June Star Trek Charity Auction – Contains Lots From Roddenberry Estate, William Shatner & 2009 Star Trek Movie

In June Julien’s Auctions will be holding an auction of items from the estate of Gene and Majel Roddenberry, from William Shatner and from JJ Abrams & Paramount. The lots, on auction to benefit charity, will range from personal items from Roddenberry’s office, to costumes from the 2009 Star Trek movie, to William Shatner’s motorcycle.    



Star Trek Auction – June 27th in Las Vegas

The Julien’s Star Trek Auction will be held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 27th. The bulk of the auction will be items from the estate of Gene and Majel Roddenberry. In addition the auction will included items from William Shatner and a number of lots from the 2009 Star Trek movie, provided by JJ Abrams and Paramount.

A dress worn by Majel Barrett Roddenberry in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and a jacket worn by Leonard Nimoy in "Star Trek 2009" – part of Star Trek Auction this summer

Roddenberry Estate items

The lots from the Roddenberry estate include personal effects, furnishings, memorabilia, books and Star Trek related items from Gene and Majel Roddenberry’s Bel Air home, where the couple lived, including items from his library and office. All told there will be around 200-300 total items from the estate.

Items from Gene Roddenberry’s office being auctioned for charity

Highlights from Roddenberry’s Bel Air home include: a Gene Roddenberry hand annotated script from Star Trek: The Next Generation (Est. $2,000/$3,000), costumes worn by Majel Barrett Roddenberry as she portrayed Lwaxana Troi in both Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine (Est. $800/$1,200), a copy of “I Sing The Body Electric” inscribed to Gene Roddenberry by Ray Bradbury (Est. $1,000/$1,500), a Peabody award for Star Trek The Next Generation episode “The Big Good-bye” (Est. $400/$600), the remaining archive of Lincoln Enterprises Star Trek film clip collection (Est. $2,000/$3,000), cast bronze sculpture after Frederic Remington (Est. $2,000/$3,000), cast bronze figure after Auguste Moreau (Est. $600/$800), Steinway and Sons baby grand piano ($8,000/$10,000) and other fine & decorative art pieces. All proceeds from the Roddenberry auction will go to a charity chosen by the Roddenberry estate.

Star Trek model from Gene Roddenberry’s office

Star Trek 2009 items

In addition to the Roddenberry collection, JJ Abrams and Paramount have provided a number of items from the Star Trek movie to be auctioned for charity. Highlights include wardrobe worn by franchise legend Leonard Nimoy (see above – Est. $5,000/$7,000) and Starfleet cadet costumes as worn by Zoe Saldana and Chris Pine (below – Est. $500/$1,000). There are also Enterprise and Kelvin uniforms and a Romulan uniform.

Cadet uniforms up for auction

In addition to costumes, there are also some set pieces and props, including a bridge chair from the U.S.S. Kelvin. Props include a Romulan Rifle (Est. $2,000/$2,500), a Starfleet Medical Tricoder (Est. $1,500/$1,750), a Klingon Disruptor (Est. $500/$1,000) and more.

Star Trek 2009 Klingon disruptor  can be yours

Also included will be eight one-of-a-kind artist rendered U.S.S. Enterprise models built by Quantum Mechanix and painted by artists from around the world (Est. $2,000/$2,500). These artist Enterprises were used to promote the Star Trek film in 2009. All of the Star Trek 2009 items are being auctioned to benefit Children’s Defense Fund (childrensdefense.org) and Student Veterans of America (studentveterans.org).

Shatner Items

And finally, the June 27th auction will include some items provided by William Shatner. Leading the collection of William Shatner is his 2005 FXDC Dyna Super Glide Custom Harley Davidson (Est. $12,000/$14,000). Boldly go where no man has gone before… riding William Shatner’s motorcycle; the first FX Super Glide was produced by Harley Davidson in 1971. Also included are his Golden Globe nomination certificates for Boston Legal (Est. $300/$500), “Rescue 911” pinball machine (Est. $1,000/$1,500), William Shatner original “Walk of Fame” plaque when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in May 1983 (Est. $150/$300) and various ephemera from his personal collection relating to Star Trek and other productions from his career.

