Star Trek Books Update: New 2010 Covers + More 2011 Books Announced

Today we have a few book related updates for you. First up there are new covers, one for the first Typhon Pact novel, and one for the one of the SCE compilations. We have also confirmed a few more Star Trek books for 2011 and put together the latest summarized list, with news of when the full official list will be announced.


New covers

Pocket books has released the cover the upcoming e-book compilation "Star Trek: Core of Engineers – Out of the Cocoon". This collection includes "Out of the Cocoon" by William Leisner, "Honor" by Kevin Killiany, "Blackout" by Phaedra M. Weldon, and "The Cleanup" by Robert T. Jeschonek. "Star Trek: Core of Engineers – Out of the Cocoon" arrives July 20th, and is available for pre-order at Here is the cover.

Author David Mack has revealed the cover for his upcoming novel "Star Trek: Typhon Pact – Zero Sum Game". This first novel of Typhon Pact series focuses on the crew of the USS Aventine (Under Captain Ezri Dax) as they deal with those nasty helmet wearing Breen. Secret agent Julian Bashir will be along to help them out. "Star Trek: Typhon Pact – Zero Sum Game" arrives in October and is available for pre-order at  Here is the cover.

New MU, VOY and TOS books confirmed for 2011

There has also been a few other Star Trek book revelations for 2011. First up, David Mack confirms with TrekMovie that he will be returning to Mirror Universe in 2011 with "Star Trek: Mirror Universe – Rise Like Lions." This is Mack’s second foray to the other side, following "Star Trek: Mirror Universe – Sorrows of Empire" which was released in December 2009.

Also, Kirsten Beyer has confirmed she is writing another Star Trek Voyager novel (no title yet) for 2011. This will be her follow-up to her two 2009 novels: "Star Trek: Voyager – Unworthy" and "Star Trek: Voyager – Full Circle".

 And finally author Steve Mollmann has revealed on his site that he and his writing partner Michael Schuster will be writing an original series novel for 2011 titled "A Choice of Catastrophes". According to Mollmann it will focus on McCoy in his "most harrowing mission yet".

Preliminary List of (known) Star Trek 2011 Books – Official announcement in June

Taking the latest confirmations and our previous reporting, here is the best available summary of what is coming in 2011 for Star Trek books.

January 2011 "Star Trek: New Frontier: Blind Man’s Bluff" Peter David  
January 2011 "Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony" [TNG] Dayton Ward  
Spring 2011 "Star Trek: Indistinguishable From Magic" (working title) [TOS] David A. McIntee
Late 2011 "Star Trek: Vanguard – Declassified" (working title), novella collection   Dayton Ward, David Mack, Kevin Dilmore, and Marco Palmieri  
Late 2011 "Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes" [TOS]   Steve Mollmann and Michael Schuster  
2011 "Star Trek: DTI" (working title)   Christopher L. Bennett
2011 Untitled Romulan War Novel [ENT] Michael A. Martin
2011 "Star Trek Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions" David Mack
2011 Untitled Voyager Novel   Kirsten Beyer

This is not the official list from Pocket and is subject to change, plus there are additional books not yet revealed. The official announcement for the Pocket Books 2011 Star Trek books schedule will be made in Star Trek Magazine #27 (due out June 29th).


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I rather like that Typhon Pact cover. Looking forward to it!

Love these books, but hard to get caught up.

Like Bashir w/ the beard. Nice looking list, looking forward to the continuation of the Romulan War and a new adventure w/ the New Frontier crew.

I’m definitely hoping to see the next Romulan War book. Much too long to have to wait. I am also glad to see the Voyager story will continue. The last two by Kirsten Beyer were good. I’d like to see the 24th century series continue at least to 2387, when the Narada is supposed to come back in time and Romulus is destroyed. It would be nice to see the novels start to coincide with the Countdown comic series as they get closer to 2387. Still have a few years left though and plenty of stories to tell.

They all look like great reads. The Typhon Pact miniseries, DTI, more Romulan War, and a new Voyager Relaunch novel all in one year! Whew. I’d better start saving my pennies now!

Even after 2387 there’s going to be a lot to tell. Who knows what we’ll see? Picard will be retiring, Data will take over as Captain of the E-E, Spock will be gone into the AU, La Forge will be working somewhere else probably, and Q-only-knows what else will be going on with the other crews. I’m sure we’ll also get plenty of new stories with new ships and new crews in between now and then.

This DTI stuff should be interesting, as well as Voyager continuing in the Delta Quadrant, not to mention all the DS9 stuff.

