Happy Mother’s Day + List Of Our Favorite Trek Moms

Today is Mother’s Day and so we here at TrekMovie take this moment to wish all you Trekkie moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. And we also take this time to present an updated list our favorite Star Trek moms, see below. We also have a bonus mom photo from Leonard Nimoy.

TrekMovie’s Picks for the top 14 Star Trek Moms

#14 Gracie
(Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)
Like a mythological goddess, Gracie the humpback whale repopulates her entire species and saves humanity from their own shortsightedness.

#13 Helena Rozhenko
(TNG: "Family")
Moms can love any child and Worf’s mom, Helena Rozhenko shows the love of adoptive parents.

#12 T’Les
(ENT: "Home" "Awakening")
A woman of conviction, T’les was willing, despite their conflicts, to give up her career for her daughter T’Pol.

#11 Lwaxana Troi
(TNG: various)
While she has some annoying traits, it cannot be said that Lwaxana Troi didn’t love her daughter Deanna.

#10 K’Ehleyr
(TNG: "Reunion")
Against the backdrop of galactic politics, K’Ehleyr was able to Worf’s son Alexander on her own until tragedy forced her to bring them together.

#9 USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D
(TNG: "Galaxy’s Child")
Not only is the Enterprise D symbolically a home (isn’t that what moms make, a house?), the D once acted as a mother to the alien space whale ‘Junior.’

#8 Carol Marcus
(Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)
What can be said of Kirk’s son David’s mother, except: Can she cook, or can’t she?

#7 Kasidy Yates
(DS9: various)
Sometimes a child gets to choose his mother and Kasidy Yates was the step-mom that was able to heal Jake (and Ben) and help make them a family again.

#6 Kathryn Janeway
(VOY: series)
Not all mothers are biological mothers. Janeway always showed the motherly trait of compassion for her crew, especially with Tom, Harry and most especially, Seven.


#5 Borg Queen
(ST: First Contact + various Voyager episodes)
Although no friend of humanity, wasn’t the Borg Queen just a mom to trillions, who would do anything to improve the lives of her collective family?


#4 Ishka
(DS9: various)
Quark and Rom’s ‘Moogie’ raised two sons, imbuing them with a mix of traditional values and progressive ideas for them to both become successful Ferengi.

#3 The Horta
(TOS: "Devil in the Dark")
The mother Horta literally and figuratively exudes the protectiveness of mothers.

#2 Beverly Crusher
(TNG: series)
The only main character who is shown being a mother, Beverly is a single parent who helps her son Wesley achieve his dreams.

#1 Amanda Grayson
(TOS: "Journey to Babel" + STIV + ST09)
Spock’s human mother Amanda epitomizes unconditional love and helps her son strike the balance between his two sides, in both the prime timeline and the new alternative timeline.


BONUS Mom: Leonard Nimoy’s Real Mom

Spock’s fictional mother made the top of our list, but today Leonard Nimoy tweeted a photo of his real mom, noting "The lady is my Mom. She was curious. The man walking on is Dad. Los Angeles, 1970’s."

Leonard Nimoy’s real mom




POLL: Who is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite Trek mom from the above list, or maybe someone else? Vote in the new poll and comment below.



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Well, it’s not Mother’s Day here in Ireland, but Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the USA!


Nice list!

Are these ranked by importance? Surely Lwaxana Troi should rank higher in significance than say Moogie or Janeway.

Winona Ryder definitely read the Jane Wyatt handbook “How to be Spock’s Mom.” Perfect portrayal, and too little screen time.

Anyone notice in ST09, that when Spock attacks Kirk on the Bridge, he shouts “Maaaaaaaaa!”?

Time for some therapy.

Happy Mothers’ Day!


