Zoe Saldana Named ‘3rd Hottest’ By Maxim

Zoe Saldana, Star Trek’s new Uhura, continues to get noticed. This week she is coming in at the 3rd spot on Maxim Magazine’s 2010 ‘Hot List’, where Zoe talks about her perfect Star Trek man. The actress is also getting high marks on her Met 2010 fashion, where (in a video interview) she reveals her red carpet diet.


Zoe 3rd Hottest – wants mix of Kirk and Spock

Maxim has published its 2010 Hot 100 List of their picks for the world’s most beautiful women. Star Trek’s new Uhura Zoe Saldana is on the list at #3. Their profile of Zoe has this brief quote from her on her perfect man:

 I tend to be very picky…If Spock and Kirk can mix, they’d become my perfect man. That’s the kind of guy I’d go for.

Edit (2/6/2017): This image was flagged as being too racy for Google Adsense (ooh la la). It’s really not bad, we promise. Take a look here.
Magazine page for Zoe in Maxim Hot 100 2010

The Full Top 10:


Zoe in Fashion at Met Ball 2010

E cought up with Zoe at the Met Ball 2010 last week, and they talked fashion and Zoe revealed her red carpet diet.

And Pop Sugar’s Fab TV named Zoe and and Jennifer Lopez at the most fashionable at the Met Ball.

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they should have done a shoot with her holding palm tree leaves

So, she wants a mix of Kirk and Spock? Well, that would be Kirok, now wouldn’t it? That’s probably her favourite episode of TOS, too!

“I AM KIR…OK!!!!!”

Why is she in adult diapers?

Third???!!! She can do a picture as fantastic as that and she gets only third? Someone at Maxim desperately needs to make an appointment with an optometrist.

She is pretty, but she was far more beautiful when she wasn’t so thin. I don’t why society is so bent on women looking like young boys. They are suppose to be curvy and. well…….. look like women

@ 5: Exactlly, you got it. She´s is way to thin. I wouldn´t even put her into the Top 10.

@5: Well, I totally agree! But look at the list’s #1 – Katy Perry IS quite voluptuous and she hit the top spot… and even if this is SO very un-trekkie: Quite honestly, I CAN understand why they prefer Katy over Zoe…

Uhm, well, you know… high amount of G-force when leaving orbit… space travel is a BLAST…

I too doubt Maxim’s ability to judge “hotness.” I shall work my way through the list and — if I live — report back.

@ 5: I totally agree! Women can lose so much of their attraction when they become so skinny. Weirdest thing is that many women truly believe that skinny is what looks best / what men want, just because of all those images. Most fashion models are not even sexy, they are just tall and even so to be able to showcase any types of clothes.
Anyway, congrats to Saldana! She still looks good of course. (But please eat more.)

@5 True story. There’s a dividing line where thin becomes increasingly LESS attractive, instead of more, and Zoe is very close to that line. Still smokin’ hot, but serious. Turkey and cheese on rye. It’s not so bad.

who the deuce is Brooklyn Decker?

Yes, she is too thin. I think when women (or people in general) get too thin, their heads look disproportionally big, because their bodies are too small. To me, her head looks too big for her body. Ten more pounds and she’d be great.

ok I really don’t wanna come across as rude, but…..

wtf is with Zoe’s granny undies?

THIS is Brooklyn Decker:


Now you can see why she beat out skinny little Zoe!

Zoe is way too skinny – beginning to look like a lollypop model (big head, stick body). Add a few kg and she would be fine.

Like rating the contents of a meat locker.

Zoe Saldana is beautiful, and a gifted actress. Great Uhura. And as the Avatar chick, obviously limited by the cartoon superimposed onto to her body.

The tech has a long way to go before it it can be believable.

I was expecting the 2nd or 1st hottest to be Betty White.

I’m actually a mix of Kirk and Spock, weird.

has she lost weight since star trek? i haven’t really noticed

I’ll give it a 6. It’s got a good beat, but you can’t dance to it.

