Star Trek Nominated For Two MTV Movie Awards – Both For Chris Pine

The MTV Movie Awards is the final stop in the awards season. Nominations for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards have just been announced and 2009 Star Trek movie picked up two nods, both for the new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine. More details, including how to vote for your favorites below.


Pine picks up Trek's two MTV nominations – vote for Kirk!

Although Star Trek actors Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto were in consideration in various acting categories, only Chris Pine ended up with a nomination for his work in Star Trek. The new Kirk picked up nods in two categories (click the links to vote for Chris):

Biggest Badass Star

  • Angelina Jolie

  • Channing Tatum

  • Chris Pine

  • Rain

  • Sam Worthington

Best Breakout Star

  • Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air)

  • Chris Pine (Star Trek)

  • Gabourney Sibide (Precious)

  • Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

  • Quinton Aaron (The Blindside)

Star Trek was up for possible nominations in four other categories in pre-nomination voting, including Best Movie. The nominees for that ended up to be: Alice in Wonderland, Avatar, The Hangover, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Twilight: New Moon. Star Trek was also passed over in Best Villain, Best Fight, and Best Kiss.

Pine will carry the Star Trek torch solo for the MTV movie awards

Even though Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto didn't not make the cut for Best Kiss for Star Trek, Saldana's kiss with Sam Worthington in Avatar was nominated. Saldana was also nominated for Avatar in the Best Female Performance category. Last summer's comedy hit The Hangover led the field with a total of six nominations, followed by Avatar and New Moon which had five nods each.

The MTV Movie Awards airs Sunday, June 6, at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. More info at


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Danged that Avatar!! Its Pushing our Trek Movie Aside in all the awards! Maybe Kirk n Spock shoulda Kissed and made up and that woulda made the final cut! HAHAAHAH! I think Brokeback Mt Won for best kiss on mtv the year it came out! AHAH

Oh rats you cant vote til you log in or register first ….sigh

Chris Pine deserves much praise for his portrayal of a young Kirk!

Jim Nightshade deserves a Valium or something.

Alice in Wonderland? Really? and wasn’t The Hangover 2008?
The rest i only accept because its a teen audience, but really the movies are crap except Avatar which is bearable.

excuse me chris pine was not young kirk he was another interpetation of kirk excuse me

I think Pine was awesome in Trek but I don’t think he can win Biggest Baddass Star (unless every Trekkie in the world votes for him). He got his “baddass” kicked an awful lot in this movie.

Am I the only person in the western hemisphere who was underwhelmed by Avatar??????


Watching it in 3D on the big screen allows the simple plot to just wash over you as you admire everything else.

Just looking at the categories makes one wonder how meaningless these awards actually are. Oh, and it’s another Viacom awards show, so Pine has a good shot.


“Avatar” is spectactular on Blu Ray. I suggest you give the film another chance.


Count me too

7 I enjoyed Avatar… the one time I saw it. It was fun. It was a diversion. It was essentially a popcorn movie and I have no desire to see it again. And it did have some groundbreaking effects, even if I never really felt like what I was seeing was “real” – too clean… So essentially I thought it was a fun time at the movies (aside from the migrane from 3-D viewing) but I really do not get the resulting hype. Kind of how I felt about Titanic – which I also thought was over-hyped.

I guess I appreciate Avatar more in terms of technical achievement…

But Alice in Wonderland and Twilight? *sigh*

New Moon guys aren’t in those categories, at least, good for CP I hope!

#10. Agree completely. “Avatar” on BD was WAY more impressive than in 3-D.

@14 & 10

Spectacular visually on bluray…but that’s it. I can’t sit through it again. It’s derivative and full of cliches. The climax of the battle is laughable….right out of a bad Disney movie. The animals attack to save the planet from the EVIL military. PULL-eze.

@7…I’m right there with you. VERY underwhelming. Why it went on to become the #1 grossing movie of all time is a head-scratcher for the ages.

lol – “biggest badass”??? Chris Pine got his butt all the time!!

