William Shatner Talks Star Trek Sequel, Governor General Buzz, & new Sitcom + more

Yesterday William Shatner held his annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show. In this ShatWatch we have photos from the event, plus video of Bill talking about JJ Abrams and the Star Trek sequel. We also have video from Bill from the last week talking about his new sitcom pilot and Canada Governor General buzz. All that plus some awesome Classic Shat video from 1977.



Bill ready to play hard to get for JJ and Star Trek sequel

On The Red Carpet caught up with Bill Shatner as his charity horse show this weekend and he talked about he and Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams are "Twitter friends" and Shatner also joked about how he would play hard to get if Abrams asked him to be in the Star Trek sequel

Bill talks Governor General

Earlier in the week Shatner was on Good Day LA to promote the horse show, and while there he talked about the buzz about him being the next Governor General of Canada

Bill talks Bleep my Dad Says

In a radio interview with CRN Digital promoting the show, Shatner talked briefly about his sitcom pilot Bleep My Dad Says, and his new social networking site myouterspace.com.

Charity Horse Show Pics

Here are some photos from the Shatner’s Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

Writer Patrick Schumacker, Executive Producer David Kohan, actors Stephanie Lemelin, Will Sasso and William Shatner, Producer Justin Halpern, actress Nicole Sullivan, director James L. Burrows and Executive Producer Max Mutchnick of the TV pilot “(Bleep) My Dad Says” arrive at the 20th Annual William Shatner’s Priceline.com Hollywood Charity Horse Show on May 1, 2010 in Burbank, California.

Singer Sarah MacLachlan and actor William Shatner stage a press conference at the 20th Annual William Shatner’s Priceline.com Hollywood Charity Horse Show on May 1, 2010 in Burbank, California.


Bonus Classic Shat: Bill and HG

Finally, to wrap up this all things Shatner article, here is a newly uploaded video from YouTube of Shatner reading a passage from HG Wells’ "War of the Worlds" (from his "William Shatner Live" album) on the Mike Douglas Show in 1977. Enjoy.


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Shatner is the man, no question. haha but for GG? come on.

Shatner will rule the world forever!!



Haha, reading between the lines William Shatner is desperate to be in the next Star Trek movie!! I’m actually almost finished reading Up Till Now and its very interesting to read how emotional he was about playing Kirk’s death scen in Generations as the character had meant an enormous amount to him over the years and he basically credits the role of Captain James T Kirk as the role which enabled him to have a longterm acting career. So knowing what the character means to him i think he would be honoured to play Captain Kirk one more time! Incidently Up Till Now is a great read and I have developed a whole new appreciation for William Shatner by reading his book!!

The Shat is going to play hard to get??!!


Yeah, like they want to overpay him so he can demand an oversized part just to ham his way through the movie and look silly compared to everyone else’s fine acting!

Oh, yeah, that’s going to work!

After watching that Mike Douglas Show clip, I am convinced, The Shat is THE SH_T!!!

I just saw that 1983 classic comedy “Airplane 2: The Sequel” on DVD, and Shatner was hilarious on it. He was always the man from Macho Grande!

Shatner’s appearance in the last 10 minutes of Airplane 2 are the only watchable parts of the movie. I don’t expect Shatner will be in the next Trek Abrams film. I don’t think he does either.

Lost Shatner.mp4
Had me riveted. Now that is charisma.
Now wonder is was so great in Star Trek.

Shat’s hair looked better in `77 on the MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW than in TMP.


You didn’t know it was a joke?


Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how much money Shatner would want to be in the next Trek film? And how big of a role he would demand?


In the UK we have an Election coming up in three days time; Shatner for Prime Minister!!!!


Knock it off with the Shatner bashing Harry!

I think Bill should be on “The Biggest Loser” and drop forty pounds. He would look tremendous.

@13, i wasn’t kidding, Shatner was.

You didn’t get it or just thought you’d take the opportunity to be nasty.

trust harry to act like his second name

When you think about it, there is a way for the Shat to be in the next movie. If Chris Pine’s Kirk is having some form of self doubt about himself, that he is trying to live up to old Spock’s expectations of his late friend.

