Bruce Greenwood Contrasts His Pike With Original

The Justice League fan site has a new interview with the new Christopher Pike, Bruce Greenwood, who draws a sharp contrast between his portrayal of the character and the original version by Jeffrey Hunter. More details below


Greenwood contrasts the Pikes

In his audio interview with Justice League, Greenwood was asked about the differences between his Pike and the original. Greenwood stated:

I think the fundamental difference between the two, the Hunter Pike and the Greenwood Pike, if you really want to start to draw comparisons, is the dilemma that Jeffrey Hunter’s Pike had is entirely different from my dilemma and Hunter’s being that he was terribly ambivalent about is his place in the Federation, he was really torn about whether or not he wanted to go back and have an authentic smaller life or the large life of a commander. And that is not the dilemma of the Captain Pike in this Federation….He doesn’t have an internal wrestling match the way the earlier Pike did. But he does have second thoughts and misgivings about the way Starfleet is training its officers and the kind of officers it produces. 

Much more from Greenwood on Pike and his work on the upcoming animated DVD "Batman: Under the Hood" at

Greenwood says his Pike is not as conflicted as Hunter’s


POLL: Who is your favorite Pike?
Do you prefer the Pike from the original Star Trek pilot, or the new Pike from the Star Trek movie. Or do you prefer the beeping Pike from “The Menagerie?”



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I absolutely loved Greenwood as Pike and I sincerely hope they have him back for more, with or without the wheelchair. He’s a terrific actor and has earned his place in Trek lore.

As strange as it sounds, I wouldn’t mind having Tyler Perry back, either. He did a surprisingly good job as Admiral Barnett.

I would have to agree – Greenwood made that very clear in his portrayal of Pike. It’s great to know he watched “The Cage”.

Which Pike do you all like better?

By the way – my first time being first …

Its good to hear that Greenwood seems to have done his homework. I thought his Pike was quite different than the TOS Pike but I honestly liked this Pike a lot better.

I was very pleasantly surprised by Greenwood’s Pike. Greenwood seemed so comfortable and at such ease in the role. He was extremely convincing in every scene.

Greenwood is a great actor, and his portrayal of Pike was fantastic. Hope to see him back in action for the sequel!

I personally loved Greenwood’s Pike and Hunter’s Pike. Both actors made the part their own. And what everyone needs to remember is that Greenwood’s Pike hadn’t been in charge of the Enterprise for years like Hunter’s Pike had. So yea there are going to be differences in their personalities. Both are spectacular as Pike, and I hope Greenwood comes back at least for a cameo in the 2010 move.

Pike Prime had lost his mojo. In the JJ-verse, Nero’s incursion seemed to make the Federation and its leaders become more strongly motivated. The Enterprise gets built bigger and more advanced, and Pike has a purpose.

Fantastic actor. Needless to say his Pike was awesome. Greenwood alone was reason for me to watch the film. Magnificent casting. (And I also agree w/ #8 Magic_Al.)

I think it’s great how Greenwood’s Pike is being developing in an alternate storyline. Same man, same officer, but a different set of circumstances is influencing and shaping a different part of his character in that reality. What has ( or had) gone on in the Federation has re-focused his sense of integrity from the personal to the professional. I think Pike will (or should) continue to pop up as a (dare I say it?!?) Yoda-like presence when the plot warrants.

Apologies for typos galore in above post. My doc took me off a med that was causing some serious problems, including cognitive issues. (And no, it wasn’t Thorazine, smart asses. LOL)

Like hr said, two different worlds two different Pikes. Like them both for different reasons.

I don’t understand why people spend so much time contrasting the two actors. I don’t think people are so constant from day to day that you can draw contrasts. I like how Greenwood looked at it, comparing the character in the context of the stories, but I don’t think people need to contrast them as two different people.

That said there is an intensity without humor or charm in Hunter that I don’t think would have served TOS as well as our favorite Canadian ham or the new guy did. It’s like having Paul Walker as Kirk… Just the wrong type of guy…

I just wonder what “Enterprise” would have done with better writing, a better cast (someone like Greenwood as captain) and less of a focus on the politics of planets and Vulcans and more going where noone had gone before…

Bruce Greenwood is a fantastic Actor and he did an Incredable job as Capt Pike. I hope we see more of him in the Next Trek Movie.

