Watch New NASA Hubble Documentary – Narrated By Brent Spiner

On Friday TrekMovie celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope. Now today we have some follow up data, in the form of a new Hubble video from NASA Television, narrated by Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Brent Spiner. Watch it below.


Hubble: 20 Years of Discovery

Today NASA Television released "Hubble: 20 Years of Discovery" on their website. The 16 minute documentary is narrated by Brent Spiner, TNG’s Data. You can download it in HD at, or watch the YouTube version below.

Spiner’s work on this documentary is quite new. According to Spiner’s Twitter, he recorded it at JPL last Tuesday, saying "Narrated a short film for the NASA website today. Did it at the Jet Propulsion Lab. Very cool place and people. They like me, too.".

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Data on data……..

Awesome. I love it when Trek vets show up in various astronomy-related things.

(Amended now that I watched it.)

Spiner’s a great match for these sorts of things. He lends some real emotive, enthusiasm to the inspiring images Hubble is sending us back. Not too shabby at all, Brent.

Another fine accomplishment.

GROUND CONTROL: Preparing to engage the photo-lens aperture…

SPINER: I believe your positronic redux module is misaligned with the tachyon field generator.

SHUTTLE DEPLOYMENT SPECIALIST MAJ. FRANK FILLTANK: What? What the hell is a possy-tronic reducks? Ground control?

SPINER: You are perspiring above normal parameters. Please remove your helmet to cool yourself.

GROUND CONTROL: Shuttle, ignore the actor’s comments. Continue deployment of Hubble.

SPINER: Dave… I think you should disconnect from the shuttle. Perhaps throwing a wrench at the large telescope will also be of value.


SPINER: That telescope will need glasses. And it will look like a nerd then. Better to end this folly now. Well before you see me foolishly leap into space at a Romulan vessel for no good reason.

NASA TECH: My God! Mr. Spiner… what are you doing?

SPINER: (singing) You can caaaaaall me “Hal!” Du-du-dum dum! Du-du-Dum dum!


years later…

BND: Awwwwwwwk! This giant glass and steel oot’house that fell outta’ tha’ sky has been grand fur’ me o’er tha’ years. But I’s almost got it filled up. Lessee… says here some place called “NASA” built it… hope they gots a plumber!

SPINER: Greetings, sir. I believe you are full of sh**.

BND: Aye… be true…

Oh, I kidz cuz’ I luvz…


Um… What?

I dont know what #5 is smoking, but I want some!!

I am so envious of those astronauts. I wish it were me up there saluting next to Hubble. :::sigh::: One day.

Great documentary and Brent delievers it so beautifully…fascinating!

The new telescope sounds light years ahead of hubble.

Isn’t it funny how America (Americans) has created some of the most mind bending pieces of engineering and technology, but also an anti-intellectual culture who’s largely uninterested by it?