My Ranking (as mothers) best to relatively worst:

-Tier 1: Good-
1.Helena Rozhenko
2.Amanda Grayson
3.Beverly Crusher
4.Lwaxana Troi (ignoring her DS9 appearances)
6. K’Ehleyr
5.Carol Marcus (surprisingly lowest in this Tier, but that isn’t a terrible thing. Her protectiveness of David rather masked her love for him, but that does mean her care for him wasn’t evident – and was more a trait of her sharp personality… so still a believable, strong mother character, but with less of the warmth of those above)

-Tier 2: Reasonable-
1.The Horta (Bit too melodramatic during the mind-meld)
2.Ishka (Absurd character, but I guess we’re used to that from the Ferengi)
3.Kassidy Yates
4.Kathryn Janeway

-Tier 3: ‘Other’-
(not because they were ‘poor mothers’, but because it is naturally difficult to attribute ‘mother qualities’ to them):
1. Gracie (They say the sea is cold, but the sea contains the hottest blood of all…)
2. Enterprise D (at least, insofar as it was mother of ‘Junior’. The Enterprise D excels in almost every other aspect!)
3. Borg Queen (Great character, but I don’t see her as much of a ‘mother’)

Not sure about T’les, because I didn’t really enjoy or relate much to Enterprise – making it hard to feel much for any of the characters.

Oh, I loved the Rozhenkos and was a big fan of K’Ehleyr. Although the Jadzia business with Worf was handled reasonably, I still prefer K’Ehleyr and Worf as a couple, and never felt Jadzia could really be a strong replacement (for as short a time as she was) as Alexander’s mother.

Wasn’t fantastically fond of Wesley (didn’t dislike him mind), but Crusher seemed to be more convincing as a mother than Kasidy for Jake (or perhaps I just didn’t like Jake for his joy-riding, overly-romanticised attitude to life), and I would have liked to see her finally couple up with Picard before the end…

I suppose I always felt a bit odd about Perrin in TNG replacing Amanda. The gentleness and understanding present in Amanda was not replicated in her, nor her meaningfulness as a member of the family and mother for Spock (indeed, I found the ‘tensions’ by this time between Spock and his father decidedly odd, given the quiet and implicit understanding, pride and respect that seemed to be present by the end of STIV)

…”Tell my mother… ‘I feel fine’.”

Hoping everyone has a Happy Mother’s Day!

Quark? Successful? Rom, yes. Quark???

Good moms on the list, but order is random to me.


Top 3 is reasonable……

#4. “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Really? Gotta watch it again,.

where is neelix for this wildman girl?

The D also gave birth to the sticky (:P) creature… the strange node things from the episode with the orient express…

who put janeway lower than the frakkin borg queen?

Quite frankly I’m surprised anyone sees strong motherly qualities in either of them.

You didn’t include Data’s “mother,” Dr Juliana Tainer aka Juliana Soong in TNG “Inheritance.” The actress that played her was Fionnula Flanagan. I would have voted for her.

AJ I thought that was interesting for the young Spock to shout Maaaaa guess Kirk really pissed him off anyway Happy Mothers Day.

The Episode where the Enterprise-D played mom for that big space whale was one of the best of the entire run of TNG and the only episode who gave the D something close to a character (the same goes for the episode where the D created a beeing based on red, yellow and blue sticks).

But I miss some moms on that list.

Where’s Winona Kirk? Data’s “mom” Juliana Tainer? And the mom of B’Ellana Torres?

I always like Sam Wildman from Voyager.

Deanna Troi in TNG was also a mother, although in compressed timeline.

Kirk speaking about Nomad: “It thought I was it’s mother…You saw what it did for Scotty! What a doctor it would have made. My son, the Doctor!”

The picture of Mr. Nimoy’s parents is really good. I like the lighting and composition. Excellent.

This list is lame.

Trip Tucker i the best mother in Trek history; going so far as to grow extra nipples to nurture his unborn alien offspring.

Thankfully we never saw Janeway do the same thing!


#21: Thankfully we never saw Janeway do the same thing!

What about her fishy offspring with Tom Paris?

Majel Barrett Roddenberry:

She is “the” mom to all of us. Hopefully she and the Great Bird are resting in comfortable peace somewhere warm and sunny.

