Watch ‘Sweded Star Trek’ – The No Budget Spoof of ST09

A month ago we featured a trailer for a no budget short film spoof of Star Trek 2009. Today the guys at Push It Films have released the final version of ‘Sweded Star Trek’, and it is pretty hilarious. Watch it below.



Star Trek 2009 gets Sweded

Push It Films show you just how far you can go without any money. Check it out.

As noted in our previous article, ‘sweding’ is a term for making your own amateur version of a film, with no budget. The term comes from the 2008 Jack Black/Mos Def comedy Be Kind Rewind, where two guys restock a video store with their own versions of films. Many films have been sweded, like Die Hard, Terminator 2, Star Wars and many more. The Star Trek spoof is the second ‘swede’ from Push It Films, their Sweded The Dark Knight was shortlisted for a 2009 Empire Award.

Check out our previous article for more, including behind the scenes blogs on the making of Sweded Star Trek.

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lol, that was pretty good

wow oh wow that is incredible good work guys

That is funny! Reminds me of other spoofs…anyone remember Kentucky Fried Movie??

That is funny! Reminds me of other spoofs…anyone remember Kentucky Fried Movie??

That is funny! Reminds me of other spoofs…anyone remember Kentucky Fried Movie??

Best Nero impression ever…

Deep fried Awesome!

Yet more evidence that the ship couldn’t be more than 900 feet long. Great model. I expect Polar Lights/R2 to be coming out with that model this Fall.

Not funny !!! —Muy Estupido—

Oh no, they forgot to mention TAS!! DIS IZ A DIZASTA!

Great job! I laughed hard at this – it’s corny, well thought out and short enough to still want more :)

“Then the unthinkable happend” – bloody brilliant! :D

XD That was great! Loved it a lot! Shows what a creative mind and some aluminum foil can do!

XD The Nero was funny! Great rendition! And I loved the monster! :D Yeah. I just loved the whole thing.

Very well observed! Nero especially. Considering the zero budget, it didn’t actually look that terrible either.

Needs more lens flare though.

Needs more lens flare !

Better than the real movie! :)

That was totally made of WIN!

The real movie is better but this is good as well.

Live fast and sweded ! Nero is far much better in this version (even if I love Eric Bana as actor).


I have to admit that was kind of funny lol

Nice ;D

“Then the unthinkable happened…ENTERPRISE.”

lol. This is great. I love it. (But I doubt it was produced without ANY money, they have costumes etc.). The best is indeed the “I watched it happen, I saw it happen…” part. Incredible! Ich hab mich bepi..t vor lachen (I won´t translate that!)

Wow, that was epic! ha ha!

I like that one guy’s rendition of “Don’t tell me it didn’t happen! I saw it happen!” ha ha!

The model they used looks almost as good as the movie version despite the crooked nacelles!

That was great, nicely done!

Scooter (3,4,5) That is funny… reminds me of “Groundhog Day”.

It was mildly funny. Nicely done.

I’m curious what “no budget” means, though. They sure seem to have had some budget. They had makeup for Spock Prime and some effects.

Oh, yeah, the Nero was excellent, as others have said!

Their imitations of American accents were funny…

LOL, that was very funny…


Not too bad at all. Good work guys.

Excellent job! Made about as much sense as the real one, and was mercifully shorter.

Off to see their Dark Knight send-up now.

Scott B. out.


“And then the unthinkable happened — Enterprise!”

Epic WIN! This is a collector’s item!

that was SO not canon! A great parody… but NOT CAAAAANONNNNN!!!

30 – what you said, er, typed.

haha I enjoyed that

rofl loved it, they got it just right lol

Really funny!!!
And yes… needs more lens flare. LOL!!!

That is a great Nero impression!

Well, I guess if you’re too cheap to rent the real movie…

Glad to see Admiral Ackbar’s line end up with Pike: “It’s a trap!”

Good stuff.

3,4 and 5

YES, I REMEMBER KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE!!! Now, will you leave me alone? : D

Swear to God if this anything like the Phantom Menace!

Awesome parody!

40. Has someone had a sense of humour bypass? I happen to OWN the real movie on BluRay (it was the first BluRay I’ve ever bought in fact), and I still enjoyed this. Now, how would you like that wooden spine extracted from your arse? Or is it just straight to bed without the dry white bread and water?

That was AWESOME! I Want More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better looking ENTERPRISE, at the very least.

oh, and before I forget: MAY THE FARCE BE WITH YOU:

Sorry Anthony….just took the Star Wars fan test.

The FOURTH is with me????

Thru me, I went “for the most part”.

Just read “Happy Star Wars Day ” post.