Ron Moore Inks New TV Development Deal With Sony

Recently Brannon Braga, the man with the most Star Trek writing credits, inked a big TV development deal with Fox and soon signed on as showrunner for Steven Spielberg’s time-travel dinosaur series. Now comes news that the man with the 2nd most writing credits, Ron Moore, has also got a new TV deal, this time with Sony, which will hopefully result in even more new sci-fi TV. Details below. 


Ron Moore to Sony TV – more good sci-fi on the way?

This morning Deadline Hollywood reported that Ron Moore has inked a two-year deal to create and executive produce series projects for cable and broadcast with Sony Pictures TV. Until recently Moore had an overall deal with NBC Universal, where he co-created two Syfy series Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, as well as Virtuality (which aired as pilot on Fox, but was not picked up). Between his time with Trek and the Galactica universe, Moore was executive producer on WB’s Roswell and HBO’s Carnivalle. DH sees the hiring of Moore (along with Smallville creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough) as a sign Sony is "making a push into genre series."

There has recently been buzz about a possible new Battlestar series for Syfy, but it isn’t clear how Moore’s new deal with Sony would impact that potential project. Moore has also recently stated he would "seriously consider" developing a new Star Trek series if a chance arose, but again that would have to be with CBS so his deal with Sony likely preclude any new Trek from Moore in the near future (not that there is any indication that CBS is currently interested in developing a new Trek series).



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Star Trek is best as a television series.

@1 With the exception of ST: Enterprise !

Good luck Ron!

Enterprise was a great show with some painful moments.

Please… Please put Trek back on TV. I haven’t paid for a TV service since Enterprise was canceled (not saying ENT was anything special, but it WAS Trek). I see no reason to until Trek is back on the air.

Ron Moore is a great writer. Weather it be for Trek or Battlestar. He wrote Relics on TNG with Scotty being in the Transporter for 75 Years. The list goes on and on. I hope he does a new Trek but would settle for a new Battlestar series on the first Cylon War.

Good for you Ron. Your a really cool talented person. I have enjoyed your great work over the years and look forward to seeing what’s next.
Singed a true fan

@2 Imagine a followup series to ST: Enterprise, using the NX-O1, but advancing the ten years to the Romulan War… produced by Ron Moore, with him hiring Manny Coto.

It would work. “Forward the Federation”.

@8 I like that!

i also look forward to seing what ron will come out with next
enterprise was not the worste star trek voyager and even ron might had problems sorting that baby out

While I love the Star Trek Franchise, I have to be honest. Battlestar Galactica was the best Science Fiction show EVER! Now I know I will raise the ire from many of hard core Trek fans, Before I do, read this.

Star Trek is in all honesty is a escapist show. It shows that humans can get by their self centered, egotistical, greedy destructive nature and become a very giving, unselfish, beautiful race. Which I do believe is not only a great goal, but a achievable one. It is also hard science fiction.

Battlestar while it is Science Fiction, makes people look into themselves, Makes us realize the state of affairs on our planet and spins it into a Science Fiction premise. Every season of BSG had a WTF moment, especially the 4th season. It isn’t focus on the technology like Star Trek does (Which to be honest, I love that aspect of Trek), even though it did have a small amount of techno-babble. It made us focus on our races downfalls and our intolerance of other people, religions, beliefs, social status, colour (Color for us Americans) and a host of other reasons. At the end of the show (What I like to call a nice neat package) it showed us what could happen if we put our hatred and bigotry of different people aside.

And to be honest, I think Ron Moore pulled it off with the artistic talent of master artist. I hope whatever other show he makes it is as good if not better then BSG.

I would love for there to be new Star Trek on TV but I still think it’s too soon. Right now, I’m content waiting for the new movie and experiencing some of the other Sci-Fi out there…Doctor Who, Battlestar, Caprica, V. I think in 3-5 years the market will be ready for a brand new Trek and, as long as they do it right and take their time, it will be amazing.

