Secret JJ Abrams Trailer With Iron Man 2 [UPDATE: Possibly Cloverfield PREquel]

Back in the Summer of 2007 a mysterious trailer for a film "produced by JJ Abrams" showed up in front of Transformers, sparking rumors (we had to debunk) it was for the upcoming Star Trek film. It turns out, that was just the beginning of the viral campaign for Cloverfield. Now comes word that this weekend JJ Abrams may do it again with a secret new trailer for what might be a Cloverfield follow-up. [UPDATE: possibly a prequel] 


Another Abrams secret project?

As we know too well, JJ Abrams loves secrets and mysteries. Abrams secrecy led to huge internet buzz for the low-budget monster-attacks-New York movie Cloverfield, which turned it into a hit in January 2008. That kind of thing is hard to replicate. Abrams has confirmed they are developing a Cloverfield sequel for a 2011 release, but he has stated that any sequel would have to be a different take and not just the same kind of first-person video approach used for Cloverfield.

Today HitFix has reported that we may finally get the first clues this weekend with a new trailer in front of Iron Man 2 for a secret JJ Abrams produced (but not directed) film called Super 8. According to the report, the secret trailer is being delivered to theaters in film canisters with a coded electronic lock that will not be unlocked until Thursday. HitFix has confirmed the title, but not confirmed it is for the Cloverfield sequel. It is possible this is for yet another secret JJ Abrams project (although probably not the Spielberg collaboration Abrams is hoping to direct, reported last week).

UPDATE: More details – possibly Cloverfield prequel?

Vulture backs up the report that Super 8 is related Cloverfield and is "possibly a prequel". They also have some trailer details [spoilers]:

…it shows a bunch of kids who are shooting a movie with a Super 8 camera in the seventies or eighties. When they develop the film, they notice that there’s an alien creature in the frame.

Here again is that mysterious trailer from the Summer of 2007 that got the Cloverfield buzz started. 

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A Cloverfield sequel? WHY?



It’s not a sequel as such. Original rumours put the idea forward that the film would take place at the same time as the Cloverfield events took place. The “sequel” would be from a different vantage point, ie, the authorities battling the creature.

I for one am looking forward to it!

The way Cloverfeild was filmed was very creative but it got annoying after a few minutes.

Maybe it will be a secret teaser for Star Trek 2. I know nothing has been shot yet but maybe it is a cool CGI teaser with the release date and such. What better way to let fans know the sequel is coming than with Iron Man 2.

I’ve been meaning to rent Cloverfield but totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

I love Cloverfield, I want the sequel

anyone think it could be a Star Trek thing??? ;)

It could be a Cloverfield vs. Star Trek crossover.

Move over Doomsday Machine, the crew of the Enterprise is trapped on the surface of an alien planet fighting the Cloverfield monster.

Uhura did order the Slusho mix in the last film…

Trek goes giggle cam and lens-flare happy at the same time. Think of the money they can save on SFX – people won’t be able to see anything, so you won’t really need to film anything.


The first trailer for ST did not show anything used in the film.

With Klingon concept art being worked on for the next ST film doing a Klingon in film noir would be easy. I could do that at home.

I would guess it is just another Cloverfield like project though. We will see. It is that whole “?” thing.

I guess I should finally see Cloverfield before the sequel / new vantage point movie comes out.

Bring on the monster/bugs/genre movie goodness!

Again, any word on the indy film that was shown at SXSW called “Monsters”? Supposed to be a good one.

Confirmed titled for this secret film is Super 8, yet it’s not supose to be the joint Speilberg-Abrams movie…the title leads me to belive it’s an Abrams film based on Steven Speilbergs life…Speilberg started making his first movies using his Dad’s Super 8 Camera…

I liked cloverfield, but i would have prefered that it wasn’t first person. Please make this one like a normal film and don’t do first person or lens flares (that part of trek 09 pissed me off). Do that and i’ll watch it, otherwise i’m not interested. Been there done that. But if you do it correctly, there is a lot of potential.

Aah, cloverfield… back where it all began. Am I experiencing deja vu?

For those who say LOST, it has already been confirmed by producers that if LOST does happen as a movie, it won’t come from their group. They are going to wrap up the story in a way that leaves nothing “dangling” so to speak.

Would love to see a Cloverfield movie that takes place durring the monster attack, but a different perspective perhaps. Government would be interesting. But I don’t want a Godzilla movie.

About time we get another Cloverfield movie, but of course it could easily be a Trek movie teaser which is just as welcome…but supposing that comes when the next cloverfield hit’s the theaters..

Loved Cloverfield! Gave me faith that Abrams
knew what he was doing with Star Trek ’09.

Cloverfield was AWESOME. I will gladly be the first in line for another go.

Yeah, I tried to rent cloverfield but when I pressed play it was just some shaky home movie.

I enjoyed Cloverfield quite a bit; didn’t think I would.

Think Godzilla coming ashore in New York, but done with a serious slant.

And don’t miss the end credits — not so much for any stinger (though there is one, but I can’t remember if it was right before or right after the credits) — but for the only music in the movie; Giacchino’s “ROAR!”, which is a great homage to Daikaiju films of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

I loved Cloverfield!!! It made the 60s monster movies relevant again! What a creative take on it, and it essentially was a touching love story envelope as well!

I hope this is Cloverfield-related!!

I would love to see Cloverfield Sequeal or a Prequel. But with the Govt Fighting it. I want more action in the next Monster Movie. Like they used to in the 50s and 60s. But with much better effects. I love those old Movies and J.J realy brought that back with Cloverfield.

Cloverfield rocked, a classic monster movie. I put it up there with Alien.

More Cloverfield would be great!

A prequel? I get it. But, wouldn’t the previous group of humans the know that a monster exists thus they’d have had experience with/knowledge of the possible “monster” ramifications?

Or, am I thinking to much?

I can understand the desire to keep things a mystery, but it’s a double edged sword. Leaving too much to people’s imagination usually leads to disappointment when the big reveal happens. It happend to me for both the Cloverfield creature and of course the American Godzilla. I had my own ideas of what they would look like, and the reality was much less to my liking.

As mentioned above – A new secret J.J project which I for one didnt know about that could possibly be Cloverfield related… It truly is deja-vu all over again.

Then again, it could quite as easily be the new teaser to MI:4

Not a fan of cloverfield

Cloverfield was crap.

Cloverfield was the 3D of a few years; nice gimmick that works once or twice, but then everything seemed to go first person shakycam. Hell, even soap operas, believe or not, went shakycam.
We need a first person shakycam in 3D.
With lens flares.


…found a copy of Cloverfield while shopping for a belt at Ross….$4. I picked it up(the movie, that is). The belt cost $10. Prequel? Not in the least bit necessary.

Cloverfield was a stroke of genius. As was Tippett’s creature and Giacchino’ s musical piece. Too bad the acting wasn’t quite up to par.
Love to see another angle/style on it.