Sort of like that one episode of Enterprise, In A Mirror Darkly, Part 2. Where the mirror universe Archer is taunted by a “hallucination” of the “prime” universe Archer.

I owned that album! Idiot that I am, I got rid of it when I “grew up.”

To my dying breath I’ll defend that man’s acting chops. Detractors like to reduce his style to his trademark rhythmic idiosyncrasies, but at least he takes risks. (And when else has anyone on TV uttered the phrase “dun-colored encrustation”?)

20. Robert H. – that’s a good thought. Similar to what’s been going on between the prime and flash-sideways timelines on “Lost” (also part of the JJ-verse).

The only problem with it is the fact that old Kirk is sorta kinda dead in the original timeline. Hmm.

Is J.J. gonna make the call to Shatner for Trek XII?

Its funny, but as big a Shatner fan as I am, I actually thought he hammed it up too much in Airplane 2. The other guys, Lloyd Bridges, Peter Graves, etc. all played it pretty straight but in ridiculous situations, and that’s where the humor came from. Shatner should have done the same, but instead he was mugging as if to say, “Hey, this is a parody everybody!”. It could have been the direction, though. I thought Leslie Nielsen was much funnier in Police Squad, playing it straight, than in the Naked Gun movies for the same reason.


Oi Shatner is Kirk. He made the role for me.

Ever since I got the complete TOS series on Blu Ray, I’ve been introducing younger friends of mine to TOS. I’m in my 30’s and have loved TOS for 20 years, these people in their 20’s have never seen it, though many of them did love JJ’s movie. They tend to think the show – and especially Shatner – are going to be too campy to take seriously. How I delight in proving them wrong! I had another screening this weekend and won another convert. This uninitiated individual thought Shatner’s performances were going to be laughable, but after a triple feature that included COTEOF and Amok Time, he was totally engrossed. He had to admit what we’ve known all along – Shatner was FANTASTIC as Kirk!

It’s Pine’s time to be Kirk. These are the new cast’s movies. Having Leonard Nimoy in the first was a bit of a stretch but made a nice bridge to this new alternate universe, drew some publicity and TOS fans in – but now the new cast needs to stand on their own very capable feet. They have enough Trek history and plotlines and characters to draw from without having to bring in the old actors as crutches, too, no matter how a lot of people would like the fanservice aspect of it.

I love Shatner’s Kirk and he always will be an indelible part of the Trek legend, but I don’t need him shoehorned in for nostalgia’s sake.

Just my…ten cents. ;)

Shatner is not needed for the next Trek film. Keep the next film original and action packed. No Kahn, no Shat, all new and original.

Shat and Mike Douglas….remember Shat singing something about being gay or something like that…hillarious!!!

Call me unimaginative, but I can’t conjure up any legitimate way Shatner as Kirk would appear as Kirk. Anything I can imagine is just putting him in for the sake of putting him in. Nimoy’s Spock — being alive — was integral to the story of “Star Trek,” so he was definitely not in the film for the sake of it. The un-filmed scene of Kirk’s holographic message to Spock would have made sense within the context of that movie, so I think that was Shatner’s opportunity.
As much of a Shatner fan as I am, I just don’t see a way, or a reason, to resurrect him, which is what would have to happen. If Orci and Kurtzman do find a way to put him in the film, all the power to them. In the end, I don’t think he’ll be in the film.

He acts drunk all the time now

They could do a story where Kirk has something happen which ages him. McCoy finds a cure just in time but not before Shat steps in playing the older version.

If only for a little while.

I think that works for me without seeming forced.

Didn’t they age Picard in All Good Things?

Ladies and gentlemen i think we have a precedent which may not be as good as having Shatner as president but clearly the next best thing

#15 Just be glad they don’t want Erica Durance for Trek. Harry is being kind to the Shat in comparison to his treatment of Miss Durance.


Well, at least the Shat never purchased fake boobs! :>)

31. chris

I hear where you’re coming from, but, IMO, that would just be “The Deadly Years” again… TMP was criticized for being a remake of “The Changeling,” and I’d hate to see that sort of criticism for the new movie.

i want kirk and pock together one more time :(

Apart from the difference of opinion as to whether Shatner SHOULD be in the next movie or not, doesn’t it seem apparent that the events of the first movie, namely the changing of the timeline, make it rather easy to include him if they decided to do so?

