George Takei Guests in Disney Channel “The Suite Life on Deck” Star Trek Spoof – Sneak Peek [UPDATED]

This week the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life on Deck will travel into the future with a Star Trek spoof titled "Starship Tipton", guest starring Star Trek’s original Sulu, George Takei. Find out more below, including a link to a sneak peek. [UPDATE: Plus new preview]


Suite Life On Deck Star Trek episode

The Suite Life on Deck is a sitcom for children and tweens about two brothers and their friends who live on a ship that travels the world. In the episode "Starship Tipton" the crew of the S.S. Tipton travel into a Trek-inspired future to save their descendants. Along the way, they run into Star Trek’s George Takei. A sneak peek of the episode is available at where you can see the Trek style future (Takei doesn’t appear in the preview).

Click to see preview of "The Suite Life on Deck" Star Trek episode

UPDATE: Preview with Takei

The Suite Life on Deck "Starship Tipton" premieres on The Disney Channel on Friday at 8:00 PM, with additional repeats over the next week. More info on the show at the official site.


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Oh my!!

Not a big Disney fan anymore but good for George!

Dear god…

Cool side-burns…

I very good idea. Trek aimed at kids is realy overdue. Very much so I’m glad finaly something was done about trek reahing and relating to kids. More can be done I believe.

awesome it’s good that Trek is appearing in kids programmes isn’t that cool

trek lives

I just watched the clip…

it was horrible. Like waiting around for everybody to say their joke, then say their punchline. I’d be more worried that this will give Trek a bad name than make it hip.

Never seen the show before, but I thought the funniest part was “SPARKLES!” and that wasn’t a Trek joke.

Oblig. comment to the effect that a Trek series helmed by Sulu would have been a lot of fun.

“In the Navy…”

I’m thoroughly impressed.

I’ve got Disney fans in my household you really enjoy this show, and this is a great testament to the accessibility of Star Trek.

Much like Eminem’s spoof for his music video “We Made You”

Anything, even in farce, that references Star Trek to the younger generation is fine by me!

Trek in the zeitgeist always rocks my socks.


Whatever happened to the “Trek4Kids” articles that were always being written?

I’m a regular (er, I will be again, when my CRAAAAAAAAAZY Junior year ends next week) and while I’m not as young as what’s-his-face, I’m a good writer and would love to write some stuff for the site.

Maybe I should talk it over with Mr. Pascale…


I’ve seen this show a couple times. It’s all right; better than “Hannah Montana”, and I’ll probably check this episode out. Love that Takei!


We haven’t heard from you in awhile! How have you been?
Stayin’ out of trouble, I hope!:-)

#14 :: Oh, my AP Classes are just insane, that’s all. I’ve been studying my behind off the past couple months, trying to keep my grades up so I don’t lose my spot in National Honor Society, and everything else I’m in.

I’ve been busy beyond belief. I wish summer would come faster! I want to be a Senior, already! I can’t remember the last time I sat through a good, long Star Trek episode. My DVDs are collecting dust as we type. (And the classic TWOK VHS my friend Michele got me for my birthday.. haha. It’s so retro!)

I have AP Exams tomorrow and Thursday, so I’m treating myself to some Trekmovie to calm down. Can’t get nervous. But I’ll be on more after next Friday. (Ew, finals!)

I dunno’…but I hate to see Mr. Takei becoming merely a catch phrase…there is so much more that he has to offer the entertainment world and all the entertainment world has to offer is to make him a one trick pony. Sure, he is being a good sport about it, but come on, his talents are being wasted being relegated to just having to say “oh my!” all the time.

So wait…if they’re spoofing TOS, then why are they wearing TNG-styled uniforms?

I liked the girls. But the spoof sucked.

The promo I saw did have George in it. He plays London Tipton’s grandson — the guy who squeals with happiness and hugs her, the guy with enormous lolly pop.

My kids watch this show. Its OK, but most Disney sitcoms are just fluff and sweetness wrapped up in tackyness. But, hey, I do my best as a dad to watch it with them. I usually clean my palat with a few minutes of Trek afterward.

Cool! This episode uses references not only to the CBS-owned ‘Star Trek’ franchise, but also the BBC-owned ‘Doctor Who’ and the Halcyon Company-owned ‘Terminator’ franchise.

The Suite Life is truly agonizing television – but for some reason the kids love it. My kids watch it all the time even though I have to run for cover whenever its on. But hey, I liked Brady Bunch so who am I to complain?????

#22 Horatio, Horatio, Horatio!!…………..How can you possibly compare this lame excuse for a cable show to the iconic Brady Bunch! There won’t be Zack & Cody reunions or movies based on the show in the future. Sometimes we should just call garbage what it is. As for George, well I’m sure he’ll take any acting gig that offers a paycheck these days. After all, he’s got a husband to support now.


