JJ Abrams: Secret ‘Super 8’ Has Nothing To Do With Cloverfield

The mystery of JJ Abrams secret project continues to unfold. Last we heard a trailer for a sci-fi film called "Super 8" was going to be seen with Iron Man 2 this weekend. It was also rumored to be a prequel to Clovefield. Now JJ Abrams has confirmed the film exists, but denied the link to Cloverfield.


JJ’s Mystery Trailer

It was just yesterday that news broke about the secret trailer for a JJ Abrams-produced film called Super 8 was going to show with Iron Man 2. Initial rumors said it was related to Cloverfield, possibly a prequel. But at the Time 100 Gala last night, JJ Abrams told Vulture (who had claimed it was a Cloverfield prequel) "it has nothing whatsoever to do with Cloverfield". Abrams did confirm the trailers for Super 8 are in time-locked canisters, awaiting tomorrow’s midnight screenings of Iron Man 2.

Of course this could all be more misdirection from Abrams, but we will know more tomorrow  Yesterday’s Vulture report also had details on the trailer, stating:

Insiders familiar with the trailer tell us that it shows a bunch of kids who are shooting a movie with a Super 8 camera in the seventies or eighties. When they develop the film, they notice that there’s an alien creature in the frame.

Assuming that JJ is being sincere and this has nothing to do with Cloverfield, it brings up the question that this may be related to the so-called Spielberg tribute that Abrams is reportedly interested in directing. It is known that when he was a kid, Spielberg used to make amateur 8mm movies with his friends. And of course this could possibly be an entirely different Abrams project.  

jj time 100
JJ Abrams at Time 100 Gala in New York City, May 4th 2010

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Let me be the first to say I said this yesterday:

15. CaptSpock – May 4, 2010

Confirmed titled for this secret film is Super 8, yet it’s not supose to be the joint Speilberg-Abrams movie…the title leads me to belive it’s an Abrams film based on Steven Speilbergs life…Speilberg started making his first movies using his Dad’s Super 8 Camera…


AICN reported something about this being tied to some sort of 70’s or 80’s super 8 film that some kids are looking at that apparently has an “alien in the frame”.

Take that for what it is worth.


Hadn’t heard that before, but that wouldbe cool too!


#1 Oh Gee, sounds a bit like the Brazil scene in “Signs”. :)

One word. Phew.


umm… wouldn’t it be interesting if the “alien” was a Vulcan or better yet… a Klingon… in some sort of stealth suit.


JJ looks like he wants to show me to a table.

Seriously, I plan to see Iron Man 2, but this makes me want to see it even more, to be honest. There’s been just enough being bandied about to raise my curiosity. If it looks interesting, I’d check it out, especially since not many movies pique my curiosity.

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

Well. Looks Interesting what ever he has in store. Maybe it is of Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln on one of there missions and there trying to stop some Alien. Nah. Did not think so.


Super8 wasn’t even invented and on the market till 1965, Spielberg was NOT using a Super-8 camera, it would have had to be regular 8, and then later he made that long amateur UFO flick in 16mm, just before he moved from Arizona.


Super 8 was a big deal for a lot of people. Its indicative of an era in film-making, but tying it to anyone person would be like naming a movie “magazine” and assuming it was about Isaac Asimov.


Sounds like it could be pretty cool, depending
of course on the direction that the movie goes.
Will the kids see the alien and look for it, only
never to find it OR will there be some sort of
alien interaction will the kids and the film clip
destroyed? Hmmm, interesting anyway…

I used to make Super 8 stuff as a kid, so the title makes me smile.


New theory: Secret Ron Howard tribute. Make it so.

Kirk, James T.

I think it’s Star Trek – its hooked to a Paramount film, Iron Man 2 is sure to grab the biggest audiences at the moment. Star Trek i think, maybe not but wouldn’t that be cool! :D


looks like AICN just spilled the beans…


Thanks for pointing that out, philpot. The talkback on that article is one for the ages.

The Emissary Of The JJverse

#14…T’Were that only the case… ANYWAYS, I would love to see a massively different Star Trek film in 2012: A behind-the-scenes film combined with the in-universe storyline.. how? its simple: do a story where it is explained how the Star Trek TV/Film franchise can exist within the Star Trek Universe Timeline…part of why the public was alienated from Trek is not just the technobabble and slavish adherence to canon, or the stereotypes about fans, but also because Trek became less and less likely to be credible to possibly happen in our future… namely because ppl cannot see how something like Trek could happen within a universe where the Trek shows/movies etc exist… therefore I feel that if not the next Trek film, then trek XIII should be like this… where it, in story, explains stuff like this… and that maybe there was a secret society of sorts helping ‘a plan’ to unfold, in this case, a Da Vinci Code-like angle wherein from the Prime Universe, a ship crashed in Roswell New Mexico in the 40s, (not Quark’s shuttle like in DS9), and scientists at Area 51 were able to recover a Starfleet History Database from the ship and use it to see what was MEANT to happen, and help steer Time toward the Federation…this could be explained in-story as perhaps being due to the Bajoran Orb of Time, and since JJ previously said he wanted to deal with the ethics of torture in a future film, it could be written so some Vulcan survivors settle on Bajor, only to have the Cardassians begin the Occupation early, and Kirk and crew must rescue the Vulcan refugees and in the process, discover all this…


Sounds fun. I am looking forward to it.


#17.. Um, no.