2 New Star Trek Online Videos + 2 New Ships

On Thursday Cryptic will roll out the Star Trek Online Season 1.1 update and a new new Special Task Force Mission ("Undine Terradome"). And there are a couple of new STO videos, plus two more ships to show off. Check it all out below.



2 new videos

Cryptic has released two new vides. The first is the third video in their series on the expanding universe of STO. We have uploaded it to the TrekMovie YouTube channel. Watch it below in HD.

And on the official site, there is a new tips and tricks video, this time all about Cloaking.

Cloaking Tips & Tricks: CLICK TO WATCH

2 new ships

Cryptic has unveiled two new ship classes


The Akira Class was designed to serve as a heavy gunship and carrier to protect space stations and ships devoted more to exploration than firepower. Created in between the development of the Sovereign and Galaxy classes, the Akira incorporates those elements from both designs best suited to a carrier ship..



Named for the famous hospital ship of Earth’s Second World War, the Hope class is intended for fleet support and scientific missions. Many of Starfleet Medical’s finest command officers captain Hope class starships. Its unique design, similar to that of the Olympic class, offers extra space for refugee transport or emergency medical operations..


Start Playing 

If you want to get into the 25th century and play Star Trek Online it is available at Amazon discounted currently for less than $25 (or $47 for the collectors edition), and that includes a one month subscription.

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Strange, for some reason I tend to appreciate the Hope class… O_o

Is Star Trek online as bad as people say it is?

It doesn’t look as fun as Star Trek: Judgment Rites.

More shooting…

This game is so boring.

And what’s the use of the Hope class when all you have to do is shoot everything that moves? Are there any missions in which you just explore or just save some aliens or trade or something? A REAL Star Trek universe?

EXCUSE ME…since when can a Medical Class ship like the Hope Class slaughter a Negh’Var class battleship? :O

Im glad that I didn’t waste my money on this game from the looks of things. I’m just sad that when we finally got a Trek MMO that it was this lame. Hopefully it’ll fail soon and someday down the line another company, one that’s a good deal better, will make one that lives up to its name sake.

#4 yes there is!

@ 6
Don’t expect a better Star Trek MMO within the next 5 years.
Cryptic had their chance & blew it
Wait until Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out next year and play WOW in the meantime.

@ Only because you dislike the game doesn’t mean it is bad. And to wish it to fail is the most impolite thing I read/heard in ages. Shame on you!

The game is just starting and includes exploration content and customization. It’s getting better and develops and I’m happy to got it.

Until it has a lot more missions that do not include destroying or shooting everything in sight, I will be continuing to give it a miss.

@ 2

No, it’s not. As far as I’m concerned, Star Trek Online has established an engaging, entertaining online gaming universe. I enjoy it.

Next time thy say “new” ship, actually make it new.

More bitter, miserable fans. You people are more boring than the game could ever hope to be, with your endless drone of complaints and negativity. BLAH.

The game really is a lot of fun to play, and you definitely can act as a medical ship in pvp battles. I know, I’ve done it.

silly fedrats the games ok.. undine faction FTW!!!

@12: Robert H.

I think waht they mean by ‘new’ is the fact that they are ‘newly added’ content and thus are ‘new’ to the game.

i wonder if we’ll ever see the ST09 ships, inlcuding the nuEnterprise.

Gotta chime in my .02 because I’ve actually been enjoying STO. I’ve had plenty of exploratory missions, and even though it consisted of mostly action, absolutely loved ‘City on the Edge of Never’. I just stood there for a while in awe, watching the shifting scenery within the Guardian of Forever… :) Cryptic absolutely nailed that episode with the graphics and ambiance.

