More Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale Video

Last weekend CBS and PropWorx held a warehouse sale of assets of the former Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. Former Borg cast member Vernon Wilmer has been working on a documentary about ST: The Experience and has just released an extended video from the event, including costumes being delivered to other ex cast members.


Star Trek The Experience Sale

A sneak-peek at a future episode of Vernon Wilmer’s Star Trek: The Experience documentary: Video shot over three days at the warehouse containing the late STTE’s assets, preparing them for a pre-auction sale. This is the full version, includes the actor’s uniform deliveries. [Note the ‘day 1’ portion of the below video was shown here at TrekMovie before]

To see more of Vernon’s STTE documentary series go to

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It’s sad to see these artifacts in such a condition.

Perhaps someone can use the set parts and make a TNG fan version like Cawley’s TOS?


I have to agree about the overall condition of some of this stuff. I mean come on guys was this stuff just tossed into this warehouse literally?

Was there anything for sale that wasn’t manhandled?

This looks like the remains of the Enterprise when it crashed in Generations.

Was Data’s cat found?

Spot was, indeed, found as they scoured the wreckage. Data cried, if you recall.

Yeah, I liked ‘Generations;’ I know a lot of you didn’t. I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to TREK… I don’t necessarily ask to see the most stupendous story, just a nice comfortable visit with old friends.

That said, I also do not wish to see a story that is slumming, which is more or less, what I think of ‘Nemesis.’

#2 those were my thoughts what better way to honor these wonderful artifacts then to use them in a fan film production. Not just the sets, but clean and mend the uniforms. If this is done I think a lot of our sadness at seeing these wonderful items not go to waste but utilized in a labor of love would rid me of sad feelings. Knowing they are given the ultimate respect and love, they deserve. Also cost effective authenticity.
PS if Spot is found I will adopt her.

#2, #7…

With a little effort (and bucks) it’d be super cool to create a Starfleet Camp. Guests would be “locked” aboard a starship. They’d wear the unis, act the parts, and wander around a huge set (not as big as a Galaxy class, but BIG) for a weekend, say. It could be done, and it’d be neat. You could have a sneak attack by the Romulans, a mission to a planet made of papier mache… or whatever. Anyway, you could maintain such an illusion for a few days using well-built sets and cast members. I think hardcore fans would shell out a bundle for a realistic taste of Trek.

#6 – I think he was referring to the video, and was Data’s cat found in this pile of (soon to be auctioned) debris too.

oh yeah… I guess I took his query a little too literal.


Yeah who ever moved that stuff obviously did a horrible job. I seriously doubt those things were in that condition when the experience closed, so remind me to never hire that moving company, lol. I still find the music from that video to be overly dramatic, though. Still good to see that the stuff sold for a solid price, though.

Let’s face it: These priceless artifacts — props — from our beloved stellar franchise seemed to have been treated as junk.

I’m irritated.

# 8 that too is a wonderful or as Garek said a creative idea! So many others could share their own “epierience” super idea

I hope someone found Spot, last thing we need is another feral cat in Vegas . . .

#12 – You should have seen what they did to the ENTERPRISE sets. Shipped to Downey Studios and then destroyed. No auction. No sale. Just broken down and turned to rubble.

^^15 Horrible. How could they do that? (Yes, I know. It’s called “striking the set.” Still horrible.)

Also, weren’t there some working plasma-screen TV’s used as part of the set to simulate instrumentation, etc.? I hope those at least were preserved or reused.

The Enterprise set still looks nice several years on, on television.

It’s true the remains of STTE were not treated with the dignity they deserved. Can’t really blame the removal crew, though–I’m sure they were laborers whose job was to tear things down. They were as careful as they could be. Most of the okudagrams and other fragile panels were intact, which is amazing. It was really the way things were stored that was a tragedy; ships left outside for over a year, things stacked or thrown haphazardly. Whoever was in charge of loading up the warehouse had no idea about Trek and couldn’t tell the junk from the treasures. Too bad it took CBS so long to send a representative to check on it…
Anyway, I think CBS and Propwerx, once they got in there, did a good job of sorting through the mess. Some of my friends got well-deserved costumes ( which were in great shape), and other fans got a piece of their beloved home. There’s more to come at the auction scheduled to be held during the Vegas con!

I’d take some of that so-called trash and make cool stuff out of it. dammit.

Watch e bay-costumes n pieces are starting to show up from the sale-only took about a week-i hope ms april got her costumes?

#16 – link to ENTERPRISE set destruction:

What happened to that poor model of the Voyager is just heart-breaking. Such a nice detailed ship, so large and wonderful.

I really hope the nuExperience at or near the Neonopolis (when/if it ever opens) makes up for the shabby fate of the props from the old ones.