Shatner’s hog up for auction

To commemorate this historic event, William Shatner will be available for photo ops and autographs on Thursday June 24th at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. A portion of the proceeds from the Shatner items ill go to the Hollywood Charity Horse Show (horseshow.org).

Shatner’s Walk of Fame plaque – ready to sell

Auction in June – can bid online

The Star Trek auction will be held on June 27th in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. More information on the Roddenberry/Shatner auction and the Star Trek 2009 auction can be found at juliensauctions.com

All of the items from the auction will be on display at Planet Hollywood starting 14th. Bidding can be done at the auction, or via online proxy bidding. Printed and online catalogs for the full auction will be available in May.  You can pre-order the catalog for $50 at juliensauctions.com/shop.

Julien’s 2010 Star Trek Auction Catalog

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/selfbonk. I want that Pac Man Spock snow jacket.

…that’s what the Klingon disruptor rifle looked like in the 2009 movie?!? You can’t be serious…maybe it’s good that we DIDN’T see the Klingons, because that looks like the stupidest, most un-creative gun design in history. Wow…

The USS Las Vegas Star Trek Fan Club, Based here in Las Vegas, NV hopes to to be able to take part in this very important Charity Auction. We are anxiously awaiting to hear back from Julian’s Auctions about our possible role in this historice event in Star Trek History

Who cares about everything else…I WANT THE BIKE!!..lol

Wow, three upcoming Star Trek auctions this year…
I was wondering what had happened to all the Lwaxana Troi outfits because none was sold in the 2 1/2 year It’s A Wrap! sale; now they will finally enter the market.


I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that the gun was used for a long distance shot on the Klingons. Why waste the money and time on something seen from far away? Cheap and easy way to get a movie made.

Total guess though, might be wrong. But seems logical.

The purple dress Majel wore (and the pic inset) are from the TNG ep “Manhunt.” It was just on.

I’d kill for the model from Gene’s desk.

If I only had the Money. Some great things there to be bought.

Well at least they’re not going an auctioning off truly important stuff like they did before. I’m still mad that such a huge chunk of Trek’s legacy was sold off. But if individuals want to sell off their own items that’s fine.

@6: “Cheap and easy way to get a movie made.”

Especially when the sequence is cut for reasons even I could have seen in the first draft. Lots of planning, sets, aliens, klingon make up, wardrobe, lighting, crew, cast. All for a sequence that does nothing. You know? Money well spent.

I seen that too, CmmdR. TNG, not DS9. Picard’s undergarments were on too tight as well.

BND: Awwwwwwk! How comes no lass wants ta’ talks ta’ me in me new Spock 2009 overcoat. Look- tha’ puffy hands arrrrrr like them teethy tentacles from tha’ film “Tremors!” and what lass dunna’ wanna’ tremor?

NATASHA: Who is that dork with that weird hooded jacket with mittens sewn in? It’s like a reversal of those footy pajamas.

SHIRLEY: I don’t know but… but he’s not wearing pants. You think that’s a third sleeve extending out from below? I mean… wow! Supersize me!

NATASHA: You take off the hood and if he doesn’t look like Lt. Barclay, we’ll give him a go!

BND: (hopping on Kirk bike) Evenin’ lasses! Care fur’ a ride? This bike has added suspension just fur’ Kirk’s girth so ye’ two hoppin’ up would be no tribble at all.

SHIRLEY: Where you going, sailor?

BND: Ta’ play wit’ me movie models.

NATASHA: Oooooh! He knows Hollywood starlets! This guy must be hot! Let’s ride, mister!

BND: Awwwwwwk! Grand! Can’ts waits ta’ show them me movie models o’ tha’ Enterprize and Spock’s Squid ship…

SHIRLEY: Oh… my… God! Is he taking us to The Valley?!

BND: Nigh! Kentucky we go!


To bad I don’t have the money right now, I’d bid on Spock’s coat and one of the artist rendered U.S.S. Enterprise models.

Surprised that the Walk of Fame plaque is only going for an estimated $150 to $300. One of you Shatner worshippers should go for it! After all, your idol has probably even *touched* it! Wow! ; )

I like those Cadet uniforms. I think I prefer them to the modernised TOS uniforms. And a chair from the Kelvin would be pretty cool too. Klingon disruptor looks awful. The aesthetic doesn’t really go with the cool masks they wore in the deleted scenes. Just as well we didn’t see them.

