Preview William Shatner’s Duet of “Total Eclipse” With Taiwanese Internet Star

For today’s little dose of Shatner awesome, we have a preview from tonight’s Lopez Tonight of Bill singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in a duet with Taiwanese Internet singing sensation Lin Yu Chun. Check it out below.



Total Eclipse of the Shat

Lin Yu Chun (the Taiwanese singer who sounds like Whitney Houston and has become an Internet hit) makes his American TV singing debut on tonight’s Lopez Tonighton TBS (11 PM). And joining him is Bill Shatner for a duet of the Bonnie Tyler classic "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Check out the preview below (you will have to watch the show to see the full thing).



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Shatners still got it

He’s certainly got lungs. Shatner’s just along for the ride.

William Shatner is so awesome. He makes lame cool.

Two words: Classic Shat!

Enough said :-)

Mercifully, it only lasted a minute. Lin Yu Chin sings well enough. Career advice from a fellow musician:


Too bad the third of the Internet who use mobile viewing can’t see shit because you embedded that outdated tech called Flash.

CmdrR: Bonnie Tyler is spinning in her grave.

Bonnie Tyler: I’m not dead, you #$^%.

CmdrR: Oh. Well, look at the above video.

Bonnie Tyler: OK. Wait a minute.

a minute later

Bonnie Tyler: I wish I were dead. But, Shat is still the greatest.


Yes, but have you seen this version…?? >>>

Turn around.

(enthusiastic next line!!!)

Turn around.

(another enthusiastic line!!!)

Holy Shat! hes done it again!

at the start i thought ‘nah..its not working a rare shat misfire’…but then i continued to watch and was sucked in…twas the 3rd ‘turn around’ that did it….i mustve watched it about 15 times now.

never mind ‘I need you now tonight’…i need to see more!

The Shat = pure awesomeness

Yeah! Turn Around! Awesome Diva, I love The Shat!

Anthony – I ..need you…now…tonight…to post….the full thing….when its available….please

What a piece of Shat that was!

Norman, coordinate…

Oh my dear god in heaven…

Long Live William Shatner!

…..oh dear lord above…….

OMG this looks so great – I can’t wait to hear the full version!

the album…
I want it.







This song is weird.

“Taiwanese Susan Boyle”, Damn got that right

Wasn’t Zoe on Lopez Tonight, too?

Put it on the itunes store.

Shat’s OK, but he is no Lin Yu Chun.

William Shatner, FTW!

Dang, that kid can sing.

I agree about the flash files on the sight ( but I would have been a bit more polite to Anthony about it)

I love it!!!

You guys gotta check out the full version…

And for more Shatner greatness, his CD “Has Been” with Ben Folds is just as enjoyable.

oh my!…..he didn’t call him Sulu did he?,…wish I had seen that!

I absolutely enjoyed your blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Simply cool.