However, I must say that I’m delighted that so many of these props do exist, in whatever condition — and they can be fixed up, probably as good as new! :-)

Memo to the keepers of the nuExperience: Know your treasures and keep them safe — please!

#20–never fear…CBS and Propwerx were good to me!:)

Wow that bit on the destruction of the Enterprise set is horrible. I mean throughout Trek history things have been reused and saved. And honestly I thought the set for Enterprise was the best ever made, or at least the most believable. I wonder what happened to the giant warehouse that they used to store all of the old Trek props and such in…

Does anyone know how much the Voyager model sold for?

only $1000.00….:(

I always thought I’d get a chance at that chair.

Thats great to hear April-all u talented thespians deserve your costumes back at the very least-it was great to see u behind the behind the scenes counter in vernons video one last time—take care–jeff n sheri

Not so sure why there’s so much emotion surrounding this stuff; it’s not as if these props were used in any of the series or any of the films, or am I mistaken?

The emotion is over the fact that a lot of people wanted this stuff when the experience was done with it, it was never used in a film, but would have been perfect for use in fan films. But now it’s all a pile of crap because it was all totally destroyed when it was moved to the wharehouse.

A lot of people (Including me) had lots of fun at STTE over the years. To me it was just as good as an episode, infact it was better, it was a personal experience.

All I can think about was the very 1st time I found myself standing on that transporter pad, when I walked through the hallways of the Enterprise, and onto the Bridge for the 1st time and thought “Wow! I’m really on the Enterprise.”

Now as Scotty would say, it’s all a buch of usless junk, a relic from another time.

April, it was very gracious of CBS and PropWorx to give you back your uniforms. Reminds me of the photo I took with you as a Vulcan officer. The Experience will always be fondly remembered.


Yep!, those guys certainly don’t give a damn about television history.

Thanks for the link


That link just makes me ill.

At the recent Anaheim Comic Con, there was a booth from ProWorx. I spoke to the people working there and they did confirm the ST CON would have more stuff to auction off. They even had a flyer printed with the event on it but he could not tell me exactly what would be in.

However, he did point out several items on display that were from ST movies, not just STTE. Such as gray jumpsuit from ST TMP and Kirks Klingon communicator from ST3. Do they have the same level of Christies auction a few years ago, beats me. He did not go into details, only that they have ” a lot more”

April, glad you got your costumes. It would be nice to see Cmdr Taryn one more time or T’pril.

Heres another reason many of us emotional over the experience n what was in it–Mostly reminds of us of when we visited and got to geek out feel like we are in a place that welcomes us instead of feeling slightly outta place-Plus-many of us got to communicate with fellow fans n got to know the caring outgoing and generous and very talented actors like April or Vernon or loved how great all the employees, bartenders etc were to us–drinking a warp core breach for the 1st time-eating in Quarks n being entertained by staff and characters–telling all my friends co-workers how great it was there–seeing the majestic giant lit spaceships in all their unique beauty–experiencing how great it might be to beam onto enterprise-see bridge race klingons in a shuttle–absolutely unique place in the whole world–so a piece of this magic place now gone would be very emotional reminding us of trek and our adventures there n friends we miss–so yeh it hurts a lot of us to see it treated so badly–most of us not local to vegas couldnt go to get a piece of the action–but if u never went to the experience its hard to describe our love for it–except again the people working there were incredible-the best actors,staff people u ever saw, and probably ever will–and talking to being with fellow fans around the world also awesome.

Wow, this brings back memories from when I first went in 1998, I was only 14. I was amazed at everything and thought the simulator ride was absolutely amazing. Took pictures with Klingons, ate some good food and had a fabulous time.

Fast forward to 2004 when I went again with a friend. The place was eerily dead and there were no lines for either ride. Borg Invasion scared the heck out of my friend (not a Star Trek person herself) but mildly entertained me. I was super excited for Klingon Invasion, and while it was still good, just seemed a bit dated by then.

Guess things change over time…a ride that can seem amazing and groundbreaking in 1998 I suppose can seem a bit outdated and less excited 6 years later. Still, I’m sorry to see it’s gone, especially this way. Star Trek certainly saw its peak back in the 90s. I hope the new movie and future movies revitalize the franchise, and perhaps get new people inspired to watch. I’d certainly love to ride one more time, but if they put a new one together, I’ll be first in line!

Why the emotion Walshy? You’re right, these assets were never used in the TV shows or the films. All they were part of was an actual, tangible Star Trek world, which countless guests and crewmembers called home and lived in for over ten years.

The messages above have stated beyond what I could why some of us reacted the way we did to the treatment received by some of these props. Whoever did this damage affected more than a few pieces of plastic.

Still, hope and memories endure.

The courtyard at the Neonopolis and indeed the entire Fremont Street Experience is a tribute to nostalgia, if I remember correctly. Likewise, let’s hope we do better to preserve the past as an inspiration toward the future.

