Photo of the Day: Sausage Enterprise

Have you ever thought to yourself "How can I combine my love for Star Trek and my love for sausages?" Well if you have, we have the Meat-erprise just for you. Check out the photos and links to a how-to guide below.


Is that meat canon?

An image of a USS Enterprise made out of meat has been going viral around the interwebs in the last couple days.

The original source for the pics is the german website and a post from 2008 with a "making of" guide on how to make a "Raumschiff Enterprise" out of sausage.  Here is what you need take your sausages to the final frontier. Go to for the full guide (in German) and more pics.

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Sloooooooow news day… I’m ashamed to even be commenting.

WTF is this?

It’s boldly going where no sausage has go before. As in the form of takei. “oh my.”


I’m liking the Global kitchen knife. Ironic, though, a German using a Japanese knife. I use a German Zwilling Hinckels knives myself.

Well, what else was I meant to comment about?

I suppose they’re going to tell us that this is 750 meters long.

Seperate the Sausage Section!

There’s no way that’s 700 meters long.

Now the term “Sausage Fest” can carry new meaning.

To boldy go where no pig-based product has gone before.
meh, sorry, my heart wasn’t really in that. I know, it shows!

sorry No4, just read the posts properly. That was horribly like your offering. ! Shame on us both! lol

Mmmmmmmm! I want some!

I commend the thinking of our German cousins to come up with a great idea for party food when we throw our next Star Trek themed party. I am sure it goes good with mustard and rolls.

What a great idea and simple to make, Ich danke Ihnen sehr!!!

Is that a sausage in your ship or,,,,,are you just happy to see me ??

This Enterprise is NOT!!!! Cannon. So I think it should be Eaten. Lol. Do they have one from the Alternate Universe with the Terran Empires I.S.S. Enterprise.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combiin[CHOMP!!!]

I’ve got issues with the nacelles.


It is so silly but, it made my day. How can you look at this and not smile.
Very funny #8
Separate the Sausage Section in deed.

15 — try this one:

Is that a sausage in your parsec, or are you just happy to see me?

Lieutenant, what is that substance covering the hull?!?! It appears to be mustard. ;)

The saucer section is way too small THIS IS A DISASTER

But those nacelle caps are DEAD ON!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!

To make it better, let me cook it in my smoker for about 2 hours at 250 degrees. Serve with spicey brown mustard. Kingons may be trapped on Uranus though. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Just add a “Lil Smokey” as a shuttlecraft!

Is that the Enterprise-C?

I prefer the pizza version from the Star Trekkin music video ;)
1:38 and 2:53

It may not be canon, but is it kosher?


The Meat Enterprise is attacked by Klingons and has to seperate the sausage section. The engineering section explodes and sends the sausage hurtling towards Uranus with Chekov yelling “Oh, shit!” while Sulu yells “Oh, my!”.

Where’s the beer? Yum!

here’s one:

The Borg attack:

Prepare to be eaten. We will add your meat by-product and sausage distinctiveness to our own. Your hot dogs will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

corny I know, but I couldn’t resist

That cannot be kosher. Nimoy’s gonna be pissed…

#32–as will the Shat, since Shatner too is Jewish…

My lab would love to get her teeth into those ample nacelles.

#32 &33

….don’t forget about J.J Abrams(although he does like large nacelles)

set appetite to maximum! lol!
that looks Yummy!

Now all we need is pics of Zoe Saldana eating it.

Spock: The Klingons are closing, Captain.

Kirk: Time for our secret plan.

Spock: Engaging the stolen Romulan cloaking device.

Kirk: Good, Spock. If the Klingons want to play ‘hide the salami,’ that’s just what we’ll do!

If you’re using Cotto Salami, wouldn’t it make more sense to make Babylon 5?

Piiiiiig products in Spaaaaaaaace!


Amen to that, Mr. Shatner

Sausage: The Final Franktier!

We need production to start on the sequel or for Ron Moore and others to get off there asses and start working towards a new TV series, Here’s one, NCC-1701-F a long range exploratory mission (5 years rings a bell) outside our Galaxy – think of it.

Anothing, I common people, Fans are making enterprise models out of sausages. Geezz.

South African Dude.

Scans indicate dangerous levels of nitrites, nitrates and sodium, captain.

What a apathetic article, thanks for wasting my time !!!

I must say that, while certainly tasty looking, the nacelles are NOT appropriately scaled. And the sausage…er saucer section has too few decks.

There, I said it. I just had to get that off my chest. Generally I am a laid back guy but I could not let this pass.

Captain Cook will once again save your bacon.

“…you’re right, let me rephrase that.
I didn’t mean to say that the Enterprise looks like its made of sausages, I meant to say the Enterprise IS made of sausages!”

–Klingon to Scotty

“The Trouble with Sausages”

…I want.

What’s next: Kirk screaming: CORRRRRNNNN! CORRRRNNNNNN!!!
freakin awesome!!…
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