Exclusive Phase II Update & Previews – Including First Look At Arex

The popular fan series Star Trek: Phase II is planning on releasing three episodes in 2010, with the first premiering next weekend at FedCon (and online later in May). Phase II star/producer James Cawley has given TrekMovie and update on their 2010 schedule, including two exclusive video previews and a first look at a certain animated character making his way to the bridge.   


Exclusive clips: "Enemy: Starfleet" – Coming May 2010

The next episode from Phase II is Enemy: Starfleet". Written by Dave Galanter and Patty Wright, "Enemy: Starfleet" tells the story of a Federation starship that was lost for eighteen years and resurfaces in the hands of a renegade alien named Alersa (played by Barbara Luna). We have a couple of exclusive clips, including some hot ship-on-ship action. [Note: Audio is not the final mix]

As reported earlier, James Cawley is traveling to Germany to preview "Enemy: Starfleet" at FedCon next weekend. The episode will have its Internet premiere later in May. 

Test image from "The Child" – coming late Summer 2010

After "Enemy: Starfleet" comes "The Child," which was written for the original Phase II by Jon Povill (and was later turned into a TNG episode of the same name). The episode has been reworked by Povill to fit with the new Phase II, now with a new Deltan crewmember (not Ilia) who will give birth to a mysterious child.

The episode will also see the introduction of the Star Trek: The Animated Series character Arex, who is being digitally rendered by Tobias Richter. Arex will be voiced by Chris Doohan (stepping in for his dad James Doohan who originally voiced Arex for TAS). Here is a test image of Arex.

Arex is coming to “Phase II”

James Cawley will also show an early workprint "The Child" next weekend at FedCon. The Internet premiere is currently planned for late Summer. 

Exclusive clip "Kitumba" – Coming Halloween 2010

The last Phase II episode of the year is "Kitumba", a story originally written by John Meredyth Lucas for the never produced 1970s’s Star Trek Phase II. The episode, which got a Phase II fan series rewrite by Patty Wright, is about Kirk and crew visiting the Klingon homeworld and the Klingon child king (the "Kitumba").

In the following exclusive clip you will see Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers) playing an Admiral and if you look closely you can also spot veteran Star Trek designer Andrew Probert in the background (as Commodore Probert. You will also see a historic moment, Kirk’s first encounter with a different looking Klingon. [Note: Audio is not the final mix]

"Kitumba" will be premiered on August 22nd at Fort Ticonderoga in New York (where some of the scenes were shot). The Internet premiere is planned for Halloween.

2 more episodes in 2011

Cawley tells TrekMovie that he plans to go into production on the Phase II prequel episode "Origins" (see previous story) in June, with a planned release in 2011. They will shoot another episode for 2011 this October. Cawley says he hasn’t picked which one that will be, but he has three scripts in consideration.

Poster for "Origins" the Star Trek Phase II ‘prequel’ episode

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