Exclusive Phase II Update & Previews – Including First Look At Arex

The popular fan series Star Trek: Phase II is planning on releasing three episodes in 2010, with the first premiering next weekend at FedCon (and online later in May). Phase II star/producer James Cawley has given TrekMovie and update on their 2010 schedule, including two exclusive video previews and a first look at a certain animated character making his way to the bridge.   


Exclusive clips: "Enemy: Starfleet" – Coming May 2010

The next episode from Phase II is Enemy: Starfleet". Written by Dave Galanter and Patty Wright, "Enemy: Starfleet" tells the story of a Federation starship that was lost for eighteen years and resurfaces in the hands of a renegade alien named Alersa (played by Barbara Luna). We have a couple of exclusive clips, including some hot ship-on-ship action. [Note: Audio is not the final mix]

As reported earlier, James Cawley is traveling to Germany to preview "Enemy: Starfleet" at FedCon next weekend. The episode will have its Internet premiere later in May. 

Test image from "The Child" – coming late Summer 2010

After "Enemy: Starfleet" comes "The Child," which was written for the original Phase II by Jon Povill (and was later turned into a TNG episode of the same name). The episode has been reworked by Povill to fit with the new Phase II, now with a new Deltan crewmember (not Ilia) who will give birth to a mysterious child.

The episode will also see the introduction of the Star Trek: The Animated Series character Arex, who is being digitally rendered by Tobias Richter. Arex will be voiced by Chris Doohan (stepping in for his dad James Doohan who originally voiced Arex for TAS). Here is a test image of Arex.

Arex is coming to “Phase II”

James Cawley will also show an early workprint "The Child" next weekend at FedCon. The Internet premiere is currently planned for late Summer. 

Exclusive clip "Kitumba" – Coming Halloween 2010

The last Phase II episode of the year is "Kitumba", a story originally written by John Meredyth Lucas for the never produced 1970s’s Star Trek Phase II. The episode, which got a Phase II fan series rewrite by Patty Wright, is about Kirk and crew visiting the Klingon homeworld and the Klingon child king (the "Kitumba").

In the following exclusive clip you will see Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers) playing an Admiral and if you look closely you can also spot veteran Star Trek designer Andrew Probert in the background (as Commodore Probert. You will also see a historic moment, Kirk’s first encounter with a different looking Klingon. [Note: Audio is not the final mix]

"Kitumba" will be premiered on August 22nd at Fort Ticonderoga in New York (where some of the scenes were shot). The Internet premiere is planned for Halloween.

2 more episodes in 2011

Cawley tells TrekMovie that he plans to go into production on the Phase II prequel episode "Origins" (see previous story) in June, with a planned release in 2011. They will shoot another episode for 2011 this October. Cawley says he hasn’t picked which one that will be, but he has three scripts in consideration.

Poster for "Origins" the Star Trek Phase II ‘prequel’ episode

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I really hope they stick to this Timetable. I love this series. I consider it that last missions of the Enterprise before it’s historic refit. Cool in bringing Arex to the live action screen. Hope it will look good in motion.

Looking Good. Can not wait to see this when they come out!

Anyway to get this on my iPADD?

i wish they would have one huge starfleet battle with many federation ships of different types. The original TOS had one chance in the organian peace treaty but still only showed one ship at the very end even though they even remastered it. CBS digital screwed up just like they did with the klingon battle cruiser on enterprise show instead of designing the new one.

Arex looks great. I can’t wait to see some footage with Mr. Doohan’s vocals.
That beam-in of the Klingon has to be the longest uneventful materialization in Trek history. I hope that gets resolved in further editing.

Go Cawley.


So… M’Ress? Aw, c’mon! Here, use this clip:



Arex looks fantastic. I am officially a Tobias Richter fanboy now! :D

Looking forward to it! James, your hard work is greatly appreciated. Wish I had the means to help out!

Arex, wow. Not shying away from a huge technical challenge! It may be over a decade since Jar Jar Binks but that doesn’t mean it’s gotten easy.

