First Look At Covers & Details On July Star Trek Comics

neroIDW has provided TrekMovie with a first look at the July Star Trek comic book solicitations and covers, which contains three new Trek issues and one new Trek trade paperback collection. We also have an update the April & May Trek comics.



New issues

Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge #2 (32 pages • $3.99)
Written by: Scott Tipton and David Tipton • Art: Federica Manfredi  • Cover: Joe Corroney

When the Enterprise crew embarks on a mission of planetary First Contact, Captain Kirk finds a peaceful, idyllic society, one happily linked together by a global thought network—or so it appeared. When he discovers a bitter rebellion simmering beneath the surface, will he be able to follow the Prime Directive, or find himself compelled to get involved?

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Star Trek: McCoy #4  (32 pages • $3.99)
Written, art & cover by: John Byrne

Our visit with the Doctor comes to an end with two titanic tales—first, Dr. McCoy must find a way to deal with a virus that just may be smarter than he is… and then a visit to an old friend finds Bones wrestling with a dilemma that cuts across the very heart of his Hippocratic Oath.

NOTE: Shipped with a special variant Byrne “gag” cover!,  regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

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Star Trek Movie Adaptation #5 (FC 32 pages $3.99)
Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci, Mike Johnson, Tim Jones, (w) David Messina (a & c)

J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman present the official comics adaptation of their blockbuster film STAR TREK! The creative team behind the best-selling STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN returns to continue the epic adventure as Kirk comes face to face with an older, wiser Spock… and meets a certain Scottish engineer for the first time. Includes scenes not in the original film!

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New Collection:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold (TPB  • 120 Pages • $19.99)
Written by: Scott and David Tipton •  Art: Fabio Montovani, The Sharp Bros. •  Covers: The Sharp Bros.

Scott and David Tipton (w) Fabio Montovani, The Sharp Bros. (a) Sharp Bros. (c)
Captain Sisko and the crew of Deep Space Nine make their triumphant return to comics! When the station begins to be overrun by thieves, treasure-seekers, bounty-hunters, and other assorted ne’er-do-wells, Major Kira and Constable Odo must find out why. Can they get to the bottom of it before the station’s new visitors bring things to a boiling point?!

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This collection is already available for pre-order at Amazon:

April/May IDW update

IDW has also informed TrekMovie that "Star Trek: Captain’s Log: Harriman", which was originally slated for April, is now coming out May 5th. The Star Trek Movie Adaptation #3 comes out April 28th.


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Can’t get hold of these where I live :-((

Trek Comics ftw!!

Just to mix things up, one time, I’d like to see the Enterprise visit a seemingly idyllic society… that is exactly as it appears.

Shortest episode ever.

I love these old style covers. And I dug my first issue of McCoy, frontier doctor.

Burden of Knowledge #2 sounds like a classic TOS story – I love it!

I wonder if they thought about making the movie adaptation with the original series images (updated)? In other words, draw a young William Shatner in place of Chris Pine. No offense to Chris, in fact, he did a better Kirk than Shatner did.


As a kid, I read an adaptation of “Ghostbusters II” where the characters were drawn in their “Real Ghostbusters” cartoon appearances. Rather interesting way of doing a comic adaptation, I thought, even then.


Oh dude. Raise your shields. The Wrath of the Trekkies is about to descend upon you.

(I’m not arguing with your point though.)

#6, Pine might have “done” Kirk, but Shatner “was” Kirk. But I would love to see a drawn adaptation with our familiar faces in it! When I read the book adaptation, I try to picture them instead of the new people.

That Uhura cover art is stunning! Pant*pant*pant…

Wow, that image of Uhura! I read a comment in the Karl Urban article about how nuUhura was a bit obvious and blah compared to the slightly mysterious allure of the Uhura of old. This cover catches that spirit for certain.

When I look at that Burden of Knowledge cover, all I see is sexual tension, thanks to the new movie.

The one and only place I know of where I can even think of buying these is the Barnes and Noble Online Store. Then I have to wait a week for them to get their collective heads out of their butts to mail them to me, lol.

What the heck is the burden of HNOWLEDGE?
I get IDW comics one the Ipos Touch APP. Very good way to geek out.

they should do comics of 7 of 9 erotica!

#3: The Enterprise can’t even stay within the boundaries of the Federation and do that. Not likely to happen.

Those comic book images are gorgeous though. I wish they would release them on the iPhone app so I could download them and read them in my spare time.


Take a cold shower.

I kept waiting to see the review of the next issue of Captain’s Log so that I would be reminded to go out and buy it – nice to know I can look forward to two purchases over the next two weeks!


Enough with the Seven Of Nine sexual references already! Geeze!

Anyway, all these books look interesting. But they still can’t seem to get Captain Sisko’s face right for some reason.

The “Burden Of Knowledge” cover art is classic! Great job!

Where’s O’Brien in that DS9 cover??? He was there more often than Jake!

@15: If you find the proper frame, I’m sure Ms. Ryan’s restraining order against you will look lovely on your wall.

i like Messina and Byrne, but I need more Gordon Purcell art on TREK! He’s the best TREK artist of them all, and these various Italian artists aren’t doing very well. Their inking is the worst!
I’d also like to see more Trek books. 3 issues a month isn’t too much to ask!

6. BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!

I love that cover picture of Uhura! Wow, one of the best!

#6 You are wrong!

No effort to prove my point, you are just wrong.

IDW shouldn’t have anything to do with the new movie anyway, there best off working in the REAL Trek universe.

(this is where the lame-o newbies will attack me, consider yourself saved)

Walshy, Try using Westfield Comics a great mail order comics service. They carry Star Trek comics and merchandise.

Excellent covers, and the one made me almost laugh until I polob’oltnopped.

@11 So, if only the Boborci would convince Saldaña to adopt one of Nichelle’s classic Uhura hairstyles for the sequel!!! That would be awesome, yes!