Star Trek: The Exhibition May Be Headed To Riverside, CA

Earlier in the month TrekMovie reported the next two stops for the engagement of Star Trek: The Exhibition which recently ended in San Jose, will be Sacramento, CA and Louisville, KY. Today we have the first news on the other engagement that was most recently in Hollywood, CA. Next week the city council for Riverside, CA will decide if they are the next stop.


Exhibition may go to Riverside next

Star Trek: The Exhibition, the traveling exhibit of Star Trek props, costumes, models and replicas has two ‘engagements’. One is anchored by a replica of the original Star Trek Enterprise bridge, and the other has a replica of the Next Generation Enterprise-D bridge. The TOS bridge version ended its run at the Tech Museum in San Jose on April 11th and will open up again May 29th at the Aerospace Museum of California in Sacramento, CA, where it will run until January 2011, when it will then move to the Louisville Science Center in Louisville, KY to run until May 2011.

The engagement with the TNG bridge ended its latest run in Hollywood, CA, Christmas 2009 (see TrekMovie story on Hollywood exhibit). Since that time it has gone through some refurbishment and apparently it is ready to go back on the road. The Riverside Press-Enterprise is reporting that the Riverside City Council will vote on Tuesday over whether to spend the $75,000 required to bring it to the Riverside Metropolitan Museum. If the vote goes through, the exhibit will be at the museum from June 15th to February 2011, where they project will it will bring in 40,000 visitors and $800,000. More info at

USS Enterprise D recreation from Star Trek: The Exhibition

Fifth California Location?

If the Riverside City Council approves, this will be the fifth location in California to house Star Trek: The Exhibition  (not counting Long Beach, CA which hosted the original Star Trek: The Tour in 2008). This would mean that over half the exhibition tour locations will be inside California, with stops in San Diego, San Jose, Hollywood, and Sacramento (opening next month).  Outside of California, three cities have hosted so far (Phoenix, AZ, Detroit, MI, Philadelphia, PA) with  Louisville, KY joining the list in 2011.

Notify your local museum about Star Trek: The Exhibition

Many fans want to see Star Trek: The Exhibition come to their local town. One way you can help is to let them know about it. You can contact your local museum and/or go to a special page on the official site at:


Star Trek: The Exhibition Slideshow

Here is a slideshow of images from Star Trek: The Exhibition in Hollywood, the same engagement that may be headed to Riverside.

Full slideshow



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Can’t wait for ky. Living in il this is the closest and also it’s tos.

Please let it come to Riverside. I’m in LA and I missed out on it when it was in Hollywood.

Riverside, California? Wouldn’t Riverside, Iowa be more appropriate? Unless that city is too small?

At least the California Riverside has a newspaper with “Enterprise” in its name!

Why don’t they just rename this “Star Trek: The California Exhibition”?

1. Same here, I live in in IL and will be driving over with a friend of mine. Have been hoping it would come somewhere close and prefer to see the TOS bridge! :)

I’ll be moving to Riverside soon! I hope this goes through! It would be so great to have Star Trek in my backyard!

Just out of curiosity, is there a tour date list that shows which cities the Exhibition will come to?

#6.) Dear lord, what an awful awful place to live. Unless you like crystal meth. Then it’s great! I have a friend who is stuck living in her parents’ house in Riverside because of the weak economy, and she is absolutely miserable in that desert of nothingness.

As for the exhibit, if I had known a replica of the D-bridge was there, I would have visited. Now I may have to may the hour long journey to Riverside. Ick.

I wish it would come to New Zealand !


I live near Philly but never bothered to go to the Exhibition. It was priced too high and did not have much to see.

They sure do like that display of the 3 phasers in the slideshow dont they? They had that picture like 6 times in it.

As someone who has lived his entire life in Riverside…

Heck yeah!

I did go to the last day of Star Trek: The Tour way back when, but I can’t think of anything I want more than to be back on that bridge.


“Why don’t they just rename this “Star Trek: The California Exhibition”?”

It is a great time to be a Trek fan in California! Our state may be broke and the economy down the tubes here, but at least we get to hog all the Trek exhibits! :-)

California, California and California! That’s all right – I don’t want to see the TNG bridge anyway!

I hope they vote for it. I never made either of the other CA appearances, and this is just next door.

Saw it in Long Beach a couple of years ago, but Riverside is practically my backyard (l lived there years before and live in a neighboring city in the same county now).

Hope the RC Council votes for it; it’d be a welcome source of revenue and bring even more tourists in (besides those who come at Christmastime for the Festival of Lights, as well as those who just come year round to see the Mission Inn hotel itself).

I’d gladly go back and see it again if it were just fifteen minutes away. ( ;

Is this ever leaving California?

I saw it in Long Beach and Hollywood. I hope they do another free preview night, like they did in Hollywood. Riverside is 15 minutes away! ):

# 4 – a fitting name!

this is absurd, there are 49 other states that have star trek fans in the U.S., get it out of CA. one city is acceptable, two is plausible but not in that short of a timespan, three is utterly ridiculous.

go east!

It should come back to San Diego.

I have to agree with everyone complaining about how it doesnt seem to leave California. I am getting sick and tired of hearing how its going to (insert city name here), CA. And I agree with #4. If you guys wont come to the East Coast (preferably NEW YORK) then you better rename yourselves to Star Trek: The California Exhibition, because at this point its getting old and its pissing everyone in the 49 other sates off. Besides, I’m not buying a plane ticket to fly my ass out there for one day then fly back. Not happening!

I don’t feel mad about the ST Exhibition coming here to Cali. Probably because I live here and it make it easier for me to go to the events, but I do think it needs to stop coming to California. After Riverside, of course. After that it should go to the rest of the states.

Louisville KY, eh? Well, that’s closer to Dallas than California, anyway – good excuse for a road trip in 2011!

I want to see the Enterprise D come to Chicago at the Museum of science and industry… Its a no brainer for both parties!

Come to the Boston Museum of Science! That’s only about an hour away from me.

I still remember when they’re second stop was gonna be Minneapolis. What happened?

Museum of Science and Industry Chicago ftw.
… And it better be the TOS bridge.

Hi there, It would be fantastic if an star trek exhibition would come to CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND for once. About 15 to 20 odd years ago we had one in Wellington, New Zealand. I wanted but I could not raise the money to get there let alone paying to get in the exhibition. IT WAS NOT FAIR!! So please bring it down here this time! Pleeeeeease?!