Its funny, but CMD Riker always reminded me of the Hunter Capt Pike. Greenwood did do a fantastic job though, he kind of made the character his own. Actually one of the better performances in the movie.

Greenwood is a great actor, and he did a terrific job in the role as Capt (later Admiral) Pike. But my favorite character in the new movie, is by far Karl Urban’s “Bones” McCoy. He was just great in every scene he was in. I hope to see more of him in the sequel, and I really hope CBS/Paramount would authorize the go-ahead on a new television series based in this new reality.

We were so lucky to get Mr. Greenwood.

I am all about the original Star Trek. But I certainly voted for Greenwood. His Pike was straight to the point and heroic in his choices. His Pike could be a role model for kids. Where say Kirk, might be considered a little less so, at this point, in his development with regard to this particular film.

So sure, let’s see Pike in a mentoring role for Kirk and also place him in a dramatic position in the film. That kind of mentoring thing certainly couldn’t have taken place in that the ‘other’ universe, so I say lets see more of Captain Pike.

Heck, who knows, maybe the Talosians could get involved again….


Did you guys have your eyes on Bruce Greenwood from the start?
Was there anyone else J.J Abrams considered?

Bruce Greenwood along with Leonard Nimoy lent the film a tremendous amount of gravitas.

18. ryanhuyton – April 28, 2010

When April Webster mentioned Greenwood, we’d all just been talking about how Kirk was in someway modeled and cast with JFK in mind. And anyone who has seen 13 Days will hopefully recognize what a brilliant job Greenwood did as Kennedy. So he is the only actor Alex and I advocated, and JJ agreed.

I could not pass up on voting for rad. burned Chris Pike.


Greenwood is gold. I hope you guys bring him back, and not to kill him off. James Bond has M. Star Trek should have Admiral Pike.

Loved Greenwood since Nowhere Man. Awesome screen presence. Hunter rocks as well, just two different types, each excelling in his own interpretation. But yeah,…more please.

Just wanted to add to the Bruce Greenwood love! :)
Fantastic actor, and I thought he and Chris Pine played off each other really well.

And it’s cool to know that he did his homework, too! ;)

Agree with #21.

As much as I enjoy the new Alternate/Parallel Star Trek, I still prefer the one thats an (imaginary) extension of our own timeline/destiny.


Bob, that all makes good sense, but one other question…..Greenwood is a great actor, but did you, maybe even on a subliminal level, cast him as Pike because he is Canadian and it kind of gives a nod/salute to the Shat’s turn as the “original” Captain?


Believe it or not Bob, I still haven’t seen “Thirteen Days”. I’ll have to put it on by “to-watch” list. :-)

I really enjoyed Mr Greewood’s take on Pike. I hope we at least get a cameo out of him in the next Trek.

and Mr Greenwood’s take too… really, I can spell, just not so good at the typing…

Greenwood was good as Pike, but I’m surprised to see, and it’s a shame that Hunter’s Pike isn’t getting more respect here. He deserves better, and a picture of him being included in this article wouldn’t have hurt either for that matter.


I think that is because Hunter’s Pike was a reluctant captain who became tired of commanding a ship. While Hunter was good in the role, his character just wasn’t that interesting. The execs at NBC wanted a captain who loved being in command and an actor who would convey that. Hence William Shatner as Kirk. The alt-verse Pike, while the same character, was more upbeat and his disillusionment came from Starfleet’s inability to find capable, talented officers worthy of command. Plus, Greenwood’s Pike was a father figure to alt-Kirk which also added to his appeal.

The vote isn’t really fair, Bruce Greenwood had the whole franchise’s history to build on, while Jeff Hunter was playing the first Trek lead ever.

Still, Bruce was perfect in the role. His Pike gave the film a grounded, credible center at least as much as Nimoy did.

I don’t know about you folks, but I think it’s cool as heck that Bob Orci drops by this forum and posts. What a franchise this is, and what a great community of dedicated fans–whether you’re creating the magic or just enjoying it.

Maybe the magic is IN us enjoying it!