It’s true that the ratio of mission content skews towards ‘shoot-em-ups’ but I enjoy those too, especially coordinating in fleet battles. Unfortunately, I just accepted the ‘Temple Offerings’ mission at DS9, which involves no action whatsoever, merely buying enough supplies to satisfy the disagreement between the land owner and the Bajorans, and its a drag. I’d much rather shoot them, at this point! :p

IMHO, Cyptic may have rushed things a bit to get out of the gate in time, but they _are_ adding new content; they _are_ responding in the forums to comments and bug reports, and I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt since I’ve enjoyed 99% of the missions I’ve played (Don’t get me started about the Crystalline Entity). Remember how long it took for Blizzard to get things running smoothly with WOW?

16 — thats a good point about WOW. MMOs are a tricky balance. Franchises have two options: blindly copy the WOW experience, or face some pitfalls as they figure out their own path.

Objectively speaking, the negative comments really aren’t that different than the reactions that accompany every new Trek series. Lets be patient people . . . even TNG took a couple of years to really hit its stride.

HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! ALREADY there’s a scamsite offering a strategy guide for mastering Trek Online but in fact they steal your money (it’s ClickBank-affiliated…and ClcikBank is known to be a scam-creating machine) and run and leave you with online guides/books that either do not work, require a password that can only be obtained by joining a site which will download a virus onto ur computer, or any number of other things…. I know because before I knew it was a scam, I bought an e-book from a ClickBank site and experienced firsthand what I describe above…its at http://www.stomastery.com/?gclid=CNWwu5-dmKECFeV65QodQiYiBg so ANTHONY you might wanna report this to the Trek Online ppl so they can get this scam eliminated…because the ad leading to the page popped up in the cycle of ads above the latest articles list on THIS site.

Love the Death Star Window on the Hope class. Can you have the emperor’s throne room as your bridge?

Horrible, horrible game. I don’t understand why these ships were not in the game when it was released.

They’re mid-level ships. Are they expecting players to go back and re-roll new characters just to fly them?

I have a Mac, so I haven’t played this game yet.

But I would like to go on record as saying I LOVE SHOOTING GAMES. Yes, especially Star Trek ones. I play the “skirmish” mode in “Legacy” more times than I like to admit.

Let people who want to socialize, trade and mine for ore play WOW. I want to fire the photon torpedoes!

Uh…these are not new ships. They have had them in game since the begining. I know cause I have both. Maybe there are new write ups about them but the ships have been in the gaem since launch.

*rofl* A prequel for a tutorial, thats a first! :D

I got STO. Yes, there are missions without shooting everything that moves. But I like a bit of ship or ground battle here and there. I think it will get better. Best example: I got the TOS Uniforms now. :-)

Cryptic’s Star Trek Online is a very poor mockery of Star Trek being used simply for milking profits. Disgusting!

Good lord. I’m amazed the studios or the game developers even bother with Star Trek anymore. We should be nothing but thankful that there is this much interst from the big wigs to keep our beloved franchise alive. You sound like a bunch of spoiled complaining 5 year old nerds. The game is 2 months old. Your almighty WOW did not start out as the excellent game it has become. With online gaming it is a constant process of fixing and enhancing. I’m shocked at the negative outpouring. you would think that all the hours if not months of your lives you have wasted on WOW would have taught you patience. Why should any company choose to work with Star Trek when it’s fans have become so high and mighty that they demand nothing short of immediate perfection.

And no these are not “new” ships. Every ship that has been talked about has been in game from day one. What’s new is that a brief description and the stats have been added to the ship section of the web site.

As one of the countless fans that is very pleased with STO as well as the general direction of the franchise, I say to you that complain, go back to your basements, log onto you horde shamen, and leave Star Trek to those that wish to see it continue.

#22 is right.

I don’t know why cryptic is calling them “new ships” but I’ve had an akira for over a week. Besides that, I’ve read about all these “new ships” several weeks before I finally decided to buy, hope included.

This just goes to show you how many people complain before even knowing the facts. Quite lame.

