Legendary Space Encounter’ diorama, which had two Klingon cruisers and the same Enterprise, with no saucer grid, and corrected decals.

I’ve already got a tribble. I got it many, many years ago. Can’t remember where. And I’ve got all 3 seasons of TOS-R on regular DVD. Plus I’ve got the 22″ Enterprise cutaway model (love that one!). I love that ship and I would like to have as many models of it as possible. I don’t have a blu-ray player yet though (can’t afford it). So I’ll have to wait for that DVD set.

Dave’s Enterprise model is indeed a commercially-available item. But the point is that it is one of the little ships that we actually used during planning meetings for TOS-R. We used to fly that thing around the room to show each other how we thought the ship should maneuver in various shots. Fun stuff.


You just wanted an excuse to play with toy ships.

Of course I would do the same.

I do want this to play on my new Blu-Ray player,
but the price is going to have to come waaay down.

Mike Okuda, thanks again for all your hard work on TOSR and everything over the last 20 years. We all owe you a big thanks, for sharing your love of Trek and making it better because of it!

I concur. Thanks to Mike and the rest of the team for trying to keep the spirit of TOS alive.

By the way, I wasn’t dissing the model, just speculating on it’s origins.