Aside from the 3D thing, I think people unfamiliar with video games would have really found Avatar “amazing”. Visually the movie reminded me of playing a MMO, but on a bigger screen.

#15 :: Aaactually, it wasn’t the “evil military”, the point was to be against the “evil” big business… And I loved the fight scene(s). Very nicely directed. I was literally on the edge of my seat the first time I saw Avatar.

I think Avatar deserves every award it gets.. Well, just about every award. I think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are Failords (yes I made that word up) and shouldn’t be on the big screen.

What REALLY deserve these awards are Precious and The Blind Side. These were easily the two best movies of the year, if you ask me. One involved football, and the other involved the most tear-jerking story I’ve ever seen. Actually they were both movies that required the use of Kleenexes, so… For the “Breakout Star” position, sorry Pine, but I gotta vote for Sibide!

6. &16. haha! yeah! so right! hahaha!! xD ……ok sorry I’ll shut up now…..but everyone knows its true!

The Hangover made the because it managed to broaden it’s audience after is suprise win at the Golden Globes.

If you Trekkies still want to prevent New Moon from winning, why not vote for The Hangover? Inm the breakout catagory, Chris Pine is up against Hangover star Zach Galifianakis.

I’ve seen Avatar once in the theater, once on Blu-Ray, and once in SD.

When the wonder of the FX dies down, you really do have a great performance from Sigourney Weaver which winds up with a touching and well-played death scene. Michelle Rodriguez is also a natural for the typical macho Cameron grizzled female soldier with a heart of gold.

The bad-ass Colonel also chews up every ounce of scenery and then some.

He, and his corporate boss, and the substrata of scientists and soldiers, really form the backbone of the simple story, obviously trying to take down the natives for the simple story.

Cameron makes them as interesting as Mormons. Chanting, hunting, shamanistic ways, blah blah. They live in trees and/or ride horses in plains like the characters of “Lord of the Rings.”

Still a fun roller-coaster ride.

Valium? Where? gimme some—-oh gawwhh im coming down—-chris cannot win badass-even trek fans are pointing out his getting beat up all thru the movie haha-Avatar spectacular in every way–zoes emotional fantastic performance makes up for worthingtons kinda underperforming-cameron knows his visuals–that final battle sequence was just incredibly over the top–cmon–aliens-terminator,t2,titanic-avatar ten years later only cameron beats cameron as biggest of all time–theres more than one reason-the guy knows what he is doing–i think perhaps trek fans in general are way more tech savvy than average moviegoer so many are nit too impressed by avatar-as others noted its like a perfect video computer rpg mmo—kinda—but cameron used cutting edge tech. he helped create to make his movie n 3d more accessible n he was sucessful–it does look fantastic on blu ray as well–i do admit tho that the higher priced 3d showings were at least a partial factor in it becoming number one do fast–

opps so fast–

#8 Actually, I preferred it in 2D

Did you read his comment? Or did you glance at it and just think you knew what you read?

He said “A” young Kirk, not “THE” young Kirk, inferring the possibility that there could be more then one.

Pine did a wonderful job portraying Kirk.

And no offense, Shatner’s a hack, and a terrible actor, he’s always too full of himself. On behalf of all Canadians, I apologize for him, and you guys down south can keep him.

The only thing that saved Kirk from TOS was the writing, which even for its time is shoddy at best, especially when you compare it to stuff done by Ron Moore and others. The very fact that it was Canceled, or threatened with Cancellation, not once, but twice . should stand testament to that.

TOS’s saving grace was the fact that there wasn’t anything better at the time, nor was there anything similar to it, so it captured the lime-light.

Kirk’s a great character, I won’t deny that, but take him off his pedestal, there are far better ones out there.

Avatar was good, but not as everyone made it one it to be.

#7 – Am I the only one in the Western hemisphere who was underwhelmed by Pine’s performance as Kirk?

Karl Urban deserves a nod for his acting in the film, and more screen time as McCoy in the next one.

#25 – “And no offense, Shatner’s a hack, and a terrible actor, he’s always too full of himself. On behalf of all Canadians, I apologize for him, and you guys down south can keep him.”