Come on, people. This is so opposite of everything trek stands for.

Who cares? She’s hot!!!

… Katy Perry?

Okaaay, there’s a list that is total bunkum. For starters they have the wrong Olivia on there – Olivia Wilde is way hotter.

I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous top 10s (usually ‘Singers’ or ‘Albums’) but this one is hilarious.

It’s all a matter of taste

My God I am so out of the loop. There are only two women on that list that I recognize by name…..

….this is what happens when you live on a diet that consists solely of sports and Sci-Fi.

How skinny can a girl get before they actually turn inside out?

Hey she’s gorgeous inside and outside.
Yeah she needs to eat a cheeseburger every now and then but she’s in show biz.
Way to go Zoe

Katy Perry? I mean, really?

No. She needs breasts to be hot.

I happen to like skinny girls with small breasts. . It may be because I’m skinny myself, but quite picking on my Zoe, I think she’s beautiful! I think she’s perfect. If she was an ordinary girl I’d ask her out, but unfortunately, she’s not. The whole point I am trying to make is, if you don’t have anything nice to say about her, keep your comments to yourself. She’s a very good looking healthy woman, and I loved her in The Terminal with Tom Hanks. She is the type of girl I would want with me at a convention wearing a cute little trekkie costume, or even just a trekkie t shirt and jeans. There need to be more sexy girls like her that enjoy Trek, there aren’t nearly enough to go around. If they’re hiding, they need to come out of the Trekkie closet. There is no shame in being a person who enjoys Star Trek.

Okay, there’s one thing I CAN’T understand concerning that list: Ranking Katy Perry higher than Zoe Saldana in terms of sexiness is one thing – I totally agree with that! I mean: It’s not about “cuteness” and beauty in general – no, it’s about SEXINESS and… well… if Katy Perry isn’t sexiness incarnate, who IS?
But how in the world can Zoe be outranked by that Brooklyn Decker chick ???
Judging by looks alone, that gal’s the archetypal bimbo… Never even heard her name before…

She’s stunning as is but she’d probably look even better with 10 more pounds. The breast size isn’t really a factor for me. It’s the hips that lose a certain quality when they get too thin.

Saldana’s weight is just fine, for Saldana, and she is hot.

Not a chubby chaser, sorry.

I just don’t get it.

Just not my type I guess.

“THIS is Brooklyn Decker:
Now you can see why she beat out skinny little Zoe!”

Sorry, I can´t… She should be somewhere below Rihanna, if in the list at all.


You don’t have to be a “chubby chaser” to get a chubby!

Whoa, that just blew my mind, man!

Brook and Katy can bite me with their implants- Zoe is wayy hotter than those two put together.

They rated her only as third??? That’s ludacrisp!

Right there where ya, DJT. They need to need split these actress up by model an actress.

And there’s nothing wrong with Zoe’s weight.

#15: “THIS is Brooklyn Decker:


Now you can see why she beat out skinny little Zoe!”

Sorry, no.

But then, I find the blonde look generally boring. Hefner can have ’em. LOL

Dennis, what can I say? The day has come that I’m willing to take your cast-offs!

Well, I guess it’s a matter of taste.

Anyway, I think these lists are stupid. You can see women who are more beautiful than several of the ones on this list in everyday life. At least I do, in university, in the street etc. Every day. (And they are not Photoshopped.) So to name these ones “most beautiful” is way ridiculous. But I guess people just want to see celebrities they know compete against each other. ;) And it’s a way for those magazines to publish nice pictures in a large format. Many people know the celebrities, many people buy the magazines.

I honestly think she’s naturally thin — look at her bone structure, she’s a very petite girl. Nothing wrong with that, the list is very well rounded (excuse the pun) with curvy girls and thinner girls. :)

This is as low brow as that Star Trek After Dark article about a year and a half ago on this website. What is next, Trek OMG?

Some women are naturally thin and small breasted. It really bugs me when society says “Women are supposed to have curves and big breasts.” Statements like this pressures naturally thin girls into breast augmentation.