BBC America Adds Star Trek: The Next Generation

The cable network that airs Brit Sci-Fi shows like Doctor Who, Torchwood, Being Human and Primeval, is adding some Trek to its schedule. Starting next week BBC America will air Star Trek: The Next Generation daily. Details below.


Next Gen to BBC America

BBC America has announced they will begin airing Star Trek: The Next Generation on Monday April 26th. They will air one episode a night at 8 PM. They are starting with season three (episode "Evolution"), and they will air the rest of season 3 in broadcast order. Season 4 starts Tuesday June 1st and Season 5 starts July 7th. No word on if they will add additional seasons in the future. 

BBC America is also playing the first TNG movie this Sunday. Star Trek: Generations plays at 8:30 and 11:30 PM Sunday April 25th.

More info on TNG at BBC-A at

You can see the full BBC America schedule online at (just select "Star Trek" to see show times).

Star Trek: Next Generation also continues to air in broadcast syndication, WGN and Syfy.

Star Trek: Voyager airs on Spike, and Star Trek: Enterprise airs on Syfy.


Thanks to AJ for the tip.


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I thought the reason for having BBC America was to show British TV to American audiences. I’m confused.

Must have a hole in their schedule. Apparently the Test Card is no longer acceptable!

awww i saw the logo and was hoping it was an announcement of an real HD conversion (not that crappy upscale of DS9 on TOS season 2 blu-ray). You got my hopes up.

kudos for starting at Season 3 when the show got good.


Yes, Enterprise is on SyFy. Enterprise was filmed in HD. Syfy is in HD, yet they show it SD. Why?

Enterprise is also shown properly on HDNet if you have that.

I thought it strange when I saw the TNG promo during Doctor Who, but maybe it’s acceptable since a British actor is the lead.


Hard to believe the audience hasn’t seen all seven seasons. Odd to cherry pick, even if it would be good to ‘forget’ most of season one.

I think its great to have TNG on the BBC. It expands treks fan base. Now the UK will have it on TV and more people who were not able to watch it will be able to watch it now and enjoy what we all seem to take for granted.

“I thought the reason for having BBC America was to show British TV to American audiences. I’m confused.”

It’s just ordinary thematic degeneration: Cartoon Network adds live action; the Sci Fi channel adds ghost documentaries; Music Television drops music; all cable news channels switch to hysteria. (I think the Weather Channel is switching to general news but it’s early yet.)

TNG also airs at 1am on Fox 40 in Sacramento, Ca. Might want to look on your local channels to see if it airs.

…because when I think Star Trek, I think BBC?

Well you have Patrick Stewart and Colm Meaney(sp) who are both British actors, so maybe BBCAmerica is focusing on British actors in TV shows regardless of where the show was created..


Mr. Meaney is Irish, which as I’m sure he’d tell you, refers to those who come from a neighboring country to the UK called the Republic of Ireland.

It’s good they’re starting with the 3rd season… Season’s 1 & 2 had their moments, but were still “shaky” compared to the rest of the series.

That just seems … random. Perhaps next week BBC America will add “Friday the 13th: The Series” to its roster since the actors spoke English?

Wish SYFY would show DS9. I have seasons 4-7 on DVD, but until I get a job… that’s it for awhile…
and the Weather Channel is showing ” The Avengers” (with it’s “weather based villian”) *Sigh*


12. You’re right.

Safe to assume that season 3 was picked because TNG had finally found itself. Good story arcs and character depth.

This same can be said for seasons 4-5-6.

However season seven had alot of Exciting (and for some reason) unmemorable episodes. The only one i can think of is “All Good Things”..


Yeah there were some clunkers in season 7, like “Dark Page”,”Homeward”, and “Sub Rosa”, but there were also some great ones like “Descent, Part II”, “The Pegasus”, “Parallels”, “Journey’s End”, “Preemptive Strike” and of course the classic finale, “All Good Things…”.

In cable confusion don’t forget syFfy has stuck us with wrestling which belongs on ESPN or sports south etc. But hey BBC gives more trek to enjoy! SciFi shows all 5 treks in UK our flagship SYFI should do the same along with other quality SF. But yes this does expand the fan base. Good show UK ill take trek any way they serve it up. And yes picking the choice episodes is a good thought!

#20 Yeah, I forgot about pegasus, that is actually on my favorites list. I didn’t care about the borg as much after “Hugh” showed up. In my mind, Just the idea of the borg was scary enough, I thought it was overkill to make them look like zombies.

Top Gear, Doctor Who, Inbetweeners, and TNG. Great Combination!
Hopefully this will remove like the 3/5 of the weekday tv that’s plagued by Chef Gordon Ramsey.

One more Brit in the cast: Marina Sirtis. But I concur, it seems like inappropriate programming.

For those who have it, Star Trek: Enterprise also airs 3 episodes per weekday on HDNET at 10 11 12 AM Eastern. Commercial free to boot!