The near-perfect quality of the sets and costumes in Phase II never gets old. Even when the acting and pacing get uneven, I always believe the footage was shot on the “real” Enterprise, and perhaps the real crew is tied up below decks. At its best, everything comes together and I believe Phase II is Star Trek.

It’s “Patty Wright”, not “Patty Write” though given she’s a prolific writer, an interesting slip.

All of it looks REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Arex looks exactly as I imagined him to look…great job James & Crew!

Wow looking forward to seeing it all. It’s come a long way since their first episode. Arex’s face doesn’t look like it sticks out enough to me, but if they keep it like it is I’ll accept it easily. He looks great! (Although I wonder how hard it will be to have a 3-armed, officer working the bridge controls).

I hope they’re able to keep to this sechedule. I still haven’t watched Blood and Fire part 2 because I’m waiting for a *downloadable* version with the final audio.

Looks very promising! Mr Cawley my hats off to you, keep it up, as it seems there will be nothing brought forth from the studeo’s dealing with Star Trek 09 between now and 2012, besides the Novel, and Comic books, which are great but not near what should be done to keep public interest and PR potential new fans (like a Clone Wars animated series), you continue to make a product that seems to keep getting better and better over time, Very well done. My only “creative” beaf is the title of the series. But that maybe coming from OCD tendencies. :} (Phase Two happens years after the original 5 year mission right?) Either way, hurray to FanFic!

Now, that is freakin’ cool. Always loved Arex.

Oh, This is going to be a good year! First “Enemy Starfleet”, then “The Child” and finally “Kitumba”. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I just can’t wait! Thank You James Cawley and the cast and crew of “Phase ll”.

better all the time!

It’s just a still shot, but I’m shocked at how good of a job Arex looks.

LOVE being a part of this!!!

Anyone else wanna come join us make another episode? Surf on over to our website and click the recruitment link and come up and make some Star Trek!!!!!!

Rob from Phase 2

Cawley, I appreciate the effort man!

This is way closer to what I wanted out of he new movie, but dude the production is just so cheap feeling.

Please invest in some sound engineering, the audio is just terrible on these.

I wish I could love this series, it’s got some first rate digital graphics, but the acting is so bad & the live sound is inaudible.

I tried, i really did. But it’s just so lame.

PS- Deltans have no hair, buy that chick a bald cap.


(1) Did you read the part that said:

[Note: Audio is not the final mix]

(2) The Deltan hair comment… well, Jon Povill kinda thought that nothing prevented them from having hair… and… well Jon Povill is one of the few true experts on the topic… ya know… considering he helped create the race and all for TMP…

I’d take his opinion (if you can call it that) on that topic over yours… sorry about that.

Rob from Phase 2

Perhaps,you should read the caption above that says “sound not final”
And Deltan’s can wear wigs…lol.

I love the fact that REAL STAR TREK (at least for purists) exists!

ALL HAIL New Voyages! I love it!

Great stuff. Really looking forward to “Enemy: Starfleet” and the other episodes. Awesome that they have brought in Arex.

Wow…Cawley is stepping up his game….awesome work. Any updates from the other fan series like hidden frontier…etc.

Arex looks seriously awesome. Very impressive.

21. Please invest in some sound engineering, the audio is just terrible on these.

No problem; just cut Mr. Cawley a check for $100k, sign up for June and come on up. I’m SURE your obvious audio expertise would be of great use!

Oh… no $$$? Wow, too bad dude. In that case, button it and watch!
Fans we love, trolls we got WAY too many of….

Regarding Deltan hair, I think you’d be better off making them bald for Phase II. Since we’ve only ever seen one of them, the baldness is what we recognize. Also Persis Khambatta had to shave her head for the roll, so it’s kind of like saying the new actor didn’t want to be bothered with doing it ;)

As I said with Arex though, I could easily accept a Deltan with hair. There’s nothing saying Illia was from a haired species who just decided to shave her head.

