April 2010

Patrick Stewart Recalls ‘Painful’ Star Trek Typecasting + Photos From New Play Rehearsals

Sir Patrick Stewart’s latest play Bingo: Scenes of Money and Death, opens this week at the Chichester Festival in the UK. And in a new interview promoting the play, Stewart reflected back on his time as Jean Luc Picard and how he has faced typecasting in Hollywood. We also have photos of rehearsals from the new play.

Tampa Trekkies To Attempt To Break Star Trek Costumed Fans Record

In February a promotional event in London for the European roll-out of Star Trek Online set a Guinness World Record for the “largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters”. However, with only 99 costumed Trekkies, the record was begging to be broken. And that is exactly what will be attempted on Saturday May 1st in Tampa, FL. Details below.

Orci & Kurtzman Producing Airport Thriller + Abrams & Lindelof In Time ‘Most Influential’ Poll

The members of the Star Trek ‘Supreme Court’ continue to show their Hollywood power. Today it was revealed that Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are producing a new airport thrill (and they also just cast Harrison Ford in another film they are producing). Plus Time Magazine is preparing their Top 100 issue, and JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof are climbing up the online poll.

Sci-Fi TV Monday: LOST, Fringe, V, Star Wars, Being Human, Doctor Who + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week we have big updates with previews for Lost , V, and Fringe. Plus there is news of a new animated Star Wars TV show, a comedy (really!). And there are more details on the US version of Being Human and our regular wrap-up of television ratings, casting bites and all the latest new images and video previews (including a look at new Doctor Who TARDIS and some WW2 era Daleks).

CelebWatch: Shatner Gets “Weird” + Pine Goes To “Moscow” + Nimoy Wraps “Fringe” + Quinto On The “Margin”

Today we have a special Kirk and Spock edition of CelebWatch, or make that Kirks and Spocks. We have William Shatner selling his new "Weird" show Cannes, Leonard Nimoy wrapping on Fringe (and acting forever?), new details on Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan movie, and some more Zachary Quinto sightings in NYC.

New ‘LCARS’ iPad Application Released

If you want your new Apple iPad to really feel like a Star Trek PADD, you are going to need a Star Trek style LCARS interface. Earlier this week we reported that the much talked about "Captain’s Log" iPad application was pulled from Apple’s iTunes. Now this weekend a new Star Trek-ish application has been released called the "LCARS Internet Media Reader". Check it out below.

Preview Clip & Images From Big Bang Theory “The Wheaton Recurrence” + TBBT Star On Possible Nimoy Cameo

UPDATED: On Monday The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper will again take on his nemesis Star Trek The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton in the episode "The Wheaton Recurrence". And now there are some images and a sneak peek video of the Wil/Sheldon showdown…a bowling showdown. Plus some new comments from TBBT star Jim Parsons about Wheaton and the possibility of a Leonard Nimoy cameo.

‘Star Trek Live’ Stage Show To Premiere at Kennedy Space Center + Star Trek: The Exhibition Headed To Sacramento & Louisville

If you like to experience your Star Trek in a live environment, there is some good news. First up, it has been announced that the first "Star Trek Live" stage shows will be held at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Plus, Star Trek The Exhibition have is headed to museums in Louisville, KY and Sacramento, CA. More details below

Great iLinks: Data & Q Play w/ iPad + Burton Tweets iPad + Paramount Pulls Trek App + more

Everyone seems to be talking about Apple’s new iPad this week, and it is the theme for a Great Links column. We have a photo of Data and Q holding one that is getting lots of interweb buzz. Plus LeVar Burton is tweeting about the iPad, and Rod Roddenberry says he wishes Apple called it the iPadd. Paramount has even got involved, pulling a much talked about Trek-themed iPad application. Get all the iPadTrek-ness below.

Bruce Greenwood Joins Star Trek Sequel Production Start Guessing Game – But Will Pike Be In It?

We know the Star Trek sequel will released June 29, 2012, but Paramount has not announced a production schedule (or even a director). Scripting on the film has yet to start in earnest, but over the last few weeks actors from the first film have been dropping guesses for the production start. The latest to weigh in is the new Pike, Bruce Greenwood. Details below, plus TrekMovie asks the question: Should Pike be in the sequel?

Console Version Of Star Trek Online Put On ‘Back Burner’

Before the MMORPG Star Trek Online was released on PC, members of the Cryptic team had confirmed the game would eventually also be developed for at least one of the gaming consoles (XBox 360 and/or Playstation 3). However, not it appears that this will not happen, or at least no happen any time soon. STO’s executive producer has now confirmed that a console version is ‘on the back burner.’ 

Zachary Quinto Wants Leonard Nimoy In Star Trek Sequel

Much has been reported about the special mentoring relationship between the the Spocks of the 2009 Star Trek movie, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. So far it looks like Leonard Nimoy is serious about handing things off to Quinto for the sequel, and going (back) into retirement. But a new comment from Quinto suggests the young actor may not be ready to let go.

Star Trek The Experience Warehouse Sale This Saturday In Las Vegas

Earlier in the year CBS announced they were going to sell off assets of the closed-down Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. TrekMovie just got details on on a ST:TE warehouse sale set for this Saturday in Las Vegas. Details below on how you can pick up a piece of Star Trek history (including a free gift for TrekMovie readers).

UPDATED: Saldana Expects Star Trek Sequel To Start Shooting Early 2011 + Wants More Uhura/Spock

Recently Simon Pegg made news across the web with his estimate that the Star Trek sequel (scheduled for release June 29, 2012) would start shooting later this year. TrekMovie noted that this estimate was optimistic and sources were saying 2011 was more likely. Now in a brief interview from Wondercon, Zoe Saldana provides her estimate and talks about returning to the role of Uhura. [UPDATE: More from Saldana – talking Spock/Uhura]