More Video From Nimoy’s Visits To Vulcan & Calgary

Last Friday we posted a report of Leonard Nimoy’s visit to Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. There is now more video from that event available online, plus video from his appearance at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Watch it all below. 


Vulcan Visit Video

Here is the video report from Nimoy’s ‘homecoming’ to Vulcan, Alberta, Canada from the Space Channel.

Global TV report from Vulcan visit and interview with Nimoy, includes report on Shatner for Governor General of Canada.

Video Nimoy at Calgary Comic Expo

Global TV report of Nimoy being made honorary ‘Calgarian’ at Calgary Comic Expo. Calgary’s mayor suggested Nimoy could fill his shoes, Nimoy stated:

Wouldn’t that be awesome, Nimoy as mayor of Calgary and Shatner as Governor General

And finally, here is the full video Nimoy’s panel at the Calgary Comic Expo (in 8 parts).

Big thanks to YouTuber jhmed9 for uploading the Canadian videos.

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just great, I admire Nimoy a lot!

Great of him to embrace being a Vulcan for such a long time. He doesn’t need to attend an event like that financially, but he went anyway. Shows what kinda man he is. He will always be #1 Spock in my book.

enough said ……..

Wish I could have went!

I went! And saw him! Yay! Great time! Great man! Only got to see him at the Calgary Comic Expo though…

Canada rocks!

Both Mr. Spock himself and Vulcan did themselves proud.

What a great day for Trek!

I think it’s great the correspondent wears his ears throughout the video.


Vulcans, so emotional. And Spock knows what to do with a decent warm feeling. :-)

hes the man !!!!

What a thrill to be the last question in part 7 of 8..and I think I got by far the best reaction out of Mr. Nimoy and the audience! I also did what I set out to do: ask him to read a scene which I had written, to which he politely turned down, but thanked me for the offer…my question was regarding a nude photoshoot on the bridge of the enterprise, and his reaction is priceless…at the end of it all, he thanked me again for my “fascinating” story!!

Heh! Thanks for all the links!

I’m one of the Mayor’s stormtrooper escorts (the one that salutes him as he walks by.)

Even though I was dressed for the wrong franchise, it was a HUGE thrill to be part of Mr. Nimoy’s white hat presentation. :D

It was a great show… and vote_gary_mitchell, great question. That was just awesome. :D


“I’m one of the Mayor’s stormtrooper escorts (the one that salutes him as he walks by).”

Glad to know you made it out alive. :-)

“Glad to know you made it out alive. :-)”


Well, I *was* escorting a politician. ;)

(…and I’m FAR more of a Trek fan than I am a SW fan. But stormtrooper armor is damn cool.) :D

Mr. Nimoy remains a man with great class.

You’re quite welcome! Glad everyone enjoyed them!

Thanks so much! Ya, when the Imperial march started, it brought the house down!

I was wondering if anyone had video of the BSG panel from Sunday by chance?

…and ya I felt sheepish at first after asking him to read my scene, but upon viewing the vid again, I did make him laugh quite a bit, and he thanks me repeatedly…

How did you get picked to be an escort for the Mayor?? That must have been an amazing experience up on stage!!

Right place, right time. :) Plus they were looking for two clean, white troopers who were similar in size. It was pretty damn cool to be up there! :D Mr. Nimoy gave me a grin and a nod backstage… I muttered something about knowing it was the wrong franchise to him. LOL

No video from Sunday’s BSG panel. However, you can put a face to the name “Canadianknight”. I was one of the (largely unrequired) moderators. (The bald guy with the “WhatTheFrak” t-shirt on.)

ok…ya, cool! I asked the second to last question, regarding Caprica and had some good laughs with Aaron, Tamoh and Aleks…great guys…but ya, I remember seeing you, and I also bought a Frak Me shirt later that day!!