Star Trek: The Exhibition Headed To Riverside, CA

Updating our previous story, the Riverside City Council has voted to bring Star Trek: The Exhibition to the inland empire city. The traveling exhibit of Star Trek props, costumes, replicas, memorabilia will open at the Riverside Metropolitan Museum on June 15th. More details below.


Exhibition going to Riverside

The Riverside Press-Enterprise is reporting that the Riverside City Council has approved spending to bring "Star Trek the Exhibition: Where Science Meets Science Fiction" to the Riverside Metropolitan Museum. The Exhibition will open the week of June 15 for a 8-month run at the former Sweeney Gallery space on Main Street. Tickets will be $15 for adults and $12 for children and seniors, with group discounts available. Information will be posted later on the museum Web page at

USS Enterprise D recreation headed to Riverside

Star Trek: The Exhibition schedule

With this new announcement, here is the known schedule for the two engagements of ST: The Exhibition.

Dates (Engagement) City Museum
May 29th 2010 – January 2011 (1) Sacramento, CA Aerospace Museum of California
June 15, 2010 – January 2011 (2) Riverside, CA Riverside Metropolitan Museum
January 2011 – May 2011 (1) Louisville, KY Louisville Science Center

NOTE: Engagement 1 is anchored by a recreation of the TOS 1701 bridge, and Engagement 2 of ST: The Exhibition has a recreation of the TNG Enterprise-D bridge.

Notify your local museum about Star Trek: The Exhibition

Many fans want to see Star Trek: The Exhibition come to their local town. One way you can help is to let them know about it. You can contact your local museum and/or go to a special page on the official site at:

Star Trek: The Exhibition Slideshow

Here is a slideshow of images from Star Trek: The Exhibition in Hollywood, the same engagement that is headed to Riverside.


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When is it coming to Toronto?

It’s not!


Unfortunately, U.S laws prohibit studio-owned props, sets, and other memorabilia from leaving the country. Which is a crying shame. :-(

Although there was a “James Bond” exhibition in Vancouver, B.C a few years ago with actual props and memorabilia from the movies so who really knows.


U.S. law does not prohibit anything of the sort. Paramount used to own Canada’s Wonderland and had movie related props as it did in all its parks.

Boy, somebody is trying to yank our collective chains! He must be Nutz!


In a previous thread on this topic, I seem to recall the article stating legal reasons for why the Star Trek Exhibit has stayed within the U.S.

It is possible that the current operator of the exhibition doesn’t have license to do business in Canada.

The prior operator of Star Trek: the Tour was Cedar Fair which owns Canada’s Wonderland.

Neither operator is part of the studio, and are only licensees.

Wasn’t this exhibition originally announced to be visiting 40 cities across the country in 5 years? Why does it seem like it’s only been to 6 cities in the past 2 years, 3 of them in California?

This is amazing, nothing ever comes here to Riverside.
I will certainly be there opening day.


Star Trek The Tour was supposed to visit many cities with short stays, but that biz model was a total failure and was not very smart. So things were sold off and restarted as ST The Exhibition, which goes to museums with longer stays.

Let’s hope this is it for California. Three cities is enough. Louisville may be worth the trip, but I’d prefer it in Chicago, Milwaukee, or Indianapolis, or even St. Louis, K.C., or Cincinnati…just get it off the West Coast already!

Maybe by the time it makes it to the Midwest, there’ll be a promo tour for Trek XII.

Alright this is ridiculous, the west coast has had Star Trek forever, They had the experience, and they have had the exhibition for a long while now. We gotta get this thing out to the east coast, where all the Boston trekkers can have some fun. At least bring it as far as New Your or even Chicago, I still have no idea why they want to bring it to Kentucky.

This stinks, I already bought plane tickets to CA to see i in Sacramento! Now only half of it will be there?

“Paramount used to own Canada’s Wonderland and had movie related props as it did in all its parks”

Pat, the props Canada’s Wonderland had were replicas, not actual movie props. All 5 Paramount Parks had basically the same things (and a lot of the old Paramount stuff is sitting in each respective park’s ‘bone yard’), so these weren’t actual movie props, but replicas at each park.