I was a latch key kid in the early 1970s who did his homework, ate dinner out of the warming drawer, and watched Trek at 6pm. Not a bad way to get started.

When I discovered Monty Python, however, at 11, all bets were off…

Why wasn’t Keiko O’Brien on the list?

Happy Mothers day :]

#23 nailed it on the head with Mrs. Roddenberry.

My favorite Mom is Data when he creates Lal.

Here Here AJ (#23) Majel certainly ranks #1.
Janeway? Really?

My favorite Trek Mom is mine – she turned me on to Star Trek from as long as I can remember.

I love you, Mom!

Amanda Grayson; the mother of the future who bears a child of two worlds. In a way, she is the epitome of the Vulcan IDIC philosophy; taking two different things (in this case, literally; human and Vulcan DNA) and combining them to bring something unique into the world (or universe).

Loved the late Jane Wyatt in the role (an elegant presence and a real class act, she was); but I thought the character was also well-served by Winona Ryder’s (albeit abbreviated) turn as well. She projected much warmth and maternal energy in her scenes with Zachary Quinto (as well as a wonderfully feisty scene with Sarek in the deleted scenes of the 2 disc dvd/blu-ray).
Both actresses helped bring this wonderful character to life.

My runner-up would be the Horta; a devoted mother to her race, doing everything and anything to save her children. What’s not to love? Except for the “burning people to a crisp” part? ; )

Why isn’t Kirk’s Mom on the List? Why did you guys leave out Jennifer Morrison? Mrs. Kirk, Amanda, and Carol Marcus are my fave ST Moms.

Seriously how is Keiko O’Brien not on this list? The whale gets a nod but not not someone who gave up her career for the sake of her family? Fail.

wow. people were grumpy this mother’s day.

No option for Samantha Wildman?

Amanda Grayson also appeared in the Animate Series classic “Yesteryear” by D.C. Fontana

Captain Hepburn, er, I mean, Janeway? Really?

Bring Back Amanda!!!!!
Loved the movie, but bring her back!
Use the Guardian of Forever. It’s the same Guardian in all universes. All they have to do is go through with a small ship and as she falls beam her onto a shuttle, then go back through the Guardian to their timeline.
(Now all we have to do is find a reason why they need her.)

yeah wow,very surprised Keiko O’Brien, Samantha Wildman, and Winona Kirk weren’t on the list ….all three were actually seen giving birth! (well, had birthing scenes anyway)

I Love My Mother, and Mothers are the one person you must respect.

I agree that Keiko has to be on here, and that Lwaxana Troi needs to be much higher than #11. Just look at the poll result–she is #2!

They say that Worf is a bad mother…

# 37 – They can’t use The Guardian Of Forever, it contains Harlin Ellison’s EGO in it & he’ll sue Paramount for a trillion dollars just for saying it’s name, let alone putting it in a film or TV episode.

– W –
* You know he would do that don’t you ? *

Where is Winona Kirk on the list?

I would have to go with the sentimental favorite of my own mother. Who like all of our mothers, gave birth to us fans so we can enjoy what the sons and daughters of other mothers who turned to acting and appeared in the films and TV shows of Star Trek.

My Mom is the best! :) She and my Dad bought their first color RCA TV in the late 60’s so they could see this new show, called Star Trek in living color. Trek was in our DNA from early on, and she continues to love Trek and share the adventures!

Although she was a ‘mom’ to a couple of whales, I always wondered what happened to Gillian from ST IV. I mean, a woman of the 20th century skipping around the universe of the future.

Horta was best. She could really tunnel like no other.

cant get a better mom than spocks i agree ryder was dead on and had to little screen time

Amanda Grayson, duh

She didn’t have enough screen time in the new movie and now she’s fn DEAD. Never been so mad at *certain people* before. One of my favorite character, too.


It was hard for me vote I cannot hep but to feel that all listed and unlisted were all good moms in each way given their individual circumstances that each had to cope with. From what I saw they all did well and bravo to all! Including my mom who taught me to look ahead. To be a visionary, introduced the world of scifi. Thank you mom I love you!