32 I think its pretty cool to actually. And I think the biggest part of his motive is (besides finding some neat ideas perhapes) is to just chat with fans like himself, or at least thats what I get, cant speak for Bob though.

To be honest (and I know this is weird, but just think about it and hear me out. I always, ALWAYS thought that if they ever revisited the Pike era, Ray Liotta would have been perfect in looks and acting ability.

I can kind of see those points, talented actor for sure.

I gotta say I really didn’t want Captain Pike to leave the center chair! I’ve adored Bruce Greenwood since I first glimpsed him in Capote!!! I hope he somehow makes it to the Star Trek sequel along with Admiral “Perry.”

I would like to see him back.

I hope they keep him in the wheelchair. That to me was symbolic of the universe balancing everything out.

He ends up chair bound as he did in the other time line only not so severe which was nice.

As this movie was a new canon universe then this Pike is a totally different character.

As I said before I love all the new actors but I still prefer the originals.

Bruce Greenwood was excellent at Pike.

Guess because Pike was in one episode it is harder to be adament the original is the best which is what I hold to in the main 7.

I am always going to prefer William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy as Kirk and Spock.

I like Jeff Hunter as Pike though

I don’t see the Greenwood Pike as all that different. Hunter’s Pike was seen at crisis point in his life. Greenwood’s character is older and more comfortable in his own skin.

Personally, a Greenwood/Pike straight-to-Blu-ray film or TV show would work very well with me!

Greenwood is da man! I hope he has a continuing presence in the storyline. I think he’s as important as Kirk, Bones, & Spock.

Yeah, I’ll have to toss in my two cents that Greenwood’s Pike was more enjoyable, largely due to the fact that Mr. Greenwood was able to declare so much about the character in such a short amount of screen time.

Consider that The Cage events are placed around the early 2250’s, and ST09 is in the late 2250’s. Greenwood’s Pike is so good, in that it’s as if one took Hunter’s Pike, age reversed him to 2233 when Nero’s Insertion took place, and then took him forward 25 years.

Hunter was playing the role as written so well: Pike had just lost crew in an ambush at Rigel, he was injured (although not as much as Spock -viz. limp), and thus angry and dejected. Roddenberry’s ego mistake was to use The Cage as the pilot, when that story as a “cold viewing” just is tough to pick up on. I know GR was trying to make another “Forbidden Planet” essentially, where we just drop in on the C-56-D; but a story like Corbomite Maneuver would have worked much better. It would have been interesting to see Hunter’s take on Pike in a different episode.

I voted for Greenwood though, because after watching 13 Days many times, and also enjoying anything in which he appears… such as the US President in National Treasure, I want to follow this guy wherever he leads.

Here’s hoping Pike survives a couple nu films, before saving a large number of new cadets in holding a baffle plate to prevent deadly delta rays from injuring everyone! Sort of the original Spock-Sacrifice-to-escape-Khan move, if you think about it!

Oh—Absolutely BRUCE GREENWOOD is the Pike i prefer!!
I sure hope to see him in the sequel and not just a cameo role either!!!

Nothing against Greenwood, but he’s not my Pike…and that’s not my Enterprise.

@40 yes a new series based on the enterprise under the command of Captain Pike could go over very well.


Have you actually created an Enterprise of your very own?

For the record…..I loved the new Star Trek movie. BUT…one of the things that left me scratching my head was the reason for Pike’s relief of command of the Enterprise and the nature of his injuries from his ordeal on the Narada. Other than the wheelchair, he looked heathly and able-minded. Were his injuries permanent…or progressive? Surely in the 23rd century (and hopefully today) a persons ability to command a ship isn’t predicated on his ability to walk. What exactly was going on then that led to him giving up command? Was he promoted? (Hence the new uniform?)

In any case, I hope he has a prominent role in Star Trek 2.0. Would love to see a story that dove tails ultimately with The Menagerie and Talos IV.


@7 and 43:

totally took the words right out of my mouth…

it would’ve been interesting to see Mr. Hunter as Pike more…too bad they couldn’t work him into episodes as the re-curring Fleet Captain/Commodore/Admiral or something to interact with Kirk.