Meant to say: “Nothing preventing you from saying”

James, you obviously observe the animated series as “cannon”. Now do you plan on doing the Phase Two series after this series is completed? (I believe there is quite a bit of material that still exist dealing with that project)

James- did Gil Gerard have booze on his breath? Sounds pretty woozy…

It is quite evident that James Cawley and crew know what they are doing.
Their production values are top notch and anyone who nitpicks their work might as well just avoid this altogether and let everyone else enjoy it.

Aside from the acting(which I rate as good), James Cawley’s production has rivalled official productions, including the new movie.

I just wish that James and CBS can come to some sort of agreement to release his stuff on dvd. I realize there are numerous legal barriers, but maybe the profits can go to charity. “Star Trek: Phase II” shouldn’t be seen on a computer screen. It needs to be seen on a widescreen television. :-)

This looks great. Cant wait for the final version

Well done again James, and crew! Looking forward to them and more episodes!


32. Jim Cude:

It was a very late night, on a very hot set… and Gil and Andy had very little time to prepare.

Mr. Cawley,
Some of us wish we could do as good a job as you do with the budget you have to work with. As far as I know you don’t have the money Parmount or CBS has to do state of the art effects.
It’s too bad you can’t work something out with CBS on releasing DVD’s, I’m not really into watching internet shows especially with my hit or miss Verizon DSL
Once again Mr. Crawley thank you for your efforts and I would also like to say that before people start complaining about the quality of your work let’s see what they can do first with what you have to work with.

something about the movements of the ships doesn’t seem natural in the first clip. I do love the way the camera pans up on the klingon in the first clip reminiscent of star trek 6.

Arex! Amazing!

And I thought Gil was great. Plus COMMODORE PROBERT! After 30 years, he’s on screen!

Neat stuff…taking it up a notch.

Awesome! Phase II just gets better and better.

Cawley needs to work out some deal where he can put his series on dvd sort of like the crew of that awful “Of God’s and Men” movie did. We could buy autograph pics or posters and get the dvd’s for “free”. Would love to have those in my collection.

Hey, dudes! Why does Bones have his arms go back and forth between having them folded over his chest and having them at his side? And why is the sound so bad? I mean, I see that its just temporrary sound, but why are you guys releasing clips with temporarry sound in the first place? Why not just wait until the sound is done? What’s the point? To show us how good it might become eventually? Or to show us how bad it still is?

Not a bad job on Arex – go Phase II makeup artists!


All look good- looking forward to ’em!

To Jim Cude… not only was Gil Gerard TOTALLY SOBER when we shot that Transporter Room scene, I also have to tell you that he went out of his way to be friendly, helpful, and cheerful when most of us could barely keep our heads up.

It’s easy to heckle from the sidelines. It’s also really boorish.


The Phase II site has downloadable DVD versions of several of the episodes, including menus and case artwork. Just burn them to DVD and you can watch them on TV to your heart’s content. (There are also a number of very inexpensive programs that will convert standard MPEG and Quicktime files to DVD format.)

Forget the Abrams film, brought to us courtesy of a too-cool-for-school “Supreme Court” that promised to respect the source material but took a wrong turn at a Van Nuys brewery, ultimately producing a summer thrill ride that gave us many of the trappings of Trek with little of the soul or substance. Cawley’s effort, by contrast, is the real deal: a labor of love made by fans for the fans. However imperfect these episodes are (and I found some of the editing in the “Kitumba” clip pretty questionable), the fact remains that “World Enough and Time,” and to a lesser extent “Blood and Fire,” were by far the best things to bear the Star Trek label in at least the last decade. If Gene Roddenberry was wrong and there is some kind of an afterlife, I’d bet that he’s a lot more intrigued by the doings in an abandoned factory in upstate New York than those on the Paramount lot.

I may have been mistaken, but weren’t they working towards the refit of the Enterprise to make it look like the design from the Phase II that never happened and ended up being tweaked slightly for TMP? Either way, really looking forward to the episodes being released this year.

44- this is from my work print,and many adjustments to the edit for continuity must be made. This was given just to share with all of you, and in fact provides a look at just how much work we do. We actually accomplish a small miracle each time we make one of these.