Watch Star Trek Gag From Last Night’s Simpsons

Just one month since their last gag, last night Fox’s The Simpsons once again dived into the world of Star Trek for a gag, and it is no surprise that it was Comic Book Guy for the delivery. Watch the video below.    



Comic Book Kirk Guy

"The Squirt and the Whale" was all about Lisa and the town of Sprinfield dealing with a beached whale, which eventually died. After failing to dispose of it, the town chose to use the whale, creating a montage including Comic Book Guy trying to live the Kirk dream.  (via Hulu, sorry USA only)

Check out The Simpsons Wiki for more Star Trek gags over the years.

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Denny Crane!

Though this one was great!

Please describe it in detail for all non-US people ;)

Can’t watch if outside America?!

Hehe, that’s funny :)
For all non-US (like me) >

They know Star Trek his command shirt is green!!!

Thanks Thomas,,,,and the kiss Uhura-spock in youtube… you know?

A brief description for those wanting one…

Comic book guy comes out of a clinic in tip top shape, thin lean and mean…
“I’m captain kirk from Star Trek ONE!”

…Belly pooches just a little…

“Star Trek TWO!”

..belly continues to pooch in larger and larger increments…

Star Trek Four!

Star Trek Five!


…comic book guy has bow returned to his normal Quad XL size

“Boston Legal”

Danno, it’s not a clinic… it’s a corset shop.

Comic book guy bought a corset, and its various stages of failure to contain his gut provide the progression of Kirk’s career.

OMG that was great! Its so true… My gf and I watched 1-6 last week and she had never seen them. She said to me “you can just see kirk get fatter every movie” haha great true comedy

How perversely ironic that the corset comic book guy wore in that clip was made from whale and he mentioned Star Trek IV, where THEY SAVED WHALES FROM WHALERS!!! >:(

Why was my “Excellent” comment deleted? All I said was “Excellent”, like Mr. Burns would say.

XD That was funny. Very true in regards to Kirk’s growth in girth throughout the series and movies! And the command shirt is GREEN! YES!

#12. Maybe it was Excellently Deleted. Lol. Very Funny Clip. Always good stuff when it comes to Trek Parady.

Thanks, I admit I came in just a little late, but not to late to laugh very hard at it!

Very Very Funny!!!


That’s awesome that you have a gf that will watch Star Trek with you

Ha! Ain’t that the truth.


I agree. And if she thinks “happy in Paraguay” on YouTube is hilarious, then she is definitely a keeper.

@15… “book em” !!

Another Shatner weight joke…lame.


Is she still your gf after watching 1-6 with you? LOL!

Yah how did u manage that feat?I barely got my gf to watch the newest movie haha–