I’ve tried very hard to be open-minded and “tolerant” of the “young minds, fresh ideas” but IMHO the back half of the nuEnterprise model looks absolutely horrible in profile. I truly hope she’ll get a major refit (including engineering, of course) before the next movie.

15 – I agree. The nacelles always look rear-heavy and like they’re not mounted onto the secondary hull properly, like they’re about to break off.

I hope they get lots of money, since it’s a charity auction. Unfortunately, none of it will be from me seeing as how I’m a poor college student.

#7 is correct. Majel’s purple dress is from the TNG episode “Manhunt.” Majel wore it in the bar scene of the Dixon Hill holodeck program.

Yup that episode of tng was just on scifi even tho the channel guide said stargate sg1 shoulda been on-hmm now ghost whisperer but instead its another tng episode-auctions are great but only if u have money sigh ohwell…

No one could rock that jacket like Nimoy. Anybody else would look like a dork. Nimoy makes this look good.

I could die happy if I had a Rescue 911 Pinball Machine.

“One of you Shatner worshippers should go for it! After all, your idol has probably even *touched* it!”

That’s the problem – it’s sacrosanct now, we are not worthy of touching it, only worshipping it from afar…:))

Not that fans don’t deserve to own a piece of Trek history, but I think a lot of this stuff belongs in a museum for all to enjoy. But yeah, I’d kill a tribble on live TV for that Roddenberry desk model of the Enterprise-D!

Surprised Shatner with auction his Walk of Fame plaque.

oooh!!! I wanna cadet uniform! At least the jacket!!!

Love Luxanna’s dress she and I are the same dress size! Would not need alterations. Wonder if any more Betazoid fashions are in the offering. One charity Precios paws was Majel’s big charity. I wish some proceeds would go to them too.

I’d kill for the Lincoln Enterprise stuff…but alas…..in the 23rd century…I have no need for money..and thus can’t bid on it! HA!

I find it a little sad. Wonderful that the sale goes to charity, but it’s so final, both Gene and now Majel dead. I’m sure it’s very hard for Rod to part with these items. but I wish these Roddenberry items would go to the Smithsonian. So sad that things like the Peabody award (only one ST ever won, if I’m not mistaken) ends up in some high bidder’s house instead of on display some public place.. Just a little sad. End of an era and all that.

What is lincoln enterprise?

I think the Spock Prime coat would be a cool coat to have, but I shouldn’t get it cause I’d WEAR it, and I know Trek fans would take umbridge with the practical use of something like that.

Ah well… maybe some designer will do recreations some day. Hey, I once met a guy selling Chrichton leathers, so why not? (I look good in that vest)…

When I saw Nimoy in that coat I thought he had been eaten by the raven-aliens (TOS book “Dreams of the Raven” http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Dreams_of_the_Raven ). They eat their victims brain and get the memories and personality of them, voice included. But they look like humanoid birds more or less.

Why does Shatner sell his plaque?

@ 29 – Lincoln Enterprises was the mail order company that Gene and Majel created while the original series was on the air to make some money on the side from Star Trek related material. They sold things like IDIC pendants, film trims ( some of which were rather valuable as they came from alternate versions of scenes or unused shots ), mimeoed copies of scripts, etc.

@15 and 16 – I’m not the biggest fan of the Nu-Enterprise either – although it HAS grown on me, over time – but in this case I have to defend it. The model in the picture actually does have sagging nacelles. The promo models were all available to view on the official Star Trek movie site, and some of the ships were properly aligned while others were not.


QMX probably didn’t put a huge amount of effort into making all of them perfect, as they knew they were going to be repainted ( and in some cases deconstructed or mangled ) by the artists. If you get one of the Target special DVD/Blu-Ray sets with the cool Enterprise disc case, you will see how the nacelles are supposed to line up with the saucer ( I will agree however that the puffy shape of the nacelles does often optically make them look droopy from many angles ).

31 “Why does Shatner sell his plaque?”

He probably misunderstood when his dentist told him he should reduce his plaque build-up!