Chris Pine To Pair Up With Seth Rogen For Action Comedy?

Since Chris Pine’s breakout performance in the 2009 Star Trek movie, his name gets floated on a lot of Hollywood projects, and there is another today. The Wrap is reporting that Chris Pine and Seth Rogen are being wooed by 20th Century Fox to star in an "action comedy" opposite Reese Witherspoon.



Round 2 for Chris and Seth?

Remember last month when we reported that Seth Rogen (while MC’ing the "Night at Sardi’s" fundraiser), joked that after giving Chris Pine a kiss, Pine "punched him"? Well now it looks like the two may square off again in the film This Means War. According to The Wrap (which has a good track record), 20th Century Fox has narrowed down their list of potential stars for the comedy to Pine and Rogen. The film is about two best friends who fight over a woman (played by Witherspoon), and their fight ends up destroying parts of New York. According to the report, Both Pine and Rogen are being considered to replace Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) for the role of ‘FDR’ (one of the two friends). But the report also confirms that James Franco has dropped out of the project (playing the other friend), so Pine and Rogen could both end up both being cast as the two friends.

Chris Pine and Seth Rogen at "A Night At Sardi’s" Fundraiser – March 18th

As of now Pine has wrapped on the Tony Scott action movie Unstoppable, starring opposite Denzel Washington. That film is slated to be released November 12th, 2010. Pine can probably work in one or two films before filming on the Star Trek sequel starts in 2011.  Pine is attached to the Dreamworks counterfeiting drama The Art of Making Money, which was last reported to be beginning production in 2010. Pine is also attached to Moscow, the next Jack Ryan film. No word yet on when that film will go into production. 

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So is Chris on the right or the left?

Why do all the articles about the “new” Star Trek cast always end in question marks?

Do you know why?

Chris Pine should know better! Seth Rogen is a trainwreck!

No he’s not!

Yeah, that’s why Green Hornet is considered virtually unreleasable by Sony!

3. Because no one really knows anything for sure anymore, I’m guessing?

so the Green Hornet is turning out to be a pretty bad idea. That doesnt mean that Seth Rogen isnt one of the most talented young comedic actors/writers in the game today.

Gawd, we’re setting the bar pretty low these days, aren’t we?

Not necessarily.

Has ever movie that Seth Rogen has been in, been great? No. Has he been is some damn good ones though? Yes. I don’t have a lot faith in the Green Hornet story. I’m not a major comic book nerd, so I don’t know what impact the Green Hornet comics made in the industry. Other than hardcore nerds (and I mean that in the kindest way possible because I am one as well) know who the hell the Green Hornet is? Its kind of like Frank Miller bringing The Spirit out…well, that just sucked.., but you get my point. Seth is a very talented person and deserves every bit of success that he has gotten.

All I’m saying is that Hollywood should have a much better, more diverse spread of talent available for the latest projects. It seems that every few years a crop of wannabees pop up who dominate the landscape….people who barely qualify for consideration!

Seth Rogen has been in a lot of great movies, but he’s had a recent trend of stinkers. If James Franco dropped out of it, there might be a whiff of another stinker. Hopefully Pine can tell and makes the right choice.

Whatever, Chris is a busy guy! Good luck to him. He’s a terrific actor and, it seems, a nice guy.

Pine and Rogen make a good “odd couple.”

Not sure why two guys would fight over Reese Witherspoon, though.

Unless they were each trying to get the other one to take her.


Yeah, you could use Witherspoon’s chin as a battering ram to get through a door!

I like this possibility, both are funny guys.