Meanwhile, kudos to Ron Moore for all his wonderful work.

Enterprise was my second favorite Star Trek series after TOS. Funny how all my favorite series are cancelled.

I pretty much quit watching Trek when they threw Roddenberry’s ideals out the window with DS9. And then the death of Kirk in Generations.

The new movie is interesting, but I mostly watched it because of Nimoy.

No other SF ever did anything for me.

Does anyone else think that Ron Moore look’s like keith urban?

Entreprise was a great show (especially season 3 and 4). But if new Trek series will hit the TV screen the writers should think how to reboot Star Trek on the TV. They really must find a modern way to tell stories.

How active is RDM in Caprica’s day-to-day production??? Does this mean Caprica is cancelled? Can RDM run Caprica AND pull in paychecks from Sony?

I hope to see new star trek on tv show. I think how about the new starship of Enterpise J as 27th to 29th century in the around everywhere in our galaxy.
I hope to Ron Moore make good story in star trek about unlike new Battlestar story and other story.

#11 Apples and Oranges. Yes, BSG was great but you can’t compare Trek to BSG.

@12 Im forced to agree. I think they will bring a new star trek series for the 50th anniversary in 2016.


The best things never last.


It was Ron Moore who threw out Roddenberry’s ideals in DS9.

11. Jim

I think BSG2003 was the first true successor to the original Star Trek. Moore was after all a TOS fan at core and fought hardest against the Roddenberry Box!

16. Crypter Crypter Crypter

Moore is a hands-off Exec on Caprica. Jane Espenson is the day-to-day showrunner. I still find it amazing that the writer of Band Candy is the same woman who wrote the boxing match episode of BSG!!

If you people actually watched Deep Space Nine, you’d see that the main characters still tried to live up to the ideals of the Rodenberry ideals but, and Sisko himself said when dealing with the Maquis:

“Do you know what the trouble is? The trouble is Earth. On Earth, there is no poverty, no crime, no war. You look out the window of Starfleet Headquarters and you see Paradise. Well, it’s easy to be a saint in Paradise.”

The subtext of this line is that Sisko and his crew are doing everything to uphold the high standards of the federation, but they’re on the the very edge of federation space where they cannot always get by following the rules.



“Deep Space Nine” was meant to shake things up. To add a new perspective to things. To question what has been established while remaining true to Roddenberry’s ideals. Not an easy task, but Ron Moore and Ira Steven Behr did an excellent job.

The message I got from DS9 was: If you want to live in paradise, you must work for it, fight for it and sacrifice for it.

#23 and #24 – I agree. DS9 is, to me, the most “realistic” Trek because you actually get a sense of what the Federation is really like. You can see this in the contrast with all the other cultures in the show. I feel DS9 filled in lots of the gaps from the other Treks to bring a bigger picture to the Federation and life in the 24th century. Also the writing was better IMO, and that is why DS9 is my favorite Trek.

does anyone know what if any classic tv series Sony owns the rights to? If they own any RM could be a good person to do new versions of them.

Yay Ron! I’m sure whatever you do will be excellent.


Well, they do own the rights to “Seinfeld”. :-)

@23 – 25: At the beginning I liked DS9 more than TNG because it felt more like TOS again. But after a while they seemed to run out of ideas. So they came up with war, more war and the Dominion developed into a super evil bad guy.
The Sisko-the-saviour, choosen by the prophets (aliens), theme got out of control as well. Roddenberry always tried to treat religion from a scientific point of view (often debunking it as fraud). In the end Sisko basically ends up in the prophets sort of alien-heaven for fullfilling his task (religious mission). They should have stopped that when they still could.

I agree with “John from Cincinnati”, I think Star Trek was best on television…expectations are too high as a feature film to always out perform the previous picture in box office receipts. The producers try to create something to “wow” you at the expense of what Star Trek is really all about.