The argument before was, well, he died in Generations. But that was, as Nero said, another life. Who’s to say that in this alternate timeline James T. Kirk isn’t alive 30/35 years in the future?

Yes Nero did say James T Kirk was considered to be a great man but that was another life so does that mean Shatner’s Kirk be alive in the future or in this alternate universe.

Killing Kirk was the worst thing that has ever been done in Trekdom. Stupid stupid stupid!

JJ Abrams can get Shatner to direct the sequel. This way he would be in the movie. ;-)
His Qualifications are winning the razzie:

Worst Actor: William Shatner / STAR DREK V
Worst Director William Shatner / STAR DREK V


The nomination of Deforest Kelley as worst supporting actor in “Star Drek V” was not justified. On the contrary, he was the best actor in Star Trek V.

I love shatner but it is time to let the kirk role go.. no more original series actors in new films.. it is time to let them all go. the new cast can and should stand alone. I loved TOS and if there was a fountain of youth, you’d bet I love them all in new films but the time is now for the new cast, new stories and let’s leave the classic TOS alone and the classic TOS cast retired. No disrespect but it is time to respect the present and future. The new actors are fine and in themselves bigger than the originals were when they were young.. Shatner should retire and continue with his own original projects but please no more old over the hill looking Kirk..

Seriously, he is not needed for Trek XII, let it go Bill !!!!!!!! anyways he seems so goofy these days, not buying it….

I agree with the posters that it is time to let the new cast stand on their own. It really would be unfair to them to somehow conjure some ridiculous plot to bring Shatner back. Think about what people would be talking about. Not Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto or Karl Urban. They would be talking about William Shatner. He would completely overshadow the rest of the cast. I agree with #29, unlike Nimoy, which was needed to link the old and new realities together without simple ignoring 40 years of Star Trek, putting Shatner in the new movie would seem forced.

Kirk in the original timeline is dead. Like it or not. Shatner agreed to do it. His character died a hero’s death. What embodies Starfleet better than that. A starship captain gives his life to save a civilization he never knew. I think Worf would agree that he died with honor.

I loved Shatner’s portrayal of Kirk up until the time of Star Trek V. He always had a distinctive acting style that some have criticized, but it worked for his portrayal of Kirk. However in Star Trek V, he seemed extra hammy, if you will. The humor and the acting seemed forced. He seemed to lose his edge after that. This was largely unchanged with Star Trek VI and with Generations.

Maybe they should go back and reshoot that “hologram” scene that was written but never filmed. Then re-release the DVD with the new scene. I would buy it a second time for that! :)

Afterall, did han shoot first? LOL!

I just want to say that I am so, so glad to see that everyone’s still arguing over Shatner’s inclusion in “Star Trek.”

Just the fact that folks feel so strongly about him means the guy’s still relevant on some level. Interesting.


Some people here think I’m “bashing” Shatner or being “nasty” to him. Not true! I’m simply stating my firm opinion that Shatner is LONG past his expiration date for playing Kirk in a convincing, or entertaining, fashion.

Some of you would LOVE to see him as Kirk again…..I would HATE to see him as Kirk again. It is as simple as that.

Christ, not this shit AGAIN!!!

It’s almost not worth having another film if we have to go through another two years of this horse crap.

I agree Shatner isn’t needed we have a new young cast and it’s time for them to take over now anyway who would want a old bloated Kirk?

i thought the shat was gonna have a private screening of the new star trek movie with JJ…..has he yet? i would be interested in hearing his reactions to the new one and chris pine’s performance

I know “The Shat” is probably just being a smart-ass or making a self-deprecating joke to emphasize how he employed such an abjectively poor strategy for getting in the 2009 movie … just like he always does … but I still find his response annoying as hell. 1st he plays “hard to get”, 2nd Acts totally surprised when JJ says the Shat doesn’t want to participate in such a wonderfully emotional & dramatic “Cameo” quote-unquote, that would have left everyone in tears.

At the rate he’s going, Generations will have been his last good-bye to James T. Kirk.

Sad … just sad … and to think that he “claims” to want to be in ST: 2012!