FanMade: Starship Farragut Releases Second Animated Episode

Last year the Starship Farragut fan series went into the second dimension with their first episode of  Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes, styled like the original  Star Trek The Animated Series. Today they have released the final act of their second episode, featuring guest voices of Trek vets Chase Masterson and Tim Russ. Watch it below.  


Farragut animates second episode: "Needs of the Many"

Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes is a joint project of the Starship Farragut live-action team and NEO f/x. "Needs of the Many" was written by DS9 vet Jack Treviño and NEO f/x’s Michael Struck.

Plot Summary:

Carter and crew are on a missing back to Cestus III, the same planet Kirk encountered the Gorn. The original base was actually an observation point for a small orbiting wormhole, a fact that Kirk didn’t even know during his original mission. A new, cloaked base was established in orbit, headed by Dr Tumar (Tim Russ).

As fate would have it, Carter encounters the same Gorn as Kirk, and he is out for revenge. The Gorn begins attacking the base with a new weapon. The Farragut takes on a special passenger (Scotty from the Enterprise, played by Chris Doohan) before the destruction of the wormhole base. Unfortunately, the new weapon causes a problem with the wormhole, and it puts Farragut into a ‘bubble’ in space and time. In this bubble are snippets of time that isolated here. One of the ‘time bubbles’ has a descendent of the Farragut’s chief engineer Lt. Cmdr. Smithfield. Smithfield great-great grandmother, Carmen Renata (Chase Masterson) is badly hurt and is beamed
aboard Farragut.

We come to find out from a passing Andorian (Vic Mignogna) that in this universe the Earth was destroyed in the 21 century. This actually has to do with Carmen’s removal from the bubble by the Farragut. So now the question is, do they send her back to a certain death to save the universe as they know it, or allow her to live (i.e. The needs of the many outweighing the needs of the one).

Watch the episode:

In addition to the voice work of Russ, Doohan and Masterson, some fans may also have noticed a TAS Easter egg as "Needs of the Many" includes a cameo from Lou Scheimer, the co-founder of Filmation and producer of the original Star Trek The Animated Series. He plays a character that he played 35+ years ago.

Shots of STF: TAE voice recording sessions with Tim Russ (L) and Chris Doohan and Chase Masterson (R)  [click to enlarge]

The episode is only available on YouTube for now, but will be available on the official site tomorrow and on DVD by the end of the month. More information on this and the previous episode at

Also keep in touch with the live-action series at

SF: TAE Episode 1

If you missed it before, here is the first episode "Power Source"




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