Watch Full Version Of William Shatner/Lin Yu Chun Duet

Yesterday we had a preview of from the Lopez Tonight of William Shatner and Lin Yu Chun duet of the Bonnie Tyler Classic "Total Eclipse of the Heart", and now the full version is available. Check it out below.



Total Eclipse of the Shat [full version)



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William Shanter?

Oh, yes – William Shanter was the guy who played Catpain Krik, right?

Go Shat!!!!!!!!!!

@ #2

No, William Shatner is the guy who was in 2 Twilight Zone episodes, 2 Alfred Hitchcock episodes, 2 Mission Impossible episodes, 2 Columbo episodes, The Six Million Dollar Man, Kung Fu, Hawaii Five-O, Cosby, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Boston Legal.

So, in case you are not familiar with the Classics (TZ & Hitchcock) nor watched any of those popular 70’s & 90’s shows, or Boston Legal, I guess you could pretend he was the guy who played Kirk? I’m not sure though…

He puts himself in so many awkward musical situations.

SO MANY! And yet he can’t sing at all! AND KNOWS IT!

Genius. Pure genius.

@ #4

Don’t forget his inspiring guest performance on the hit TV show Ironside where he portrayed a father torn between his duty to his son and his quest for vengeance.

Some…….one……….some…………THING………has taken over my………SHIP…………myyyyyyyyyy…………CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@#2 & #4

You’re both wrong. He’s the guy from the classic “Kingdom of the Spiders”

Amen #9 !

nothing beats rocket man!

but that “turn around” was definitely kirkish (if thats a word)

Shatner is the greatest! From an album that everybody goofed on back in the day, to a whole new career ( still 40 yrs after the fact), a whole new persona, and newer and younger audiences all the time. I love the man.

You know, way back nearly 20 yrs ago, when I first started teaching I had “The Transformed Man” in my CD player in my car. And I listened to it a lot that year. Maybe that’s part of my problem.


Referencing that Six Million Dollar Man that someone spoke of….now THAT’S classic Shatner. Someone needs to put that up.

William Shatner….huh….thought he was the guy who was on Policewoman–oh wait, that was Big Bad Mama!

BRILLIANT! LOVED IT! Which one is William Shatner?

Holy smokes. That one Dude totally rocked that song.

But where are the curse words? Damn you, Dan Band!

Lin Yu Chun has a great voice – and the Shat definitely has a most unique way to sing harmony. Love it. :))

@4, @7, @9 – Did any of you actually *read* what I wrote (not to mention the article headline)? Or did your eyeballs just automatically correct the text?

@Catpain Dusnel: I did.


Excuse me but not even a mention of EARTH DAY ?!?!?

. . .thought he was the star of “Incubus”

My life is now complete. The Shat is King!

81@ – fets – !sknaht

If you’re looking for classic Bill find the One Step Beyond episode called “The Promise” its one of the finest jobs of acting that Shatner ever did.

jajaja not bad Bill sound good in second vocie….;)

that was just awsome.. shat sounds like scat.. but still makes the song so unique… loved it.. just brilliant. btw.. did anyone forget tj hooker?

#4 and so on, I believe #2 was only referring to the spelling error in “Shanter” and not actually “Shatner”.

William Shatner Vs. XX’s “The Most Interesting Man in the World” who is really more interesting?