Let’s see what’s out there.

Ezri Dax as captain? Ouch!

Unknown title for a Romulan War noval for ENT???

Thats nice to know, but I thought that I just bought that book to read not too long ago. While I have not read that particular novel yet, I think this might mean a continuation of this ENT series perhaps.

#4, #6:
The Star Trek novels aren’t necessarily going to tie up to Countdown. In fact, it’s likely they won’t. Already there are some big discontinuities (Data’s still dead in the books, Shi’Kahr was destroyed by the Borg in Destiny but is in Countdown, the Romulan Empire has split in two in the novels etc). It would seem Pocket and IDW are each doing their own thing.

The post-Destiny novels are also entirely seperate from Star Trek Online’s timeline (which does include Countdown).

Does Saddig know he’s a secret agent in this upcoming book? (considering how pissy he was about other things…)

The Breen Helmet?
Why did the producers of Trek do a blatant rip off from the Leia Bounty Hunter costume from RotJ?

#7: Agreed. I think that’s a bad and weird choice. Although one may say with all those lifetimes she has enough experience to be a captain, but even Vulcans don’t move that far that fast in their careers.

#7, #12:
I would have thought all the “Captain Ezri WTF?” comments would have stopped after Cadet Kirk’s uber-promotion at the end of Star Trek XI :-)

Read the Destiny books. The captain of the Aventine knows her stuff.

Looking forward to a few of these, esp the ones written by David Mack Dayton Ward, and Peter David. The other authors are no slouches either though.

Critics of Ezri becoming a captain are missing the simple FACT
Dax has had life times of experience and Jadzia was a Lt Cmdr

Ezri’s desire for command started way back in 2001. She is the first officer of the Defiant in those novels.

I’ve picked up “Beneath The Raptors Wing” and started it three times. I have no doubt that it’s a good book but I’m busy and most of the time I start it when I go to bed and fall asleep very quickly. I may try to tackle it during vacation this summer. I have always been interested in the Earth/Romulan war scenario and I have a request for the powers that be (the one’s that make the books so to speak). I would like a Romulan war history book. Something in the tradition of Naval ship directories like “Jane’s”. A large, full color, volume with schematics of the ships involved (Daedalus, NX, and maybe non-cannon, or fannon designs), battlefield diagrams, and accounts of key battles. Something I could pick up from time to time and not be lost when I do. Just an idea. I’d bet it would be a big seller.

Who says they couldn’t have rebuilt ShiKahr? It was explained in Countdown that Scotty and LaForge unlocked B4’s memory. And the Romulans DO split into two different governments, the Star Empire and the Imperial State.

Also, Ezri really knows what she’s doing. It works surprisingly well.

back to the Breen Helmet @ Princes Leia Bounty Hunter Lookalike!

how come?

Don’t like that Times New Roman “Star Trek” logo at all.

And…no Vanguard in 2011?

Sad panda.

Meh! books might as well be fannon, just as cannon as Star Trek Phoenix and The Adventures of Captain Harriman so they can make Ezri as Federation President for all I care.

– Sen. Vreenak

#22: I, of course, am interpreting your comment as a compliment to fan films, not as an insult to our noble Star Trek authors.

Of course, as a fan film producer myself (catch Excelsior fever at! ), I may be a little biased.

I like beardy Julian.

Just reread a good part of “Rising Son” by S.D. Perry the other night. Forgot how much I enjoyed the DS9 books. Maybe “Zero Sum Game” would be a good place for me to dip my toe in the waters of the post-Destiny ‘verse.

#21: There is indeed a new Vanguard novel, tentatively scheduled for late 2011; it’s the fourth one down the list.

Yay, a new TOS book and featuring McCoy. :-)

#18: I think you’re thinking of the ST Online timeline (and STO novel), which borrows a few elements of the novels but ignores many others. In Countdown itself there is no mention of the Imperial Romulan State, and only a vague mention of Data’s resurrection in B-4, with no details.

Even with the tech of the future, I can’t see them rebuilding Shi’Kahr in six years, right down to the rock formations that held the inverted skyscrapers.

#22: Yet these “fake” non-canon novels have been selling for 40 years.

Actually it’s all fake. It’s not real. That’s why it’s fun. Dare I utter Shatner’s famous SNL line……….I’ll refrain at this time.

Hoping for more Titan novels to be announced in June.