Kentucky? KENTUCKY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

#14. That’s how it’s always been since The Exhibition started. It was only The Tour that was in Long Beach that was the full set-up, and then a new company took over back in 2007 or 2008 I believe.

Living in southern California, I can’t complain, but I sympathize with those who would love to see this damn thing finally leave the golden state.

Any idea if this will be the same props/items that were in Hollywood & Highland last year?

If I don’t hear that this think isn’t coming to NYC in the next couple of months, I’m not going to bother PAYING to see it ever. It staying in California is just proof that they only go to other states tog et people to stop begging. Well guess what, I know a whole state of people (well not everyone in the state obviously) that want this thing to leave CA and come within DRIVING distance of us. 2-4 years in California, come on, enough is enough!

Mikey1091, it was in Philadelphia last year. I and fellow members of the Trek organization I’m in volunteered to help out with it. I was there three weekends during the run, and our Philly-based folks were there a lot more.

YES! RIVERSIDE! Now I can drive two hours to see it in bad CA traffic!

Well, this should have been called the Star Trek Californian Exhibition because it has been here too long.

RE #18

YES this is the same exhibit that was in Hollywood last year …refurbished and cleaned up …..with the 1701-D bridge replica…..

Riverside, CA in the summer? You will learn a whole new word for HOT and SMOGGY.

Whats the difference, besides the bridges, between the two engagements?

my father is Joe Longo, the Prop Master of Star Trek TNG and DS9.,
my sister and i have decided to bring my dad (now retired) to the Riverside exhibition (his first ever) and would appreicate any information on the event. by the way i don’t think it’s the studio or government that doesn’t want the props to leave, it’s my sister and I because we have probably 25 years of them in our home. :)

@Paul Walker – Thanks. I should have realized the (1) next to the dates to determine which engagement it was. Any chance you and your gang will be making the trip out this way from Las Vegatron?

Having partly grown up in Riverside, CA, I can tell you they’d have to pay me a LOT of money to go back there, even for ST: The Exhibition….

Right on, I’m going to party my ass off, this is in my hometown!!!

international superstar

I’m boycotting the Riverside exhibition. The City illegally used the museum’s trust fund to pay for it. They say it will benefit the museum, when in fact the exhibit doesn’t even take place at the museum. What an utter SHAM! And there’s no way I would even go to a place as awful as Riverside to see this.

As for props outside the US – I believe one of the two exhibits was in Australia last year…

This is great. There are so many things withing walking distance of this. The Mission Inn, The Fox Theatre,Resturants like Phood on Main, A historical walking tour and neat shops like DragonMarsh. I will be making a weekend of it!

Saw it in Long Beach and it was really worth it. You have no idea what size the actors really are (were) until you see the costumes. And the costumes and props were fabulous@ Loved having my photo on the Bridge of the Enterprise!

I’m from South Texas and just saw a report on it featured on ABC World News Now! I’ve been a die hard fan for the past 20-some years so hopefully me and my brother, who was in college when TNG came out, make it out there! Don’t ever let Gene’s vision die… “[sic] So, you all are astronauts, on some kind of Star Trek…”

I just left the Exhibition 10 minutes ago. Be advised there are no bridge exhibits/mockups, just a captain’s chair sitting in an empty room with a camera to take your picture. There is not a single model display of any ship whatsoever. There are several nice costumes. There is an abbreviated engine room mockup, and a medical room mockup. There are some weapons and other items displayed, at least half of which are replicas. All in all I feel the organizers pulled a fast one with no bridge display.

Ohh come on. I live in Riverside. The reason we like it is because educations pay good money here in SoCal.
Now, for those of you wanting it out of here, the exhibition, SOME of us do not WISH to take the 215 to the 91 on to the 22 to the 55 to GET to the OC or worse. The 91 to the 215 to the 10 to the wherever frwy. Ya see where I’m going? Leave us in the Inland Area alone. Put that in your tri-corders and smoke it!