Bio Announces New Shatner Series: ‘Shatner’s Aftermath’

Even though he is approaching 80, there is no sign that William Shatner is slowing down. In fact he is adding more and more to his plate. Today A&E Networks announced that not only are they picking up the Shatner’s Bio Channel talk show for another season, but they have ordered a new series: Shatner’s Aftermath.


Bio doubles down on Shatner

At the ‘upfront’ presentations in New York, A&E announced next season’s slate of series and heading the list of Bio Channel shows was Shatner’s Aftermath. According to THR the new series to be hosted by Shatner "looks at Americans who became overnight household names, such as The Unibomber and Iraq war PFC Jessica Lynch." So far they have ordered six episodes. A&E also announced that Shatner’s Raw Nerve will be returning for another season. 

These two Bio Channel shows join Shatner’s other new series, Weird or What, which will be airing on Discovery (see previous story).

And Bill may be getting even more airtime if CBS picks up his new sitcom (Bleep) My Dad Says. Buzz on the pilot has been good. CBS makes their series pick-up announcements on May 19th.

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Plain and simple, the man is an inspiration to both young and old.

Just watched “Balance of Terror” the other night (for the 567th time, probably). Captain Kirk at his best.

Yes! Another Shatner series to watch. Go, Bill!



The Shat is back big time!

I’ve really enjoyed “Raw Nerve,” much to my surprise. He’s a far better interviewer than I anticipated.

He’s a great host. Renaissance man, to be sure.

Goodness, I’m in my 20s and I’m envious at the amount of energy he seems to have.

The one and only Cpt James T. Kirk!!!!

The man does not know how to slow down and he shouldn’t slow down. One can never have too much JTK as far as I am concerned. I wonder what would happen if some one asked “What next, Mr. Shatner??”

If you have read his memoirs, it is very clear why Shatner is so productive. It is the result of both the work ethic he learned from his father and the experience he had during the lean years of his career. Consequently, that man will work until the day he dies.

This new show sounds like it could get kind of political. I don’t know how the Unabomber and Jessica Lynch can be covered merely as instant celebrities. Lynch, for example, has accused the U.S. government of embellishing her POW ordeal so she could be used as propaganda. Is Shatner going to be doing journalism here? Does he bring a point of view to these subjects?

Shatner’s Kirk in his prime is the epitome of sci-fi heroes.

Jessica Lynch ” the story was embellished by the Washington Post, My rifle jammed and I couldn’t fire a ….”


Shat “That has happened to me on a lot of times during hunting season, did you know that in My home town they called me CANT SHOOT SHAT?

pan shot of the audience laughing and clapping @ Bills anecdote

that man is my idol ! He’s approaching 80 and he one of TV biggest stars !

Shatner rules !

God Bless you Bill ! Live forever young.

The one and only. He is my captain.

Love the Shat.

It’s because of Captain Kirk. If it wasn’t for Kirk, nobody would know who the heck Shatner is now. You could also say that if it weren’t for William Shatner, nobody would know who Captain Kirk is, and probably Star Trek, for that matter. So take a cue, Bob and JJ: Put ‘im in the movie. He is the core of Star Trek, and people will love it.

Hook this guy up to jumper cables and have him re-start the economy. Shat can do anything!

William Shatner is an obsolute LEGEND!!!! Finished his autobiography Up Till Now last night and it was a fascinating (note Spock reference) read, he’s a very intereting life and career. Not many actors can say they have developed three differend well know characters throughout there career and William Shatner has done that in the iconic Captain James T Kirk, T.J. Hooker and of course the one and only DENNY CRANE for which he won two Emmy’s and a Golden Globe, all post his 70th Birthday!! He is an inspiration to us all and I am thrilled that over the last decade he has finally been recognised by the wider public for the wonderful entertainer he is! He’s more popular than ever and he’s loving every moment of it, he’s an inspiration to us all!

Gotta love the Shat!

I was watching Weird or What tonight and thought I saw Shatner’s name in the credits. I had no idea Shatner was involved. I thought I was seeing things.

Just read the other day where some shrewd business dealings wih priceline stock has netted Shatner around $600,000,000.oo. Yes, that was 600 million dollars. The man is amazing. And incredibly rich! Looking forward to his latest endeavors!

$600,000,000? Not a chance. Just not a chance. What you read is patently false.

$6 Million Man? Bah! William Shatner is the $600 Million Man! So take that!

william shatner is a rock god!

A perfect example of how misinformation gets out there! People believe something because it is in print. Shatner is not worth $600 million. In fact I would bet he isn’t even worth close $60 million. Maybe (and that is big maybe) $45 million.
But to me, he is priceless.

Has he interviewed Takei yet?

He still has a way of sitting in a chair like no other.

BTW i have another idea of how Shatner can be in Star Trek without it seeming forced.

Do a telemovie or a six hour mini series set in the new timeline but in the future. Shatner plays older Kirk and though in retirement He and Spock and mcCoy must team up for one last blast of glory to save the universe.

Have them all die in the end for the greater good. If well written it would be one of the highest rating mini series ever and would be a grand way to send out the main three which we have never really had.

Shat may not have time to be in the Trek`09 sequel… or has he been CLONED?!

The guy has way more energy than the Energizer rabbit…

#22 & #23 Priceline stock is currently trading at $246 a share. If you read “Up til Now” you would know he was given a tremendous amount of stock upfront, & was unable to sell it by law until after the stock plummitted to near worthlessness. Shat never mentioned selling the worthless stock, its possible that figure might be right.

Bill is just amazing!
Much being made in the UK press and online today about his, apparent, $600,000,000 fortune.
The top earning celeb apparently!

I’ll read others posts before posting next time! lol

On the TOS Trek DVD/Blu Ray sets, Bob Justman talks about how happy and excited he was when the production landed Bill. It was indeed a master stroke of casting! I like Chris Pine, but Shatner was, is and always will be the ULTIMATE Starship Captain and one of the greatest tv characters, period!

Of course it will take Pine years to do what Shatner did with Kirk but there is a lot of respect due for his portrayal of the great captain.

I think that is acknowledged by most.

The Shat is a legend plain and simple

@23 Shatrules…read it too…Toronto Sun. You don’t have to believe it, but it is right here. Make of it what you want. Sounds completely plausible to me.

An amazing man!

I’m not denying it is in print. It’s there black & white. But this looks like a good example of circular sources (each article simply referencing another article). The way it is written certainly does sound plausible and that is why so much misinformation gets out there.
When I hear a credible source (not a “reportably” be) then I’ll entertain that it might be true.

Yes, few actors will go down in TV history being know for more than one character. And let’s not forget his “Rescue 911” series. Not only showing stories of people saving lives, but much like John Walsh’s “America’s Most Wanted” helping us put criminals back behind bars, “Rescue 911” was credited for helping to save lives. Wasn’t there a story about kid that saved one of his parents cause he saw the show and knew about calling 911?

But, yes to me he will always be “Kirrrrrk!” (just bought STII on Blueray!)