The problem with STO is, that is hasn’t much in common with StarTrek. The background story is okay, but the community is the worst i ever experienced in a potential mmorpg. But a fan of the klingon culture will encounter warriors in the great hall with white or pink armor, or aliens with nearly mocking anathomy. The other thing you can expect from this game are ships with names like U.S.S. SUCKMYBALLZ or IKS URMOM (wich is btw better than IKS FROMBEHIND). Of course WoW and the US-Servers of Lotro don’t have better communities, but some of the european servers of Lotro are RP-Servers where you can find way better “tolkien-Atmosphere” and i wonder what would happen, if Atari opened a rp server for the “true trekkies”. Perhaps there would be gatherings for klingons in the great hall on Quo’noS, before liberating the cardassian wreckage from fed intruders. Reman and Romulan fleets would enter the game (absolutely no problem to create a reman face with the briliant char editor), Ferengi could open a trade syndicate (using ‘old’ Tier1 ships like the aged Miranda class from surplus stations). There could be nausicaan freedom fighters on federation side, Miradorn mercenaries or an Andorian militia which acts independently from the ‘uneffective’ federation starfleet. There are so many ways for the game to improve without adding content. It just needs players who really play StarTrek, not just some random SciFi MMO, or a roflLoliShootyouNoob-game.
For comparison imagine public toilets in a park – normally a brilliant thing, but you avoid them because they are so dirty and smelling. But mainly they are so dirty because they all don’t care to leave it clean behind after using.. or they throw the whole toiletpaper into the water to create some brown oceans….
Here also the hardware is okay, but YOU can mean a difference.
So. perhaps a RP server for STO..(or just name it StarTrek-server, or IC-Server^^) would be a great flagship for the game and a much better advertisement than 10 of these mini videos

I’d like to stick my oar in and say this game, yes GAME!, is just that… a game. I’ve enjoyed it so far and can see they’re trying to improve it and add to it all the time [Bugs aside – as every single game has these].

Of course you can simply travel the galaxy exploring and scanning and what-not.. but even star trek had the odd Battle or two over the years :)

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but neither is coffee!

For what it’s worth I say Live Long and Prosper Star Trek Online!

Why is some of the Undine so similar to the Collectors of Mass Effect 2?

It’s a good game and definitely fun if you relax and accept it for what it is.

Just be patient. The STO development team is working full time (maybe still overtime) on trying to make this game what all the Trek fans want t to be.

They were forced to get it out for sale by a particular date, and they are working on filling in the holes and expanding the universe as fast as they can.

They have a really good base game established and it’s only going to get better as long as the fans and CBS continue to support them.

The Akira and Hope have been in the game since launch. Why are they being touted as new ships? If it’s simply a “redesign to look closer to the canon ships” why didnt they do a new video with their fixed Galaxy and Sovereign class ships?

So over STO anyway, more boring crap, repeated over and over.

I sense a little bitterness towards WOW players! why is that? Is it because deep down inside you know that we are playing a truly superior game while you struggle on with you “Emperors New Clothes” complex and believe that you are having fun simply because the game just happens to have a Star Trek tag.
You are worthy of respect to endure that sort of punishment.
but, here is my point
I paid out £44 for a shoddy piece of software that was rushed and extremely repetitive.
2 weeks after launch the price dropped to £15 so did what little respect I had for Cryptic.
You say that we should be thankful, as a Trek fan who feels ripped off, I can assure that I am NOT “thankful”
And you can see the negative reaction to STO by some of the comments on this board that others feel the same,

But here is another example of the negative feedback to STO, Its the one SURE way for consumers to respond to a bad product, to simply
walk away
This is an email I received recently
“It has now been revealed by Jack Emmert in an interview with “The Big Freaking Podcast” that Star Trek Online now has just a hair over 100,000 subscribers, a drop of almost 90% compared to the launch day numbers, when you consider that Age of Conan or Warhammer Online have 300,000+ subscribers, Star Trek Online really is struggling!”

Right I’m back off to my “basement” to log my druid, we are doing ICC 25man guild run tonight, a few beers and a load of laughs with online pals.
What are you doing tonight?, same old same old?