Star Trek Online Free Demo Available Now + New Helpful STO Videos

Today Atari/Cryptic kick off a promotional weekend aimed at bringing in new players and for bringing back players. Starting today new players can play a free demo version of the game, and returning players can play for free this weekend. We also have new videos with more hints to make you a better player.



Try STO Free with Demo

Star Today, Star Trek Online offers a free demo trial version of the game where you can play for an unlimited amount of time, but with some restrictions. The demo includes the “Stranded in Space” mission, which pits the player against vicious Orion space pirates. You can learn more and download the demo at

Returning Players Can Play Free This Weekend

Today Atari also launched their "Winback Weekend" which gives former players a chance to revisit STO and check out all the updated content. So if you tried the game for a month and quit, now is your chance to see if they have added enough to give it a try again.  enjoy exciting new content. Users with a valid Star Trek Online retail account, but no current subscription, can log-in with their existing characters and play free for the entire weekend. "Winback Weekend" runs from Friday May 7th until May 10 at 10 a.m. PST. More details at

Helpful Video: Tips & Tricks: Kits + Energy Weapons

Atari have also provided us with a new Tips & Tricks video. This latest one explains how you can best use your kits.

And our friends at the STOked video podcast, which discusses all the latest news and updates to STO, plus goes into detail on everything you need to know about Ship Energy Weapons.


Start Playing 

If you want to get into the 25th century and play Star Trek Online it is available at Amazon discounted currently for less than $28 (or $50 for the collectors edition), and that includes a one month subscription.



POLL: Are you STO incentivized?

Are you taking part in any of these new promotions from Atari for Star Trek Online?



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STO is great!


The demo weights about 8 Gigs .. I wonder how many people are going to be patient enough to download it ??

You guys are going to have a blast with this game. Make sure to look me up: “Adm5. Bill Adama of the USS Overlord E” or “Lt4.Aldo Raine of the USS Basterds.”

I’ve been playing since closed beta (thanks to!) and still having a blast.

Get a good video card, it’s a beautiful game at the higest resolution.

I’m Downloading it form D2D, but after the first run I had with it, I’m not expecting huge improvments.

I’ll eat Crow if I’m wrong tho

#6 – there have been MASSIVE improvements – to the selection in the C-store.

It would take 2.26 days to download the 8.798 GB -.-

@ 7 Tammah

Wow, the demo takes forever to download whereas the demo for WoW took a minute or two.

Almost 5 hours and only 12% complete!

Unfortunately, be prepared to wait if what looks like to be a whole lotta ppl wanting to DL the demo right away right now….

This kinda lag hasnt happened since launch, lol

I can safely say that there has been a decent amount of improvements to the game since launch, too

Downloading it for 30 mintues now, and I’m at 0.71% lol

This is good news! I really wanted to give STO a go, but I was wary about shelling out for it without taking it for a test drive first. :)

Its a fantastic game, and I encourage people to give it a go. :)

Like #15 said – the game is totally great and the best one I’ve ever encountered.

Try it, it’s worth it!

I’d kill to play STO, but no Mac or Wii version means I have no access.

Fix this Atari!

You were my first game console, why hast thou foresaken me?

Demo is free. And you get what you pay for!
It is clunky and glitchy. It should be much better for $50 and $15 a month. Glad I waited for the free demo.

I’ve downloaded the demo in 2 hours give or take 15 minutes (i(ve got a 100 Mbs internet connection). I’ve finished the demo, and I found it incredibly boring ! What a huge lost for the Trek universe !

I too found the game to be boring, with a poorly designed user interface to boot — and I started the game with the mindset that I would love it. I’m disappointed…it looks like we will have to wait a while longer until a game worthy of the Trek name finds its way to consumers.

If this was a torrent file it’d be a lot easier. I have a reasonably fast connection, but this download won’t go faster than about 30KB/s. Crazy.

Played it over the weekend and it’s still the same

destroy 2 or 3 mobs of ships
to planet / ship and kill 6 / 8 more mobs
kill the boss in a space battle
End of mission report to teh Admiral for a new Mission

Rinse and repeat.

The music is NOT STAR TREK & therefore gives no mood or themes.
The Gameplay is glitchy, tell you ship or avatar to do something and it goes and does it own thing resulting in damage to you!
The graphics were Ok but no real sense of improvement

The only Real change I have noticed is the C-store.
It has been VASTLY IMPROVED so you can spend your REAL CASH on STO items
{Cryptic obviously have their priorities}
This proves that STO is simply a cash cow to be milked by Cryptic and concerns from the fans during the beta have been ignored
guys like MagicDan are their prime target simply because they have deluded sense that no matter how bad TREK gets, it’s still TREK and will happily consume a poor product just because it happens to have a TREK tag on it.

I was talking to a lifetime subber and she was saying that she hadnt’t been back after the first free month
Why? I asked
she replied that The player base died off very quickly first few weeks and the STO experience had become not a social but a more lonely experience.

With official figures showing that STO only has 1 million players compared to Age of Connan having 3 million the players and TREK fans have voted how they feel for this game by walking away from it.

Uninstalling it now

Tried it –


there was not a lot of “OH WOW”

I remember starting World of Warcraft for the first time and how completely it sucked me in. I stopped playing and miss it. STO did not show me anything in the time I played that made me visually of playablity-wise excited.

Won’t buy. Thanks for helping me decide without paying for it first.

I thought that STO was going to be like a “Second Life”.

If you wanted to captain a starship that’s fine. But what if you just wanted to be an engineer, or even a Stellar Cartographer and just roam the halls of the Enterprise-E and interact with other crew members?

I guess I’m not “Officer material.” :)

Picking out the uniform variants has been the best part of STO so far.
I have played Star Trek games that are 10 years old that are much better than this.
Very disappointing.


Just to make it clear, I don’t have a deluded affection toward any Trek game no matter what. I just happen to really enjoy this one.

The other games I liked were Birth of the Federation, 25th Anniversary, and Starfleet Command. The others weren’t that great for me, or I didn’t have time to play them when they came out.

I don’t like WOW at all and never will, because it’s a fantasy/wizard kind of game. But I also won’t jump on forums for that game and gripe about how it’s not STO either, like most people do. This is not WOW, it is STO

In your rundown of how the game is no good and still the same, you missed explaining the whole game. I don’t expect you to get the point of the game ever either though.


Where was the storyline for your spacebattle/beamdown/final fight?

I usually enjoy the back-story of why I am there. It’s very interesting, usually ties to existing Trek lore, continues the main storyline, and lots of fun. You may have missed that in your rush to get through the mission I guess.

What type of system were you in, how did it look?

I find the most beautiful systems to fly around in when I play. Eye candy for sure. (And a really big part of the game)

What kind of crew did you have to use?

My crew is totally customized in every way. Looks and skills are tailored to what I like, and there are so many skills and looks to choose from. Not to mention the weapons choices. Of course, this applies to the ships as well. Not the looks so much, they are customizable but to a limit. The ship systems are way complex enough for me, lots of choices.

So, if you are going to do a list about what the game is, it should include what the game is really about.

I think it’s a blast and can’t get enough myself.

24mbs internet connection and its been dln for 14 hours…36% lol
It downloads in spurts of 300kbs grr. Eve only took 45 mins to download, looking for a good space MMO…

it takes forever to download demo & its broken file! =(