#22 Star Trek: Phoenix is set to take place AFTER the Star Trek Online time, so being such a high-quality fanseries, it might BE integrated into canon if enough fans like it:)

and #26… ever heard of wonderfully innovative things called nanites/nanoassemblers? the possibilities are endless, not just in constructing machines but in reconstructing rock down to the exact programmed specs, especially if the Vulcans had certain experts in Borg tech to lend them assistance in adapting and reprogramming Borg nanoprobes:)

I read somewhere that the Breen helmet was a deliberate homage by the costume designers to Leia’s disguise in Return of the Jedi, just goes to show that professionals can be fanboys, too!

Thanks for pointing that out, I missed it.

That’s one that’s been reported before; it sounds sort of a terrible idea, to me, since it’s a “recap” of stories instead of moving forward.

YAY more New Frontier! Can’t wait – I caught up with the whole series over the summer and they’re excellent, I felt a bit lost when I’d finished them! All hail Peter David!

#31 – STAR TREK VANGUARD: DECLASSIFIED is not a “recap,” it’s four brand-new stories by the four people chiefly responsible for the series — editor Marco Palmieri (now as a writer), Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, and myself.

The idea behind these stories is to reveal new details about the saga that will let us explore the characters and advance the plot in ways that will help us set up the next two novels — one by Dayton & Kevin for late 2011, and one by myself in 2012.

#9, 18, 26 – There are actually only a few notable discontinuities between where the novels have gotten up to, and where ST Countdown and ST Online have gone forward, and with a little creativity, none of them can’t be addressed, if the authors and editors choose to. They might not, of course.

#13 – “I would have thought all the “Captain Ezri WTF?” comments would have stopped after Cadet Kirk’s uber-promotion at the end of Star Trek XI :-) ”

Why should that act of arrant stupidity make people stop questioning others? ;)

Seriously, though, at least Ezri was already a Lieutenant or Lt. Commander, IIRC, the ship’s second officer, and it was a battlefield promotion, so it wasn’t nearly as unbelievable as alt-Kirk’s.

#22 – Oh, I dunno. I consider–especially now–the books to be every bit as important and “real” for Trek as what’s currently being generated on film. Maybe more so. After all, it’s all storytelling. What difference should the medium make?

#33 – Vanguard Books 7 and 8 already in development. Awesome!

#34 – The major discontinuity between ST Countdown/Online and the novels is the Borg Invasion. The Borg Invasion in the “Destiny” trilogy was such a huge event, with so many lives lost, that there really is no way to reconcile it with its absence in the Online/Countdown timeline. It would be like trying to reconcile a timeline where World War II did not happen with our own; it’s just not possible. They’re two different versions of the Star Trek Universe and we just have to accept that.

As for Captain Ezri Dax…

She’s one year younger than Picard was when he took command of the Stargazer, and it happened under identical circumstances (captain and first officer killed in battle).

She’s also kept the promotion after the Borg Invasion, in which 40% of Starfleet was wiped out — which makes the idea that Starfleet would end up with some young and inexperienced captains quite believable.

So, anyone condemning Captain Ezri Dax needs to condemn Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation starship Stargazer, too.

#35 – Oh, I don’t know. The “easiest” solution, though perhaps not the most literarily satisfying, is the revelation, some years after the events of “Destiny”, that the Caeliar weren’t quite as complete with their resolution of the Borg situation as the Federation and allies had believed, and some part of the Collective is still out there.

I mean, yeah, ST Online and _The Needs of the Many_ are based on the assumption that it just didn’t happen, but the universe of the game itself, and most of the “Path to 2409” chronology, could work even with it. If one is willing to accept the idea, it’s not a huge leap.

Of course, there might be more interesting ways to deal with it, as well. ;)

Mind you, I’m not saying that they *have to*, only that they could. Being the huge fan of overall continuity that I am, I rather like the idea of trying to see if the two “takes” on Trek could fit together. But that’s just me. :)

As for Captain Ezri Dax, I think you’re spot-on there. It’s not really a huge leap at all, and when one considers that field command experience may be hugely valuable in a StarFleet picking up the pieces after such a massive conflagration, the idea that Ezri would keep command makes sense.

For those that don’t know what DTI is:
DTI is the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations, introduced in the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations” in the persons of Agents Lucsly and Dulmur (sometimes rendered as Dulmer), who questioned Captain Sisko to ensure his crew had not jeopardized the time stream on their recent trip to the past.

Now it falls to me to tell the first novel-length story of the DTI, starring Lucsly and Dulmur along with their colleagues in the department, mostly original characters but maybe one or two familiar faces as well. Though the working title suggests a resemblance to Star Trek: SCE/Corps of Engineers, this book might be better compared to Articles of the Federation, Keith R. A. DeCandido’s chronicle of a year in the life of the Federation president and her staff. But if AotF was The West Wing in the 24th century, DTI might be more like an FBI procedural show.

