Watch Kanye West Rap In Klingon On The Cleveland Show

Star Trek references are a regular occurrence on Seth MacFarlane’s Fox show Family Guy, so it is no surprise that they are also showing up on his spin-off series: The Cleveland Show. On last Sunday’s episode guest star Kanye West guest-starred and got into a rap battle with Cleveland Jr., where he (and Jr.) busted out some Klingon. Watch it below.


Kanye’s Klingon

On Sunday’s The Cleveland Show episode Brotherly Love" rapper Kanye West voiced the a character named "Kenny West". He and Cleveland Jr. are vying for the affection of a female classmate named Chanel, who, and the two battle for her love with rap. And in the middle they both add Klingon into their wrap, with Kenny starting it off with the taunt "yeah, I just dissed you in Klingon".

Any of you Klingon scholars want to translate what they were saying?

More Cleveland Trek

There have been more Star Trek references for this first season of The Cleveland Show. In the episode “Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb” , Cleveland takes his son to a Star trek convention, and in the episode “Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance” there was a gag about Trekkies all fitting a certain profile (watch that below). 

Thanks to George for the tip

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Who here is not a virgin?

ive just been touched for the very first time……………………………………again!

You have not experienced Shakespeare, until you have read it in the original Klingon.”

What are you talking about, Trekies being virgins??? Where do you think all the new Trekkies come from, we’re not Tribbles!

It was funny that the guy that raised his hand had a TOS command yellow shirt on and it looked like it had Captain’s rank. But Kirk never had to rape a woman.

4 – The Enemy Within. Transporter malfunction evil Kirk.

Whar’s tha’ BRANDY!

1 – As a matter of fact, I’m not. That comment has been used against trekkies and trekkers for decades, and its gettin old.

“You’re under arrest!”

LOL. Now *that’s* some excellent police work.

“A, B, C, D, E, F, G…. ”


6 – Watch the second clip. he was quoting it.

#5, Oops, forgot about that one. Did evil Kirk actually rape Rand or just attack her? Now I have a excuse to go back and watch the epsiode this weekend ;) I can always use an excuse to go watch Trek.

He attacked her with intention to rape, but she fought him off by scratching him. Also another crew member spotted him so he ran out to stop him before he could call security.

I’m a Klingon speaker and here’s my analysis of the sounds:

Qach. yo’ baq HIch qaq – He wields. The preferable handgun terminates a fleet…

Although the baq sounds more like braq, which isn’t a Klingon word.

nuqDaq pa’ ra’ qa’ – Where does the ghost command the room?
Kiss my cha’lu’ ghunta’ – Kiss my it is shown it accomplished programming
And also HaH you – And also soak you

That’s the best I can pull from the sounds, so I’m going to assume this is all gibberish that was just made to sound like Klingon. The Family Guy folks aren’t as good with Klingon as the Big Bang folks.

Love the Cleveland Show but Kanye west is a huge douche !

I also didn’t understand anything that makes sense…

God, Cleveland Show looks awful. Glad I’ve never bothered to watch it.

I’ve rediscovered virginity


Dude, please say you’re joking and not taking that seriously. If you are…then, in the immortal words of William Shatner, GET A LIFE!!!!

Dear #6,

See #16.


@14 … The Cleveland Show is not nearly as good as Family Guy, but it’s a very close 2nd.

6 – you’re getting a little old for a virgin, eh?


j/k we all get tonnes of genitalia.

Hahaha, I just watched The Enemy Within for the first time today. Good episode. Ya, evil Kirk doesn’t actually rape her.