It was never dated to me–just as awesome the last time i went two weeks before closing as dec 31 98 the first time i went 11 months after it opened–i suggest getting the newest tng movie collection a bonus disc has the closing of the experience and is very emotional and shows the love the cast n crew had for both trek n the guests-and the guests real love for them back-vernon also has a 3 pt so far history of the experience with incredible footage,interviews n music-Thanks again to Vernon for all his dedicated hard work shown in that video, Thanx to April too and all the ex members of the experience-like vernon said u guys made it better than any tv show or movie-u helped to make it real to us fans-2 bad gene r never got to experience it-he would have loved it–I know ive thanked them before but i hope they all realize how much they meant to so many of us-cant ever thank them too much-

It SERIOUSLY pisses me off to see those ship models in particular given such poor treatment.

I remember some of the demolition footage Vernon featured in previous episodes, they just cut the support lines and let the TMP Enterprise fall apart.

They’ve clearly taken saws to the Enterprise D. Paramount/Hilton, take note, the engineers you hired to dismantle the Experience were ARSEHOLES!

Thank Vernon ! CBS SUCKS!

My pleasure guys, thank you. But in CBS’s defense, they were the last ones responsible for the dismantling of STTE, it had unfortunately just gotten away from them after years of corporate splits. They seemed to be the only ones toward the end trying to save STTE, while Cedar Fair and the Hilton quibbled over lease agreements.

I’ve been watching your documentaries and absolutely love them. I thought STTE was a special place and it just kills me that its not there anymore. Man, I envy you!!!!!

Vernon has a good point, it is not CBS who messed it up.

Ceder Fair and some joker at the LV Hilton (actually Resorts International) who caused us all this grief. The hotel is only usning the Hilton name so you cannot blame the Hilton company either.
What ever caused the place to close and who ever was the idiot junior executive who though he/she was some hot shot and had a better idea for that space, has lost their job in the most humiliating way.

Each time we have been to Vegas and yes, we stay at the Hilton, we see the sad and loney boarded up wall that was the enterance to our world of Star Trek. Sitting at the SpaceQuest bar is very difficult to bear with seeing the wall of shame and knowing that there is a huge empty space behind that wall and its even worst when playing the Star Trek Slot machines in the casino. However, our gatherings in SpaceQuest with fellow fans & employess of STTE is always a pleasure.

Did anyone actually lose their job?Remember Vernons documentary–didnt a few Hilton lv employees lose their jobs for making the 10 yr lease for the experience 10 times cheaper than it should have been–Wasnt the rumor that m.jackson was gonna live in vegas and make the hilton his home with a new theatre where the experience was-guess all that was for nothin—i swore would never go back to hilton–also watched Vernons third part doc. Excellent–Its incredible how close n caring the employees/cast were with each other-made me wish i worked there-i keep getting fired lately probably cuz im 2 old n not valuable nuff-i bet if i worked at the experience i would not have gotten fired-i also envy you all mr neary(when u wish upon a star playing in background)-such a tight knit talented group–so anyone remember what total attendence was-vernon reported two million by 2000–wasnt whle total 3 million? If so thats a hulluva drop in attendence-hmmm–great job on the series vernon sir-cant wait 4 part 4–thanx again

Thanks everybody – and by God I miss it too.

Hey Vernon, a huge thanks for the videos you made and posted over @ blip.
I live in Ireland and never got the opportunity to visit STTE, but with the personal videos that you produced, well, it made me feel like I part of the crew :-)

I screen capped the
Make it Sew picture of Picard & Data which my wife thought was funny, but my kids are like
“who are they?”
They are of an age to expect Chirs Pine and Zach Quinto to be the definitive Trek , i guess an introduction to it’s other incarnations is in order , lol.
I am looking forward to your next installment and I hope that you are Blessed in the future.

Best wishes John :)

A question to April.
I noted from Vernons videos that you portrayed various characters during STTE
Andorian, human and the Vulcan T’Pril .
I noted from wiki that you received the well deserved flag of the federation for longevity of service to STTE.
I was wondering if T’ Pril was your favorite character to portray during STTE? and was it hard to stay in character during the decommissioning ceremony? {I have only seen still pictures of the “FLAG” moment}

I hope that you are Blessed in the future.

Best wishes John :)


While we have spent a lot of time with the former employees when ever we are in Vegas and I will not do anything to steal Vernons thunder on his wonderful series… I can say that April was very emotional for a Vulcan.

There is a nice peice that Paramount shot at the closing of STTE that is on the new series of DVDs fot TNG, I think the First Contact disk has it on it, maybe. She does make you cry when you she her receive the flag of the Federation that hung in side STTE.

I have it on good authority that Vernon’s last part of his series will be even more of a tear jerker when it comes to April.