STO Update: DS9 Video + Undine Terradome Images + Producer Interview

The folks behind Star Trek Online have released a new video showing off a mission at the famed "Deep Space Nine" space station. They have also released new images of the upcoming "Undine Terradome" mission. We also have a new interview with STO producer Craig Zinkievich. Check it all out in our latest STO update below.



Video: Fleet Action – DS9

This new video from Cryptic shows off the ‘DS9 under siege’ fleet action mission, which was part of the Season 1 update for the game.

Terradome coming April 30th.

And a reminder that on April 30th Cryptic will release the Special Task Force Mission "Undine Terradome". Our last update had a preview video of that (click to check that out), and on Friday Cryptic released some screenshots.


STO producer answers fan questions – talks ‘advisory board’

The latest podcast from our friends at STOKED, has a good interview with Star Trek Online executive producer Craig Zinkievich, where he answers some fan questions, and gives an update on the ‘advisory council’ (which TrekMovie will be participating in).


Start Playing 

If you want to get into the 25th century and play Star Trek Online it is available at Amazon discounted currently for less than $25 (or $47 for the collectors edition), and that includes a one month subscription.

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Just how old is DS9?

Whoa, chaotic!!!


1. Looks like 63 years old by the time of STO, says it went operational in 2346.

Cool vids, have a lifetime sub but haven’t been on too much lately…need to get back.

You would think DS9 would be replaced with one of those shiny starbases. Bajor is part of the Federation now isn’t it?

Does anyone remember when Star trek used to be about exploring?

they will get back the exploring roots,,, hopefully at least,, they just need to add not only new strands of content to the game but new types of gameplay to make it a more realistic star trek experience, which i believe they are working to do,, they do not want this game to be a flop, mmos never start out great

Just me, or do the round airlock doors on the DS9 vid seem massive? On the show, they were human-sized; here they appear to be 2 to 3 times bigger than the folks running about.
Still, it’s nice to see Terok Nor in action again.

The game is already a flop.

Yeah the game looks like a flop to me, granted I haven’t actually played it. Looks like a generic space MMO with a Star Trek name and a story that’s fanfic quality. Most of the ship designs still look bad, and wtf is up with giving 8472 a name. I mean come on, just knowing them by their Borg designation was cool, then to come up with a lame name like Undine. Each time there’s news about the game I’m more and more glad I didn’t sign on.

I already played through the DS9 Under Siege fleet action a while back, and I did pretty well in it. Out of 30 people participating at the time, I finished sixth, which is not too shabby at all! :)

Still bummed that TrekWeb wasn’t represented on the STO advisory council…

No mention of the monthly subscription fee when advertising how “cheap” the game is now?

“You would think DS9 would be replaced with one of those shiny starbases. Bajor is part of the Federation now isn’t it?”

There could be a standard Federation in orbit of Bajor or at least somewhere in the Bajoran system; DS9 is currently on the vicinity of the wormhole.

standard Federation starbase, I mean… x_x

I’m having a great time with STO and I don’t even know how to do half of the stuff yet. Give it time to appeal to a variety of people.

My son and I are having a fantastic time with Star Trek Online. If you’re getting the appearance that it’s all fighting, that is not the case. While that does happen frequently, a lot of the missions that we’ve been sent on so far are exploration missions. We’ve been through the Guardian of Forever to save Miral Paris, helped defeat another Doomsday machine with the help of special weaponry, explored a number of different regions of space. We are really enjoying it, and it definately feels like STAR TREK, not just another MMO . . . though to be honest, I’ve never played any other space based games. I certainly wouldn’t call it a flop . . . it’s fun to play and definitely feels like a continuation of the TNG/VGR/DS9 era of Trek. Considering how often we play, the monthly subscription doesn’t seem too bad to me.

@6 – Yeah. I also remember when Star Trek was about Kirk kicking alien ass, so don’t get all high and mighty on us, brother.


Yeah, the first DS9 mission was a throwback to “Treachery, Faith, and the Great River”, some people found it annoying, but I was chuckling to myself trading provisions for self-sealing stem-bolts for some Bajoran land. Pretty cute.

No, not for me. Too much shooting.

What else is on?

A game of this nature needs action and violence to be exciting, all day, every day. MMOs aren’t really much more than fighting, getting loot, doing spreadsheets to determine the best way to develop your character, fighting and so on.

I would say a Star Trek game of any type needs to be predominantly action-based to hold the attention of the intended audience and to be marketable.

The DS9 promenade looks surprisingly faithful! But why are the people only 30 centimeters tall?

Sigh, I was one of the biggest proponents for this game about a month ago, but since I hit the level cap, I am basically stuck with nothing to do. I really don’t want to remake a character and I really don’t want to keep paying for my inactivity. It may be time to quit