In any case, don’t expect the conventional, done-to-death kind of time travel story where the heroes go back into the past and try to prevent or reverse a change in history. ST:DTI will have its own distinctive approach to time travel, its mechanics, and its consequences, and will explore numerous facets of the Department’s responsibilities.

It’s an exciting challenge to do this book. With Lucsly and Dulmur being the only established DTI members, and with them being virtual blank slates, this is closer to a fully original creation than any commissioned novel I’ve ever done (though you can expect to see a few more familiar faces showing up here and there). And it’s my chance to take the byzantine logic of Trek-universe time travel and offer a unifying theory with some degree of scientific credibility to it — while still having fun with it. On the other hand, with so few established characters or situations to draw on and a lot of ideas to cover, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Bashir is becoming the new Vaughn.

#35 – Doesn’t matter if we find out the Caeliar weren’t as thorough as we thought. The effects of the Borg Invasion — from the planets destroyed, to the dead zone it created, to the rise of the Typhon Pact and the expansion of the Khitomer Accords — are just too fundamentally different from the astropolitical developments of the ST Online timeline.

Besides, the Borg are boring and tired, and it’s good that the novels got rid of them.

#39 – I still don’t know that the differences are that immense, really. Just as one example, what if the Typhon Pact broke up again a decade later? By 2409, no Typhon Pact. ;)

FWIW, there really are, based on my reading of the “Path to 2409” timeline, no real showstoppers, at least none that I couldn’t finesse in my own mind. Of course, each individual’s mileage may vary, and that’s cool.

But about the Borg, you’ll get no disagreement from me! I was also very glad that the novels had sent them on their merry way, though I said a few times that I wouldn’t believe they’d really been gotten rid of until we went a decade without seeing hide or hair of them. Obviously that didn’t work out! If there was any disappointment that I had with ST Online, it was that the Borg promptly reappeared.

Oh, well… ;)

Great cover, especially Bashir. He looks like a spy. Maybe he’s Vaughn’s son.

Wow… I just finished up with Beneath the Raptor’s Wing. Awesome book. I’m overwhelmed with where it ends and cannot wait for the next installment!

I am also REALLY psyched about that Vanguard compilation… That’s one of my – if not my top – favorite series! Mack, Mangels, Martin, Ward & Dilmore are some of the best Trek-fic writers out there, IMHO. And they are flanked by some other damn fine storytellers that I find time and time again reach new heights and explore every emotional aspect of the characters and universe we love. It brings me such joy to experience their works as they come out. Great stuff!

I’m excited about these… Perhaps the “Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony” will close up the story arc that has been going through five books (three books of the “Destiny” series, “Losing the Peace” and in the future story “Needs of the Many”) about Picard and Crusher’s yet-to-be-born son.

nobody likes the Abramsverse! awful

I din’t like what they did with the characters in the newest novels

#22 Couldn’t agree more


The books are not canon and they will never be. David Mack himself told so.

But Ezri as Captain is still ridiculous even as fanfiction! She had a space sickness, she was a counsel and in the series she never expressed an interest in command. Yes she was a joint Trill but every new life is a new life. Curzon was a diplomat and he hated science and research, Jadzia was a scientist and a Lt Cmdr. and another Dax Host was simply a mother. Why couldn’t Ezri be a counsel and use all her memories and knowledge from her previous lives to help people. Why simply because she had Jadzia’s memories in the front lines and as a commander of the defiant during the war she had to change to commad. I believe the answer is really simple: because as a counsel in the novels the writers didn’t know what to do with her character.

But I guess the writers of the books can follow their own way and make whatever they want regardless if it doen’t fit to a character. After all they made Captain Sisko to abandon his family something I can not even imagine Avery Brooks allowing the writers do in the show.
For all I care they can make Jake become a captain and abandon his desire for writing or Klingons joining the federation or Chief ‘O Brien abandoning his family or Kira worship the Pah-Wraith.

Star Trek books are as canon as fanfiction and fan films.

I hate all the current books, I want my old star trek back. I miss my favorite characters and I want to read about them. Publish epic books that take place during the series! Ezri the annoying kid as a Captain? what next? Janeway as a Q and Sisko (the devoted father) abandon his family? Oh yeah that’s right, that already happened. It sounds almost like a bad fanfiction when you saying it