And yet the character has endured for over forty years, owing to Shatner’s “terrible” performance?

Highly illogical, and couldn’t agree with you less.

Its just blind bad luck that Avatar was released soon after Star Trek. As a science fiction / action movie, Star Trek stands up there with the big boys as a truly mainstream blockbuster, and to fans, quite a moving tribute to friends still with us and past.

But Avatar rolled in with its hundreds of millions and well-known stars. They shouldn’t be compared. I don’t care if Star Trek wins an award, i’ve seen enough non-trekkies converted, and enough fans get welled up to know that it is truly a wonderful movie.

I think Avatar might win Best movie simply because Avatar appealled to everybody.

Half Blood Prince, New Moon and Alice in Wonderland were all driven by simmilar audiences, families with teen/tween girls, and will create a 3 way split vote.

The Hangover was driven by young males and college students.

Add in Avatar’s award season run to it’s box offivce gross and you have a lethal combination!

The show, and the character on its coat tails along with it, has endured for 40 years because of what it is, an idealistic vision of the future that struck a cord with a group of people that lasts to this day, not just because of one man or character, which is a prime example of how infectious Shatner’s egotism is. Again, take the man of the god like pedestal you got him on.

There’s a reason he’s a C-List actor relegated to Price-Line commercials.


No one considers William Shatner a “god”. Everyone on this site considers him to be a great man who has his flaws, just like everyone else does, INCLUDING YOU. Maybe he has a big ego; so what? He was a big reason the character of James T. Kirk has become a pop culture icon alongside the likes of Han Solo, James Bond, Batman, Superman, and Indiana Jones. William Shatner is as important to the character of Kirk just as Leonard Nimoy is to Spock. Chris Pine may be the “new” Kirk, but William Shatner will always be the “true” Kirk.

People like you who bash William Shatner have no respect for the franchise for which you claim to be a fan of. You sir, are a “hater”.
And there is no place on this site for haters.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

I hope Chris Pine wins at least one of the awards. He is certainly the best looking of the break out actors and I also think he played young James Kirk very well. Shatner had 79 TOS episodes and several movies to be Kirk, whereas Chris Pine has only done one movie. Give Chris a chance.

I’m not sure Pine/Kirk was such a badass but more as someone who got his ass kicked. But then the Pine/Kirk did know about “talented tongues” if that could be considered being a badass. Now that’s my kind of badass…:)

#33, you said it! LOL

However, I think its omission form the other categories is telling of its main-stream popularity.

#15: “It’s derivative and full of cliches. ”

If this bothers you, how can you survive Star Trek? :)

“The animals attack to save the planet from the EVIL military.”

Greedy and shortsighted corporation, not evil military.

I see paralells to last year’s ceremony in this year’s lineup.

Half Blood Prince:
A dark sequel to a well known film series from Warner Bros. (like Dark Knight)

New Moon
The sequel to Twilight

A cool sci fi epic akin to Iron Man

The Hangover
The unexpected Golden Globe winning R rated crowd pleaser (like Slumdog Millionaire).

Alice in Wonderland

A case of Walt Disney Pictures releasing a movie that teen girls went crazy over, and then merchendized to death by Disney stores (much like the PotC franchise and HSM3).

Some of the Best Fight nominees are a joke

Ali Larter vs Beyonce for Obsessed (Obviously Beyonce’s legion of fans must have voted for her.)

Mark Strong vs Robert Downey Jr. for Sherlock Holmes (This was quite a fight. Holmes 2 win.)

Stephen Lang vs Sam Worthington for Avatar (This was a no brainer ever since Avatar became the highest grossing movie of all time)

Hugh Jackman & Liev Schribier vs Ryan Reynolds (Women of a certain age must have voted)

Jake Abel vs Logan Lerman (The freshest memory must have influenced the vote).

@ T-Mac The Hangover was definetly a 2009 release. and even if New Moon didn’t win I doubt that Star Trek would have beaten The Hangover.

It was the case of “freshest memory influencing the vote”. How else would Alice in Wonderland get past the likes of Star Trek, Angels & Demons and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?