Dear God, please don’t tell me you’re being that anal retentive.

There already are Zack & Cody movies in the pipeline, you’re too late.

Well, you can usually tell when a actors career has ended when they start showing up on Disney programming/movies. Sorry to hear about the downturn in your fortunes, George. Be sure and say hi to Robin, John, Martin, Cuba and the rest when you hit the commissary….

D: Dear lord. Zack and Cody…I haven’t watched Disney Channel since the advent of Hannah Montana…probably before then when Thats So Raven got really boring.

Anyways. The preview was…um. Like most other ST tributes. Has some Spock-like character, mention of Red Shirts dying. A Red Shirt dies. I’m wondering if the costumes are supposed to reflect TNG in design but TOS in rank.

And meh.

#23. LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I think Brady Bunch is infinitely better than Suite Life. My kids however…..

I have never seen “The Brady Bunch”. =| Sadly. But my parents loved it back in the day…?

The closest thing I’ve seen to “Brady Bunch” is “Modern Family”, which I think is absolutely top-notch. Awesome, hysterical stuff right there. :D

#27 :: Me neither. I used to watch that “Lizzie McGuire” show and “That’s So Raven” and a few others… But I was never too big on Disney even when I was little. The advent of Hannah Montana ruined the network forever.

#29 Omg, Brady Bunch is classic. Have you never seen Nick-at-Nite or TV Land with all the old sitcoms? The Brady Bunch used to come on there all the time.

Lol, yeah. Really did. All of the shows on there now are very…played out and generic. That’s So Rave pretty much started the explosion of sitcoms on Disney, sadly. Disney found something that worked and decided to keep on with it.

Am I the only one who noticed the Starship Trooper computers (“Verhoevenometers”), which appeared in Trek, appearing in “Tipton” as the hologram projectors?

And regardless of the source, I love the visual of modern ships with rocket boosters in space (the Starship Titanic from Doctor Who springs to mind as well).

Did anyone else notice the lens flare in the CG sequences?

George playing a London-esque character… THAT might be interesting.

I loved “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”. Never seen the sequel. The trailer looks like fun. :-)
For all outside the US:

disney + star trek ~ kidz bop + the beatles ~ ammonia + bleach

there is no overlap between people who watch disney channel and people who watch star trek. trekkies (trekkers if you prefer) will be to ashamed of this thing’s very existence to watch it, while the dipshits who watch disney won’t understand the references. this idea is like a wart on the face of one of the best sci-fi series’s ever. i pity you george takei, what evil being is forcing you to partake in this abomination?

@Losira: there has been a trek cartoon for like, 40 years where have you been?

“there is no overlap between people who watch disney channel and people who watch star trek” Children don’t watch Star Trek your side of the universe? I did. Even as an adult I watch Disney every now and then.

I don’t care what people say. people need to stop being so stuck up when it comes to rating certain TV shows. I love Star Trek and I love the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the show that continued their characters and I’m darn proud of it. think George Takei did a fine perfomance as London’s equally dimwitted great grandson. The actors played their characters very appropriately for the setting. No profanities, no gay rights nonsense, no political dogma, no attempts to change the world, just good clean fun. Remember it was James T. Kirk who said, “The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play.” And besides it’s a lot better than the junk they have on TV now such as Big Bang Theory, Survivor, House, High School Reunion,Gossip Girl, and just about every reality show out there. I mean seriously what bonehead comes up with this trash? Don’t get me wrong, there are a few good shows out there but these are not it. I much rather prefer shows like Two and a Half Men, According to Jim, classic shows of the 70’s, 80s like Quincy, A-Team, and really high brow shows like CSI and Boston Legal which stars my favorite of all Trek Icons, The Shat (GO DENNY CRANE!). Everything else I can do without.

@Horatio: I’d say that you have NOTHING to be proud of as far as the Brady Bunch is concerned. That show was just as much crap as you claim The Suite Life On Deck to be, but at least it’s on in the hour when kids are watching-The Brady Bunch was on in prime time for everybody to see, and stunk up the place something bad. Also, as far as the past is concerned, you had a ton of fantasy crap sitcoms (Green Acres, Bewitched, Gilligan’s Island, Nanny & The Professor, I Dream Of Jeannie, etc.) on the air. Let the kids have their shows-they’re being entertained, even if you aren’t.

@Kobayashi King: Excuse me, but Big Bang Theory is crap? Gossip Girl is crap? Those are decent scripted shows, and besides, Gossip Girl isn’t as half as bad as the crap of the past that was even worse and that’s always being rerun no matter what on Nick At Night, TV Land, Good Life Network, Retro TV, This TV, etc.

I’ll chalk what you said up to being trapped in the past because you can’t (or won’t) do anything to change your present or your future, like way too many U.S. citizens.